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Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,435 with 23 more deaths; national tally reaches 229,343 with 1,703 new infections : While Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kaski districts have more than 500 active cases, Manang and Dolpa do not have any active case, according to the Health Ministry (kp 27/11/2020), 1,703 New Cases, 1,236 Recoveries, 23 Fatalities In Last 24 Hours (rn 27/11/2020), With 1,703 new cases in past one day, Nepal's coronavirus case tally reaches 229,343 (rep), 1,703 fresh cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 229,343 (kh 27/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 822 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 27/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 822 new COVID-19 cases (kh 27/11/2020) 23 fatalities recorded, Nepalís death toll hits 1,435 (kh 27/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,412 with 23 more deaths; national tally reaches 227,640 with 1,614 new infections : While Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kaski districts have more than 500 active cases, Manang, Dolpa and Mugu do not have any active case, according to the Health Ministry (kp 26/11/2020), 1,614 more people test positive for COVID-19 on Thursday as Nepal carries out a total of 9,491 PCR tests (rep), COVID-19 Update: 1,614 New Cases, 1,437 Recoveries, 23 Fatalities In Last 24 Hours (rn 26/11/2020), 1,614 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally hits 227,640 (kh 26/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 785 new COVID-19 cases (kh 26/11/2020), 23 fatalities recorded, Nepalís death toll hits 1,412 (kh 26/11/2020)

900,000 people to be vaccinated in the first phase, by Shree Ram Subedi (rep 26/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,389 with 28 more deaths; national tally reaches 226,026 with 1,948 new infections : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 3,140 infected people recovered in the past 24 hours (kp 25/11/2020), Nepal records 1,948 new cases, 3,140 recoveries and 28 deaths linked with COVID-19 in the past one day (rep 25/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally hits 2,26,026 with 1,948 new cases (kh 25/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 835 new COVID-19 cases (kh 25/11/2020), Nepal reports 28 fatalities, death toll hits 1,389 (kh 25/11/2020)

With winter here, respiratory infections will surge and so will virus spread, doctors warnCold, dry air, low humidity, indoor stay and poorly ventilated rooms are likely to facilitate transmission of the coronavirus in a country where winter is deadly even at normal times, by Arjun Poudel (kp 25/11/2020)

Only isolation centre in Rolpa closed despite several Covid cases, by Kashiram Dangi (kp 25/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,361 with 24 more deaths; national tally reaches 224,078 with 1,790 new infections : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 2,791 infected people recovered in the past 24 hours (kp 24/11/2020), Nepal reports 1790 new cases, 2,791 recoveries and 24 deaths linked with COVID-19 (rep 24/11/2020), 1,790 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally hits 224,078 (kh 24/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 947 new COVID-19 cases (kh 24/11/2020), 24 fatalities recorded, Nepalís death toll hits 1,361 (kh 24/11/2020), 450 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU and ventilator (kh 24/11/2020), 6,518 COVID-19 infected in home isolation (kh 24/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,337 with 16 more deaths; national tally reaches 222,288 with 1,980 new infections : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 3,043 infected people recovered in the past 24 hours (kp 23/11/2020), 1,980 new cases recorded on Monday; Nepalís Covid-19 tally hits 222,288 (ht 23/11/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,980 New Cases, 3,043 Recoveries, 16 Fatalities In Last 24 Hours (rn 23/11/2020), Nepalís COVID19 recovery tally goes past 200,000; 18,884 yet to recover (rep 23/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 1,007 new COVID-19 cases (kh 23/11/2020), 16 fatalities recorded, Nepalís death toll hits 1,337 (kh 23/11/2020)

Nepal plans to immunize 72 percent of population with corona vaccine within two years, by Shree Ram Subedi (rep 23/11/2020)

KMC begins swab collection for free PCR tests (ht 23/11/2020)

