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Maternity Hospital pushes for mental health screening training for all healthcare workers : It is estimated that around 20 percent of women suffer from mental health problems during pregnancy (kp 02/07/2024)

Bleeding Resilience : The prevalence of mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, is on the rise in Nepal and worldwide, by Fr. Augustine Thomas, S.J. (rep 02/07/2024)

Embracing mental health awareness in adolescents (rep 29/06/2024)

KMC imparts mental health screening training to doctors, paramedics : Officials say : they will also provide medicines for mental health problems to patients from urban health promotion centres (kp 27/06/2024)

Nepali society yet to embrace hard mental illnesses : Individuals with hard mental conditions are still pitied, and socially isolated, by Aarati Ray (kp 31/05/2024)

Need for counselling as students complain of rigid school rules : Students and mental health facilitators believe that regular school counselling can go a long way in creating a healthy learning environment, by Manushree Mahat (kp 11/05/2024)

Health workers deployed at prisons to get mental health screening training : An estimated 35 percent of around 27,000 inmates in Nepal have mental health problems, by Arjun Poudel (kp 02/04/2024)

Mental health support in schools : Schools should do more to ensure a stress-free environment for students to learn and grow, rather than obsess over studies, by Dipesh Tandukar (kp 02/04/2024)

Judiciary and Mental Health, by Diwakar Dhakal (kh 02/03/2024)

Focus on mental health : Nepal has less than one mental health worker for every 100,000 people, by Pallavi Koirala (kp 30/01/2024)

Transforming Mental Health For All, by Jhabindra Bhandari (rn 20/01/2024)

Mental illness: Social Media Identified as a Significant Factor, by Pawan Mudbhari (kh 18/01/2024)

Against all odds : The mental health challenges of individuals with disabilities, which are a result of societal misconceptions and discrimination they face, are often neglected, by Aarati Rai (kp 09/01/2024)

Mental Health and Human Rights, by Swastika Poudel (rep 06/01/2024)

Haunting specter of heartbreak takes toll on young lives, by Sita Neupane (kh 02/01/2024)

National Planning Commission set to bring suicide prevention strategy this fiscal year : Nepal aimed to reduce suicides to 9.7 per 100,000 people by 2022 but the number rose to 24, by Arjun Poudel (kp 01/01/2024), Getting serious on suicides : The National Planning Commission should lobby for more money for mental health (kp 02/01/2024)

Children in quake-hit areas in need of physiological counselling : Many of those orphaned in the disaster are under mental duress as they struggle to recover from the trauma, by Mashesh KC (kp 28/12/2023)

Rising stress and suicides among Nepal Police personnel, by Arun Bam (rep 10/12/2023)

Experts warn of mental health problems in quake-hit areas : Study showed 34 percent rise in anxiety, 20 percent jump in alcohol use and 11 percent increase in suicidal thoughts, by Arjun Poudel (kp 08/11/2023), Mental Health Support For Quake Victims, by Shyam P Lohani (rn 12/11/2023)

Increase in mental illness cases poses a challenge, interview with Ananta Adhikari (kh 30/10/2023)

World Mental Health Day being observed today (rep 10/10/2023)

Identifying mental health patients through female health volunteers : Officials hope the volunteers will encourage patients to seek treatment and to continue medication for anxiety, depression, alcohol use, psychosis and suicidal tendencies, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/10/2023)

Adolescents' mental health awareness programme held (ht 11/09/2023)

It’s time to act for mental health : Responsible media reporting is an effective public health intervention in suicide prevention, by Pallavi Koirala and Kedar Marahatta (kp 10/09/2023), On a Tight Alley: Mental Health Law in Nepal, by Mona Sharma (rep 10/09/2023)

National Suicide Prevention Helpline 1166 accessible from Ncell network (ht 08/09/2023)

Nepal’s mental health crisis : A lack of awareness and infrastructure is hindering efforts to address this burgeoning problem, by Pushpa Raj Joshi (kp 24/08/2023)

Journalist Chhetri of Pokhara self-immolates by spraying petrol on her body (rep 24/08/2023)

Who is to blame?, by Samikshya Bhattarai (rep 17/08/2023)

Government launching nationwide campaign to address growing mental health problem : Health ministry aims to impart mental health training to health workers throughout the country, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/08/2023)

Victims of neglect : The government must first recognise the declining mental health of its citizens as a healthcare crisis (kp 28/07/2023)

Mental health patients in Nepal suffer due to shortage of qualified experts : As tailor-made therapy is expensive, patients are often caught in two minds, by Manushree Mahat (kp 22/07/2023)

Mental Health In Youth, by Prabin Manandhar (rep 21/07/2023)

Mental health: More Nepali women are afflicted than men : Twenty-two percent women and 11 percent men aged 15 to 49 years have symptoms of anxiety in Nepal, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/07/2023)

Mental health: It's impact on cancer patients, by Terisa Tamang (ht 05/07/2023)

Talking mental health : Individuals who open up about their mental health are called weak and those who suffer in silence deemed strong, by Rebecca M Shrestha (kp 27/06/2023)

Mental health: The stigma associated with it, by Terisa Tamang (ht 17/05/2023)

Plan to hire clinical psychologists in limbo : There are no psychologists serving under health ministry and no agency to monitor the quality of services they provide, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/05/2023)

Growing Suicide among Nepali Students in Australia, by Shishir Bhatta (rep 24/04/2023)

No government counselling programme yet to prevent maternal deaths from suicides : Counselling services to start at major maternity hospitals by this fiscal year, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/04/2023)

WhatsApp group helps mental health patients : Health ministry to send psychiatrists to 14 district hospitals every month to treat them, by Arjun Poudel (kp 25/02/2023)

Man attempts self-immolation in Pokhara (kh 29/01/2023), Two injured as a man tries to self-immolate in Pokhara, woman's condition critical, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 29/01/2023)

Distressed by debt, yet another businessman kills himself : A note left by the 57-year-old man from Biratnagar mentions failing in business and an inability to clear loans as reasons for suicide, by Binod Bhandari (kp 27/01/2023)

Even those looking sound might have mental health issues : Experts advise sufferers to communicate their problems with others, and call for awareness drives on mental health, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/01/2023)

A painful case: Prem Prasad Acharya’s suicide exposes ills of private sector business, corrupt political system and indifferent state : In his heart-wrenching Facebook status posted before self-immolation, Prem Acharya has stated how the deep rooted cronyism, nexus between businesses and politicians and corruption in the system led him to end his life (nlt 25/01/2023)

Preventing Suicide Contagion, by Shyam P Lohani (rn 04/12/2022)

Preventable deaths: Estimated 19-20 people commit suicide everyday in Nepal : Experts say many suicide attempts can be prevented if people with suicidal tendencies are identified in time, by Anshu Khanal (nlt 30/11/2022)

Health workers being trained to carry out mental health screening of prisoners : Around 40 percent of the nearly 27,000 inmates suffer from mental health problems, according to official estimates, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/11/2022)

Mental health absent from poll manifestos : Leaders of political parties say they are aware of the problems and their commitments on health covers the issue (kp 05/11/2022)

Access to Mental Health Professionals in Nepal, by Mohit Rauniyar (rep 03/11/2022)

Transforming Mental Health in Nepal, by Shristi Joshi (rep 10/10/2022)

Suicide incidents at Narayani alarming, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 25/09/2022)

A disturbing rise in suicide among minors in Nepal, by Anushka Nepal (ae 22/09/2022)

454 people committed suicide in three years (rep 18/09/2022) [related to Bardiya district only]

Mobile addiction affecting children’s mental health, by Bina Neupane (kh 17/09/2022)

How helplines can be effective in preventing suicides : Doctors say suicide is avoidable and stress making suicide prevention hotlines effective and ensuring easy access to counselling services, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/08/2022), Minding mental health : Increasing the number of telephone helplines may be one of the ways to tackle the problem (kp 30/08/2022)

“We work to prevent people from committing suicide”, interview with Sharmila Basnet, president of Samriddhi Nepal (kh 03/05/2022)

Mentally ill people in eastern districts deprived of treatment : The families complain that they have not gotten any support from the government in the treatment of their loved ones, by Parbat Portel (kp 13/04/2022)

Euthanasia: Is Nepal ready for discussion?, by Tulika Rajouria (ht 07/04/2022)

Hopelessness Leading To Mass Suicide, by Mahima Devkota (rn 19/03/2022)

Suicide rate is high, but conversation about issue is lacking : Mental health issues have been emerging as a major health crisis in the country, experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 14/03/2022)