91pc Nepalis recover from COVID-19 abroad (ht 23/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,321 with 16 more deaths; national tally reaches 220,308 with 1,669 new infections : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 5,699 infected people recovered in the past 24 hours (kp 22/11/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,669 New Cases, 5,699 Recoveries, 16 Deaths In Last 24 Hours (rn 22/11/2020), 1,669 fresh cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 2,20,308 (kh 22/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley registers 957 new COVID-19 cases (kh 22/11/20209, Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 1,321 as 16 more die (kh 22/11/2020)

17,206 COVID-19 infected in home isolation (kh 22/11/2020)

Long neglected, people of Humla see no point in cooperating to check virus spread : A week after 56 people were found to be infected, contact tracing has yet to begin. Winter brings seasonal flu, which has symptoms similar to Covid-19 and people may not be aware that they are carrying the coronavirus, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,305 with seven more deaths; national tally reaches 218,639 with 1,674 new infections : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 2,323 infected people recovered in the past 24 hours (kp 21/11/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 1,674 New Cases, 2,323 Recoveries In Last 24 Hours (rn 21/11/2020), COVID-19 Updates: 2,323 recover while 1,674 test positive on Saturday (rep 21/11/2020), 1,674 fresh cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 218,639 (kh 21/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley registers 899 new COVID-19 cases (kh 21/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 1,305 as 7 more die (kh 21/11/2020)

600,000 COVID-19 infections projected in Nepal: Health Minister Dhakal (rep 21/11/2020)

100,000 antigen tests to be carried out in Kathmandu Valley, one million nationwide : As polymerase chain reaction tests do not give accurate results, public health experts suggest exploring other technologies, by Arjun Poudel (kp 21/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,298 with 22 more deaths; national tally reaches 216,965 with 1,945 new infections : With 1,107 new cases reported in the past 24 hours, the number of confirmed cases in the Kathmandu Valley has crossed 100,000 mark, according to the Health Ministry (kp 20/11/2020), Nepalís highest single-day COVID-19 recovery of 5,364 recorded on Friday (rep 20/11/2020), 1,945 fresh cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 216,965 (kh 20/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley registers 1,107 new COVID-19 cases (kh 20/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 1,298 as 22 more die (kh 20/11/2020)

Door opens for trial : While the ordinance has paved the way for importing vaccines for trial, the govt must ensure that they are affordable (ht 20/11/2020)

Vax populi, by Sonia Awali (nt 20/11/2020), When will Nepalís Covid vaccine turn come? Nepal may be one of the last countries to get a vaccine, even then the poor here will be at the end of the line, by Sonia Awale (nt 20/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,276 with 17 more deaths; national tally reaches 215,020 with 2,103 new infections : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 2,858 infected people recovered in the past 24 hours (kp 19/11/2020), COVID-19 Update: 2,103 New Cases, 2,858 Recoveries, 17 Fatalities In Last 24 Hours (rn 19/11/2020), COVID-19 Updates: 2,103 new cases, 2,858 more recoveries and 17 new deaths in Nepal (rep 19/11/2020), 2,103 fresh cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 215,020 (kh 19/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley registers 1,229 new COVID-19 cases  (kh 19/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 1,276 as 17 more die (kh 19/11/2020)

More Than 500 Active Cases Of COVID-19 In 14 Districts, Highest Infection Rate In Bagmati Province (rn 19/11/2020)

Rising tuberculosis cases could soon lead to another epidemic, experts warn : They say that misdiagnosis and under-reporting of the bacterial infection could spread the disease further, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/11/2020), Dealing with tuberculosis : We need an evidence-based strategic plan to fill the gap in tuberculosis detection and cure (kp 20/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,259 with 12 more deaths; national tally reaches 212,917 with 1,442 new infections : While 326 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 54 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 18/11/2020), COVID-19: Nepal reports 1,442 new cases; tally hits 2,12,917 (kh 18/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 1,259 with 12 new fatalities (kh 18/11/2020)

Number of Covid-19 deaths far higher than what the government claims, officials say : Health Ministryís data does not include all known deaths as well as of those who were  suspected to have died of the coronavirus but were not tested, by Arjun Poudel (kp 18/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,247 with 17 more deaths; national tally reaches 211,475 with 502 new infections : While 318 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 38 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 17/11/2020), 502 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally reaches 211,475 (kh 17/11/2020), Nepal sees 507 new cases, 2878 recoveries and 17 deaths linked with COVID-19 in the past one day (rep 17/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 339 new COVID-19 cases (kh 17/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 1,247 with 17 new fatalities (kh 17/11/2020)

318 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU, 38 on ventilator support (kh 17/11/2020)

Over 5,400 kids below 10 years infected with COVID-19 so far (kh 17/11/2020)

1,197 new COVID-19 cases diagnosed in Nepal taking the national tally to 210,973 (rep 16/11/2020)1,197 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally reaches 210,973 (kh 16/11/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 Tally Hits 210,973 With 1,197 New Infections (rn 16/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 501 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 16/11/2020), Nine more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 1,230 (kh 16/11/2020)

310 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU, 44 on ventilator support (kh 16/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,221 with six more deaths; national tally reaches 209,776 with 1,477 new infections : While 354 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 64 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 15/11/2020), With 1,477 new cases on Sunday, Nepalís COVID-19 tally advances to 209,776 (rep 15/11/2020), 1,477 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally reaches 209,776 (kh 15/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 807 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 15/11/2020), Six more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 1,221 (kh 15/11/2020)

Number of Nepali nationals dying of COVID-19 in foreign countries rises to 293 (rep 15/11/2020), Death toll of Nepalis abroad due to COVID-19 reaches 293 as eight die in India (kh 15/11/2020)

Health Ministry has spent Rs20 billion on pandemic but infections continue to surgeOfficials and public health experts say lack of coordination and collaboration among various state agencies is the main reason behind the losing battle against Covid-19, by Arjun Poudel (kp 15/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 1,215 with 13 more deaths; national tally reaches 208,299 with 1,946 new infections : While 376 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 74 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 14/11/2020), 1,946 new cases recorded on Saturday; Nepalís Covid-19 tally advances to 208,299 (ht 14/11/2020), Nepal adds 1,946 COVID-19 cases on Saturday, total number jumps to 208,299 (rep 14/11/2020), 1,946 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally reaches 208,299 (kh 14/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 835 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 14/11/2020), 13 more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 1,215 (kh 14/11/2020)

376 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU, 74 on ventilator support (kh 14/11/2020)

Nepal reports 13 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 1,202; national tally reaches 206,353 with 2,111 new infections : While 387 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 87 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 13/11/2020), 2,111 new cases of COVID-19 in Nepal in past one day (rep 13/11/2020), COVID-19: Nepal records 2,111 new cases, tally hits 206,353 (kh 13/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 1,207 new COVID-19 cases (kh 13/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 1,202 with 13 new fatalities (kh 13/11/2020)

Nepal reports 15 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 1,189; national tally reaches 204,242 with 1,913 new infections : While 373 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 87 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (rn 12/11/2020), Nepal confirms 1,913 new COVID-19 cases, 15 deaths on Thursday (rep 12/11/2020), 1,913 new cases recorded on Thursday; Nepalís Covid-19 tally advances to 204,242 (ht 12/11/2020), 1,913 new cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 204,242 (kh 12/11/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,913 New Cases, 2,349 Recoveries, 15 Deaths In Last 24 Hours (rn 12/11/2020), 15 more fatalities registered today; Covid-19 death-toll advances to 1,189 (ht 12/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 1,189 with 15 new fatalities (kh 12/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 973 new COVID-19 cases (kh 12/11/2020)

Health Ministry preparing legal grounds to roll out Covid-19 vaccines, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 infection tally crosses 200,000 mark with 2,569 new cases : Twenty-six more fatalities take the death toll to 1,174, according to the Health Ministry (kp 11/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 case tally goes past 200,000 mark (rep 11/11/2020), 2,569 new cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 2,02,329 (kh 11/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 1,261 new COVID-19 cases (kh 11/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 1,174 with 26 new fatalities (kh 11/11/2020)

Govt spends over Rs 6 billion for COVID-19 prevention, treatment (kh 11/11/2020)

Race for a cure :The Oli administration needs to be on its toes about the latest vaccine developments (kp 11/11/2020)