Five members of a family attempt group suicide; one dies in Kathmandu (kh 08/03/2022)

The need to regulate psychologists in Nepal : The profession of psychologists has a direct relation to the mental health of people and thus must warrant high quality practitioners with proper accreditations who are governed by proper legislation, by Arju Dahal (rec 02/01/2022)

Mental health: Important in people’s lives, by Sonika Lamichhane (kh 28/12/2021)

Mental health of new mothers during the pandemicThe mental well-being of new mothers is often overlooked and rarely taken into consideration, by Heema Rai (kp 30/10/2021)

'Children, youths prone to mental health issues' (ht 08/10/2021)

Something on their minds : Society should offer support so that people facing mental health issues feel accepted, by Mimamsha Dhungel (kp 07/10/2021)

Social Beliefs On Menstruation Take Tolls On Youths’ Mental Health, by Smita Adhikari (rn 24/09/2021)

Understanding and preventing suicides : Addressing suicide requires a multi-sectoral approach that takes both mental health and societal factors into account while providing for research and data for more targeted approaches, by Obindra B Chand and Sudeep Uprety (rec 23/09/2021)

Suicide Rate Increases By 14.2% In A Year, Province 1 Has Highest Suicide Cases, by Mahima Devkota (rn 13/09/2021)

Suicide rate at all-time high following COVID-19 outbreak (rep 11/09/2021)

Creating Hope through Action, by Pallavi Koirala (rep 10/09/2021)

Academia must confront mental health issues : People tend to look at mental health patients with fear, disgust and embarrassment, by Ameesha Rayamajhi (kp 09/08/2021)

Despite free treatment and medications, mental health patients are deprived of care, by Arjun Poudel (kp 27/08/2021)

Three members of same family including 8-month daughter commit suicide in Jhapa (kh 23/08/2021) [How can an eight-month-old girl commit suicide?]

Nepal sees spike in suicides during pandemic : Death by suicide has soared in Nepal during the pandemic, but treatment of mental health disorders can save lives, by Sonia Awale (nt 13/08/2021)

Nepalis are killing themselves. What can we do?, by Cilla Khatry (ae 12/08/2021), Suicide prevention: Work on the whys (besides covid) : The UN has recommended that Nepal develop and implement a national strategy and action plan for the prevention of suicide, by Cilla Khatry (ae 12/08/2021)

Amidst Covid-19 and climate change, a mental health crisis looms, by Shuvam Rizal (Record 01/06/2021)

How are we failing our daughters? Parents have the biggest role to play in taking care of the mental health of their children, by Rojisha Shahi Thakuri (kp 23/05/2021)

New strategy to promote mental health developed (ht 10/05/2021)

Mental health issues on the rise amid pandemic and restrictions : Social support, sufficient sleep, physical activities and limiting social media time are some of the ways to cope with the situation, experts say, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 05/05/2021), Silent epidemic : Psychiatrists warn the second wave could  be more severe for mental health (kp 06/05/2021)

84% youth suffering from anxiety due to COVID-19 : Survey, by Shree Ram Subedi (rep 23/04/2021)

Mass suicide attempted again in Dailekh, by Govinda KC (rep 27/03/2021)

Bid to ensure mental well-being of COVID-hit (ht 26/02/2021)

Ministry fails to operate suicide prevention hotline, by Arjun Poudel (kp 03/01/2021)

Integrated action plan in offing to promote mental health (ht 17/12/2020)

Health workers, doctors to be trained to deal with mental health issues : Nepal faces a severe shortage of mental health professionals, especially at the grassroots, as it only has 130 psychiatrists, most of whom are based in Kathmandu and urban centres, by Arjun Poudel (kp 15/12/2020)

UN urges Nepal to take urgent action to address growing mental health issues amid COVID-19 pandemic (rep 10/10/2020)

Talking mental health : The staggering number of suicides in the recent past is a wake-up call for us (kp 09/10/2020)

Stigma towards mental health remains a barrier to accessing care : A new nationwide study finds that a whopping 94 percent of people with mental health issues never visit a specialist for help, by Samiksha Baral (kp 02/10/2020)

Officials are not tracking mental health of  Covid-19-infected people in home isolation : Many people in home isolation suffer from anxiety and depression, and can harm themselves experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 30/09/2020))

Suicide prevention and role of community, by Rampukar Sah (ht 10/09/2020)

Mental health patients deprived of drugs and counselling during pandemic : Doctors say remote counselling is not accessible to patients living in small towns and villages as regular therapy sessions and supply of medications are obstructed by lockdowns, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/09/2020)

More people prone to mental health issues due to COVID fear, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 01/09/2020)

‘COVID-19 affects mental health of journalists’ (ht 22/08/2020)

Covid-19 and Mental Health, by Nikesh Rajbhandari (ht 21/08/2020)

The pandemic is intensifying postpartum depression: With restrictions on movement, families cannot travel to extend support, and new mothers fear infection if they go for check-ups, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 05/08/2020)

Mental health patient spends more than three years in jail without trial (ht 02/08/2020)

Safeguarding mental health during COVID-19, by Lajja Dixit (rep 28/07/2020), At least 20 people committed sucide every day during lockdown, by Ashim Neupane (rep 28/07/2020)

The vulnerability of Older Adults in Disasters: An insight into the psycho-social issue, by Kalpana Pun (kh 25/07/2020)

175 suicide deaths in Sudurpaschim during lockdown (ht 07/07/2020), Help the distressed: We need to build a robust support system to prevent incidents of suicide (kp 08/07/2020)

Youth committing suicide in quarantine facility had COVID-19 (03/07/2020)

Suicide by youth in police custody raises concern over mental health of inmates: Restrictions on visits by family members could exacerbate problems faced by those behind bars, psychiatrists say, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 02/07/2020)

Unravelling mental health: It is important to understand the spectrums and different shades of mental health, by Diva Shrestha (kp 28/06/2020)

Socially isolated and in financial despair, LGBTIQ individuals are taking their own lives: The lockdown has taken away livelihoods and forced queer individuals back in with prejudiced families, leading to social isolation and failing mental health, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 27/06/2020)

COVID-19 confirmed in youth who died by suicide in Dailekh (ht 26/06/2020)

Person who killed self tests COVID positive (ht 18/06/2020), Yet another suicide case tests positive for coronavirus (ht 18/06/2020)

Over 1,200 people killed themselves during 74 days of lockdown: Doctors say the pandemic and its social and economic impacts have led to increased stressors, resulting in more mental health problems, by Arjun Poudel (kp 15/06/2020)

Online classes could lead to fatigue, long term physiological problems, say experts: While different countries have started debating about its negative consequences, Nepal’s government is promoting virtual classes without looking into ways to deal with its downsides, they say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 13/06/2020)

Lockdown has caused anxiety and psychological distress among children, mental health experts say: Socialisation and physical activities are crucial for children’s emotional and mental development, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 11/06/2020)

Mental health in Nepal: A ticking pandemic time bomb, by Arjun Poudel (ae 05/06/2020)

Reducing ‘mental load’, by Sanjeev Dahal and Roshani Dhamala (ae4 05/06/2020)

COVID-19 pandemic likely to unleash a long-term mental health issues in Nepal, by Aditi Baral (rep 20/05/2020)

Man jumps off roof to avoid quarantine (ht 13/05/2020)

Prolonged lockdown can have a lasting impact on children’s mental wellbeing, psychologists say: Experts advise parents to engage their wards in indoor activities, talk to them and make them comfortable while looking after their own mental health, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/05/2020)

COVID-19 May Magnify Suicide Rates, by Shyam P. Lohani (rn 10/05/2020)

‘Quarantined people can suffer mental health problems’, by Sabitri Dhakal ( 03/05/2020)

Man commits suicide at a quarantine facility in Udayapur, by Maheshwor Chamling Rai (rep 01/05/2020)

Post-pandemic mental health epidemic: The prolonged lockdown and its economic impact could exacerbate Nepal’s hidden mental health crisis, by Sonia Awale (nt 24/04/2020)

Suicide cases remain a challenge for law enforcement agency even duirng lockdown: At least 12 suicide deaths are taking place daily across the country, police say, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 16/04/2020)

Mental effects of lockdown on children a matter of growing concern among parents, by Sabitri Dhakal (kp 12/04/2020)

Panic, paranoia and anxiety: Doctors report a worrying rise in mental health patients: Increased exposure to distressing news, uncertainty and increased stressors due to the Covid-19 lockdown are prompting numerous mental health issues, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/04/2020)