Isolation Centers Vacant; All Infected At Home (rn 11/11/2020)

Nepal reports 22 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 1,148; national tally reaches 199,760 with 2,736 new infections : While 404 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 96 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 10/11/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 case tally inching closer to 200,000, Kathmandu Valley confirms 93,775 cases (rep 10/11/2020), 2,736 new cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 199,760 (kh 10/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 1,420 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 10/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 1,148 with 22 new fatalities (kh 10/11/2020)

Nepal reports 18 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 1,126; national tally reaches 197,024 with 2,571 new infections : While 411 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 83 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 09/11/2020), 2,571 new cases recorded on Monday; Nepalís Covid-19 tally hits 197,024 (ht 09/11/2020), COVID-19 Update: 2,571 New Cases, 1,798 Recoveries, Caseload 197,024 (rn 09/11/2020), 2,571 fresh cases take Nepalís COVID-19 caseload to 197,024 (kh 09/11/2020), 2,571 new cases added to Nepalís COVID-19 tally, 81 percent patients recover (rep 09/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 1,428 New Cases Of COVID-19 In Last 24 Hours (rn 09/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 1,428 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 09/11/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 1,126 with 18 new fatalities (kh 09/11/2020)

Women Account For 33% Of COVID-19 Infections (rn 09/11/2020)

2,817 new cases added to Nepalís COVID-19 case tally, 2,812 patients recover (rep 08/11/2020), Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 194,453 with 2,817 new cases on Sunday (ht 08/11/2020), COVID-19 Update: 2,817 New Cases, 2,812 Recoveries, 21 Deaths In Last 24 Hours (rn 08/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 1,533 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 08/11/2020), 21Covid-19 fatalities registered on Sunday, death-toll shifts to 1,108 (ht 08/11/2020)

544 Nepalis Abroad Contract Coronavirus This Week, One More Death Reported (rn 08/11/2020)

Nepal reports 17 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 1,087; national tally reaches 191,636 with 2,753 new infections : While 365 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 76 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 07/11/2020), Nepal has witnessed 191,636 COVID-19 infections since Jan 23; 2,753 added on Saturday (rep 07/11/2020), 2,753 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally reaches 1,91,636 (kh 07/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 1,512 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 07/11/2020), 17 more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 1,087 (kh 07/11/2020)

Govt mulls over bringing Chinese vaccine for clinical trial in Nepal (rep 07/11/2020)

150,000 plus people win their battle against COVID-19 in Nepal, the country records highest single-day recovery of 4,500 (rep 06/11/2020), 2,909 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally reaches 188,883 (kh 06/11/2020), 18 more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 1,070 (kh 06/11/2020)

Spared at first, elderly hit hard by Covid-19 : The coronavirus crisis has added to the hardships and isolation of Nepalís seniors, by Sonia Awale (nt 06/11/2020)

Heat map of Nepalís Covid-19 hotspots : Cell phone data tracking reveals high risk areas because of the movement of people during Dasain, by Sonia Awale (nt 06/11/2020)

Nepal reports 18 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 1,052; national tally reaches 185,974 with 3,051 new infections : While 428 individuals infected with the virus are being treated in intensive care units across the country, 74 others are on ventilator support, according to the Health Ministry (kp 05/11/2020), COVID-19 Updates: Nepal confirms COVID-19 3,051 cases out of 13,068 tests carried out on Thursday (rep 05/11/2020), Nepal reports 3,051 new coronavirus cases; tally reaches 185,974 (kh 05/11/2020), COVID-19 Update: 3,051 New Cases, 3,430 Recoveries, 18 Deaths In Last 24 Hours (rn 05/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley Logs 1,398 New Cases Of COVID-19 (ht 05/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 1,398 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 05/11/2020), 18 more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 1052 (kh 05/11/2020)