The cost of extreme political traumatisation: The state and the political parties are in denial about the sexual violence that occurred during the conflict, by Susan Risal (kp 10/03/2020)

Mental health patients deprived of treatment in Sudurpaschim: Hospitals in most hill districts do not have mental health treatment facilities to treat those who need help, by Tripti Shahi (kp 24/01/2020), Suicide cases alarmingly up in Sudur Paschim, by Dil Bahadur Chhantyal (rep 24/01/2020), Suicide cases up in Sudurpaschim (ht 01/02/2020)

Growing mass suicides: Let’s be sensitive, by Ajay Risal (ht 23/01/2020)

For those having suicidal thoughts, helplines offer an empathic ear and emotional support: Telephone helplines can be useful but they need to be complemented by a team of professionals offering diagnostic and treatment facilities, say mental health practitioners, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 21/01/2020

Health workers of 21 districts to get mental health screening training this year: Last year over 1,000 staff nurses and paramedics serving in 20 districts received screening training, by Arjun Poudel (kp 20/01/2020)

Under-debt couple jumps into river with two children: Raft used to rescue man, his: wife found dead, kids missing, by Keshav Adhikari (ht 18/01/2020)

Most homeless people suffer from mental health problems, but there’s little help for them: The stigma against mental illness has meant that people with psychosocial problems are often neglected and abandoned, ending up on the streets, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 13/01/2020), All in the mind: Mental health services must be made a major part of healthcare (kp 14/01/2020)

Suicide by pesticide in Nepal: Easy availability make toxic agrochemcials the preferred way for Nepalis to take their own lives, by Sonia Awale (nt 10/01/2020

Nepal’s suicide rate vastly underestimated: The official statistics for people taking their own lives are bad enough, but the actual number is much greater, by Sewa Bhattarai (nt 10/01/2020)

Call for survivor-friendly approach to investigate human trafficking cases: Experts urge adopting Forensic Experiential Trauma Interviews approach for better dealing with survivors and investigating such cases, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 24/12/2019)

Mental health beyond individual responsibility: The need for structural transformation and increased investment cannot be overstated, by Anjam Singh (kp 16/12/2019), Suicide cases increase by thirty-three per cent, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 16/12/2019)

Suicide in the highlands: Wealthy Sikkim and poor Bihar have the highest and lowest suicide rates in India respectively, proving that affluence has nothing to do with it, by Mahendra P. Lama (kp 11/12/2019)

Chakkajam after factory worker kills self (ht 11/12/2019)

In Achham, domestic abuse is driving women to depression: Every week, the Bayalpata Hospital, which has a dedicated mental health bureau, sees over a hundred women suffering from depression, doctors say, by Menuka Dhungana (kp 28/11/2019)

Preventing suicide: Suicide rate is alarmingly rising across the world and in Nepal, but this has not become the subject of debate in our public spheres, by David Kainee (rep 18/11/2019)

Mental health, media role discussed (ht 11/11/2019)

Patient’s attendant commits suicide in Bharatpur Hospital: As many as 20 people have committed suicide during Dashain-Tihar in Chitwan, say police, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 10/11/209)

National trauma care system: Need of the day, by Ashok Bajracharya (ht 17/10/2019), Trauma patients on the rise (ht 18/10/2019)

Growing suicides: Can we prevent them?, by Ajay Risal (ht 10/09/2019), Suicide cases rising in country: Police (ht 11/09/2019)

As suicide rate rises, experts stress need to prioritise mental health issues: There's a need to run campaigns to reduce social stigma attached to mental health issues, doctors say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 09/09/2019)

Government to train more health workers on mental illness: The programme aims to break down barriers to mental health care in rural areas, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/09/2019)

Defeating Depression, by Shyam P. Lohani (rn 01/09/2019)

Suicide is preventable: Mental health should be respected as a fundamental right (kp 30/08/2019)

Suicide is a big problem in Nepal but not many are talking about mental health: The government needs to invest in operating 24-hour suicide prevention helplines across the country, say mental health practitioners, by Tsering D. Gurung (kp 23/08/2019)

Patan Mental Hospital overwhelmed but government help slow in coming, by Aditi Baral (rep 17/08/2019)

Teenage suicides up, govt a passive spectator, by Aditi Baral (rep 15/08/2019)

Mental illness: Treatable with care, by Ajay Risal (ht 12/08/2019)

‘Mentally ill’ civil servants seek transfer to federal govt offices (rep 12/08/2019)

Suspected suicides by people under graft probe highlight need to revamp investigation process: Anti-corruption activists say the corrupt should not be spared, but agencies should be careful while filing charges and making the names public, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 04/08/2019)

More men committed suicide in Gorkha than women in past three years, by Narahari Sapkota (rep 03/08/2019)

Dementia is a growing health epidemic, but no one is paying attention: Although the number of people who show signs of Alzheimer’s disease is growing, the majority of the cases remain undiagnosed, by Tsering D. Gurung  (kp 02/08/2019)

Education is killing: Rising cases of suicide by students for failing the exams calls for immediate incorporation of emotional and psychological counseling in our pedagogy, by Manju Dhodari (rep 14/07/2019)

216 minors took own lives this fiscal (ht 05/07/2019)

Patients find it hard to get beds in country’s central mental hospital: The 50-bed hospital, which is always crowded, struggles to accommodate those in need of immediate in-patient care, by Arjun Poudel (kp 04/07/2019)

Family confines 14-year-old disabled boy at home: The family cannot afford to take Madan to Kathmandu for treatment, by Nabin Paudel (kp 18/06/2019)

Mental ill health a silent plague, by Anjali Subedi (rep 13/06/2019)

Suicide cases  up due to lack of mental health awareness (ht 09/06/2019)

27 people committed suicide in nine months due to provocation: Police data shows: Against global trend, suicide cases in Nepal are increasing, and experts say they will continue to rise  until the government makes mental health issue a priority, by Nayak Paudel (kp 27/05/2019)

Mental health is a major public health concern—but it is still a neglected issue: Along with social stigma, there is also a lack of specialists and facilities for people suffering from mental problems, by Arjun Poudel (kp 24/05/2019)

Schizophrenia in Nepal: It is crucial that sufferers receive support from families, friends and communities, by Areet Narang Bastola (kp 24/05/2019)

BED approach proposed for better mental health, by Sonam Lama (rep 21/05/2019)

Mental health of migrant workers is a pressing issue, but it has been ignored: Experts say government needs to step up efforts to ensure well-being of Nepalis working abroad, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/05/2019)

Mentally unsound girl tied with rope for 14 years, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 10/05/2019)

Silent suffering: Dealing with mental health issues, by Rakshya Khadka (rep 03/05/2019)

7,144 committed suicide in 16 months, 57% were youths, by Pratik Rimal and Bipana Thapa (rep 15/03/2019)

State to pay up to Rs18,000 to treat mentally ill persons, by Sanjaya Lama (kp 24/02/2019)

Shortage of psychiatric specialists at Mental Hospital (rep 12/02/2019)

Man chained to cowshed for 18 years (ht 03/02/2019)

Open your mind: Government should raise public awareness and introduce mental health policies in order to improve psycho-social wellbeing of the citizens, by Aditya Neupane (rep 26/12/2018)

Country’s only mental hospital struggling for resources, by Tanka Chhetri (rep 24/12/2018), Mental health of neglect (rep 25/12/2018)

On the rise but under prioritised: The state must invest in strengthening mental health management systems, by Obindra B Chand and Sudeep Uprety (kp 29/11/2018)

Council plans mental health survey in Nepal, by Nayak Paudel (kp 22/11/2018)

‘2.2m Nepalis suffer from mental health disorder’, by Nayak Paudel (kp 10/10/2018), Out of the shadow: Investing in mental health is the need of the hour (kp 12/10/2018)

Rising air pollution: Effects on mental health, by Sahara Shivakoti (ht 10/10/2018)

Depression leading to rise in suicide cases, by Anita Shrestha (ht 10/09/2018)

Pesticide suicides: Let’s prevent them, by Leah Utyasheva (ht 10/09/2018)

Conversion disorder: In spite of its recurrent occurrence, cases of conversion disorder do not get reported unless the mass gets affected, by Mallika Chaulagain (rep 12/08/2018)

Call to increase funding for mental health services (ht 21/05/2018)

Woman tied in chains, locked in room for 12 years, by Jitendra Kumar Jha (rep 12/05/2018)

Suicide: A public health concern, by Ambika Pandey (ht 30/04/2018)