30 COVID-19 Infected In Critical Condition In Banke (rn 05/11/2020)

Nepal sets new daily record for Covid-19 fatality with 30 deaths : The national infection tally has reached 182,923 with 3,309 new confirmed cases, according to the Health Ministry (kp 04/11/2020), 30 more COVID-19-related deaths recorded on Wednesday, highest number of fatalities in a single day so far (rep 04/11/2020), Nepal sees 3,309 new cases and 3,844 recoveries linked with COVID-19 in the past one day (rep 04/11/2020), Nepal reports 3,309 new coronavirus cases; tally reaches to 1,82,923 (kh 04/11/2020), Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 182,923 with 3,309 new cases on Wednesday (ht 04/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 1,878 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 04/11/2020), 30 more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 1,034 (kh 04/11/2020)

379 COVID-19 patients in ICU, 78 receiving treatment on ventilator (kh 04/11/2020)

Critical Covid-19 patients canít get treatment in Lamjung : The district has not set up an ICU facility even after receiving funds six months ago, by Aash Gurung (kp 04/11/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 death toll surges past 1,000 with 20 more fatalities in the past 24 hours : The national infection tally has reached 179,614 with 3,114 new confirmed cases, according to the Health Ministry (kp 03/11/2020), COVID-19 death tally in Nepal goes past 1000 mark as country confirms 3,114 cases on Tuesday (rep 03/11/2020), COVID-19 Death Toll Crosses 1,000 Mark, 3,114 New Infections In Last 24 Hours (rn 03/11/2020), Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 179,614 with 3,114 new cases on Tuesday (ht 03/11/2020), 3,114 cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 179,614 (kh 03/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 1,468 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 03/11/2020), 20 more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 1,004 (kh 03/11/2020)

372 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU, 68 on ventilator support (kh 03/11/2020)

Nepal reports 24 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 984; national tally reaches 176,500 with 2,933 new infections : The active case count stands at 37,524 with 137,992 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 02/11/2020), COVID-19 Updates: 2,933 new cases detected through 13,446 PCR tests on Monday; 24 new deaths reported (rep 02/11/2020), Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 176,500 with 2,933 new cases on Monday (ht 02/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 1,630 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 02/11/2020), 24 fatalities take Nepalís COVID-19 death toll to 984 (kh 02/11/2020)

Over 4,700 kids below 10 years infected with COVID-19 so far (kh 02/11/2020)

Gandaki lacks beds to care for Covid-19 patients : The province, which has 3,000 active cases, has only 176 intensive care beds and 57 ventilators, by Deepak Pariyar (kp 02/11/2020)

In a U-turn, Health Ministry now says it will run free tests based on contact tracing :The ministry had discontinued free tests and treatment, which public health experts say made the Covid-19 situation worse, by Arjun Poudel (kp 02/11/2020)

Nepal reports 23 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 960; national tally reaches 173,567 with 2,824 new infections : The active case count stands at 37,765 with 134,842 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 01/11/2020), COVID-19 Updates: Nepalís case tally jumps to 173,567 including 2,824 new cases confirmed on Sunday (rep 01/11/2020), 2,824 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally jumps to 173,567 (kh 01/11/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 1,622 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 01/11/2020), 23 fatalities take Nepalís COVID-19 death toll to 960 (kh 01/11/2020)

Pandemic is out of control in Kathmandu, warn health experts : One in every 28 people in Kathmandu diagnosed with COVID-19, by Kunga Hyolmo (rep 01/11/2020)

Remdesivir shows mixed results in Nepal, experts say : The medication cut hospital stay of serious patients, lessened symptoms of Covid-19, by Arjun Poudel (kp 01/11/2020)

Sudurpaschim districts lack ICU beds (ht 01/11/2020)

Nepal reports 17 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 937; national tally reaches 170,743 with 2,508 new infections : The active case count stands at 38,584 with 131,222 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 31/10/2020), COVID-19 Update: 2,508 New Cases, 2,264 Recoveries, 17 Fatalities In Last 24 Hours (rn 31/10/2020), 2,508 people diagnosed with COVID-19 in Nepal on Saturday (rep 31/10/2020), 2,508 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally jumps to 170,743 (kh 31/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley recorded 1,357 new cases of COVID-19 in past 24 hours, Valleyís COVID-19 case tally reaches 76,348 : 54 percent of total COVID-19 cases recorded across the country on Saturday were detected in the Valley alone (rep 31/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 1,357 COVID-19 cases (kh 31/10/2020), 17 fatalities take Nepalís COVID-19 death toll to 937 (kh 31/10/2020)