It’s all in the mind: The conflict and earthquake added to Nepal’s hidden epidemic of mental disorder, by Sonia Awale (nt 20/04/2018), Time heals, by Prabin Dhungel (nt 20/04/2018)

Where do they belong? Mentally ill individuals on the streets suffer even though their conditions are manageable with treatment, by Prawash Gautam (kp 08/04/2018)

Experiences from rural Nepal: Mental health should be one of the top most priorities of government, not only in words but in action, by Samaj Adhikari (kp 03/04/2018)

'Youths vulnerable to suicide', by Suresh Yadav (rep 28/03/2018)

Out of the shadows: It is time the government paid attention to mental health because it has been too long ignored, by Prawash Gautam (kp 25/03/2018)

Use of pesticides to commit suicide on the rise (ht 24/03/2018)

‘Recognise warning signs and respond to prevent suicides’, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 16/03/2018)

Nine-year-old tied up at home for mental illness (ht 10/03/2018)

Post earthquake studies have exposed Nepal’s lack of focus on mental health issues, by Patrice Moulton (kp 25/02/2018)

One in five people facing mental health problems (ht 17/02/2018)

Mentally-challenged man forced in shed since four decades, by Maheshwor Chamling Rai (rep 17/02/2018)

Psycho-social centre to open at Nakhkhu jail (kp 30/01/2018)

Number of mental health patients rising (ht 16/12/2017)

Counselling For Transformation, by Dev Raj Dahal (rn 12/12/2017)

Mental illness on the rise in far-west (ht 12/10/2017)

Towards a happy work: placeLaws are needed to safeguard the rights of employees with mental health problems, by Prawash Gautam and Madhav Khatiwada (kp 08/10/2018)

Talking about mental illness: Only open public discourse can end  stigma associated with mental health, by Prawash Gautam (kp 24/09/2017)

Lest we forget: The number of dementia patients is expected to double by 2030; it is imperative to sensitise the Nepali people on Alzheimer’s and dementia, by Pramila Bajracharya Thapa (kp 22/09/2017)

Suicides increasing at alarming rate, says report, by Sabitri Shakal (ht 11/09/2017), ‘Talk openly about mental health problems (ht 11/09/2017)

Lack of access to mental health care contributing to increase in suicide rates, by Anita Shrestha (ht 09/09/2017)

Suicides on the rise in Myagdi, by Hari Krishna Gautam (rep 10/08/2017)

Kavre grappling with rising cases of suicide: 12 incidents reported in two weeks, by Nagendra Adhikari (kp 01/08/2017)

Healthy young minds: Schools should give as much importance to students’ mental health as physical health, by Umesh Raj Regmi (kp 01/08/2017)

468 committed suicide in Kathmandu Valley last fiscal (ht 22/07/2017)

Physically, mentally challenged boy living in cage for a decade (ht 15/07/2017)

Talk is not cheap: Due to shortage of epidemiological studies it is hard to guess the extent of mental health problems in Nepal, by Pramod R. Regmi (rep 24/06/2017)

Mental health policy in the offing, says Minister Thapa (kp 04/05/2017)

Suicide prevention: Hearing is helping; In a place like Nepal with limited resources for those with suicidal thoughts, friends and family can be of tremendous help, by Sandeep Poudyal (rep 03/06/2017)

The silent epidemic, by Priyanka Gurung (rep 26/05/2017)

Leave no one behind: Psychosocial support for the adolescents and children scarred by the earthquake, by Rolinda Dhital (kp 22/04/2017)

Mental health problems on the rise (ht 11/04/2017)

Govt drafts new mental health policy (ht 10/04/2017)

Psychiatric patients to get free treatment and care soon (rep 08/04/2017)

Let’s talk about depression: A greater proportion of health budget can be allocated to this vitally important but often overlooked public health issue, by Poonam Khetrapal Singh (kp 07/04/2017), Support important for persons fighting depression: WHO (ht 07/04/2017)

Suicide rate continues to rise: 3,366 people killed themselves by hanging last fiscal (ht 06/04/2017), Growing suicide rates major cause for concern (kp 07/04/2017), An unquiet mind:Nepal has a long way to go to adequately tackle the enormity of mental health issues (kp 07/04/2017)

Boy, chained up for 17 years, in want of medical attention, by Surendra Bhandari (rep 14/03/2017), Teenager chained for 17 years returns home after treatment (ht 28/03/2017)

6-year old girl roped to wooden bed for two years, by Shankar Shrestha (kp 13/03/2017)

'People with depression need proper care to avoid suicide', by Ekson Rai (rep 11/03/2017)

It takes a village: In a society that continues to stigmatise mental illnesses, a two-pronged approach that uses both social and medical models in treating patients is beginning to bear fruit, by Manish Gautam (kp 25/02/2017)

Mentally ill struggle for life in Dipayal streets (ht 25/01/2017)

Stigma and silence: Economic hardships, political chaos and natural disasters have lead to an increase in the incidence of mental disorders in Nepal, by Ketan Dulal (nt 20/01/2017)

Civic Society in Dolpa helps mentally ill youth regain his sanity, by Ramchandra Neupane (rep 17/01/2017)

Mental patient languishing in iron cage (ht 14/01/2017)

Number of mental health patients on the rise (ht 15/10/2016)

The republic of insomnia: Nepalis face an epidemic of post-traumatic stress and sleep deprivation as the country copes with the aftermath of the earthquake and is tangled in endless turmoil (nt 07/10/2016)

Mental health: Pause and think: The provision of minimal mental health services in all general health services in community setting would not just provide timely treatment for people with mental illness, but would also have a huge role in reducing stigma, by Sagun Ballav Pant and Suman Giri (ht 06/09/2016)

Bound pregnant woman rescued in Bajura (ht 11/08/2016)

When Words Fail: Using art as a catalyst for healing in a society that continues to stigmatise mental health issues, by Sujan G. Amatya (kp 06/08/2016)

Disaster And Depression, by Narayan Prasad Ghimire (rn 06/08/2016)

Down and Out: Possible correlation between migration, mental health and an increase in suicide rates, by Smriti Basnet (nt 15/07/2016), Mental cost of migration: Mental health is not among the diseases for which returning migrant workers can seek compensation, by Shreejana Shrestha (15/07/2016), Neglect of the neglected: Official neglect has left Nepal’s healthcare workforce unprepared to care for mental illness, by Bibhav Acharya And Soniya Hirachan (nt 15/07/2016)

Mentally-ill youth shackled for three years (ht 26/03/2016)

Out of the shadowsNatural disasters, like the April earthquake, can result in mental  health issues for five to ten percent of the affected individuals, by Jagriti Bhattarai (kp 04/03/2016)

Mentally ill man freed after 20 yrs in chains (kp 13/10/2015)

Call for protecting dignity of mentally ill (ht 10/10/21015)

Pledge to save lives: Media can play a very important role in suicide prevention by disseminating information and raising awareness, by Ashley Hagaman, Kanchan Rawat and Sagun Ballav Pant (kp 30/09/2015)

Desperate measures: Government must allocate adequate budget for mental health (kp 10/09/2015)

4,350 suicide cases reported last fiscal (ht 10/09/2015), Most suicide cases go unreported (ht 11/09/2015), Suicide rate surges post quake: Report (kp 15/09/2015)

Quake victims waiting to be discharged from Trauma Centre, by Thomas Bogaty (ht 07/08/2015)

Health in emergency: Adults and children affected by disasters experinece mental health problems, by Jhabindra Bhandari (rep 13/07/2015)

Suicide rate up in Valley after quakes (kp 12/07/2015)

Worries, trauma hit mental health (kp 14/06/2015)

Heed the children: Children are at elevated risk of post-traumatic stress disorder, by Rashmi Pant (rep 30/05/2015), Art therapy sessions for kids (kp 31/05/2015)

This is not how your story should end: Studies show there is a rise in suicide in communities affected by natural disasters, by Anjana Rajbhandary (nt 29/05/2015)

Building back, inside out: The tremors will eventually stop, but their emotional and mental impacts are likely to linger, by Jagannath Lamichhane (kp 24/05/2015)

A silent killer: Suicide among Nepali women aged 15-45 increased from 10 percent in 1998 to 16 percent in 2009; It is now leading cause of death among Nepali women of reproductive age, by Sabi Gurung (rep 07/02/2015)

End pain, not lives: A hidden mental health epidemic is leading to an increase in suicides in Nepal, by Anjana Rajbhandary (nt 06/02/2015)
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