Crematorium workers fear taking virus home to family : Nine of 16 employees have already tested positive, by Anup Ojha (kp31/10/2020)

Nepal reports 16 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 920; national tally reaches 168,235 with 3,517 new infections : The active case count stands at 38,357 with 128,958 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 30/10/2020), Nepal registers 3,517 fresh coronavirus cases : National tally reaches 168,235 (kh 30/10/2020), 1,888 test COVID-19 positive in Kathmandu Valley in last 24 hrs (kh 30/10/2020), 76.7 percent patients win COVID-19 in Nepal as case tally soars to 168,235 : The country reports the highest single-day COVID-19 recoveries of 4,096 (rep 30/10/2020), 16 more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll reaches 920 (kh 30/10/2020)

300 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU, 71 on ventilator support (kh 30/10/2020)

COVID-19 spread may accelerate in winter, warn scientists, by Shree Ram Subedi (rep 30/10/2020)

Kathmandu district alone has 42.34 percent of total active cases in Nepal (rep 30/10/2020) [This shows above all where there is more testing!]

No risk communication strategy yet as Covid-19 infections and death toll soar, by Arjun Poudel (kp 30/10/2020)

Impoverished families in Udayapur have no access to Covid-19 testing : Poor people with Covid-19-like symptoms forced to stay home as they canít pay for expensive tests, by Dilliram Khatiwada (kp 30/10/2020)

COVID-19 kills 406 people in just 29 days, Nepalís death tally goes past 900 (rep 29/10/2020)

Nepal reports 17 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 904; national tally reaches 164,718 with 2,364 new infections : The active case count stands at 38,952 with 124,862 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 29/10/2020), 2,634 diagnosed positive, coronavirus tally reaches 164,718 (kh 29/10/2020), Nepal adds 2,364 new COVID-19 cases, national case tally reaches 164,718 (rep 29/10/2020), 1,615 new COVID-19 cases reported in Kathmandu Valley in past 24 hours (rep 29/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 1,615 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 29/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 904 with 17 new fatalities (kh 29/10/2020)

304 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU, 76 on ventilator support (kh 29/10/2020)

Jumla Again Witnesses Coronavirus Cases (rn 29/10/2020)

In Nepal's capital, sole crematorium for COVID victims becomes busier, by Gopal Sharma (rep 29/10/2020)

Covid cases expected to surge in villages in next two weeks : Experts urge authorities to prepare district hospitals as they expect Dashain returnees to transmit the virus, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/10/2020), Virus in the villages : Dashain  has been a low-key affair this year. But it might have helped spread the coronavirus (kp 29/10/2020)

Nepal reports 11 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 887; national tally reaches 162,354 with 1,954 new infections : The active case count stands at 39,643 with 121,824 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 28/10/2020), 1,954 new COVID-19 cases reported in Nepal on Wednesday (rep 28/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 162,354 with 1,954 fresh cases (kh 28/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 843 new COVID-19 cases, total caseload goes past 71,000 (rep 28/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 843 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 28/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 887 with 11 new fatalities (kh 28/10/2020)

Nepal reports 14 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 876; national tally reaches 160,400 with 570 new infections : The active case count stands at 40,681 with 118,843 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 27/10/2020), Nepal witnesses sharp decline in COVID-19 cases, only 570 new cases recorded in past 24 hours (rep) [But only thanks to little testing during Dashain!!], Kathmandu Valley Reports 252 New Cases Of Novel Coronavirus (rn 27/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 876 with 14 new fatalities (kh 27/10/2020)

252 new COVID-19 cases, four new fatalities reported in Gandaki Province (kh 26/10/2020) [Forget this figure on Dashain! The daily reported numbers are irritating anyway. If they prove anything, then it is the fact that outside the Kathmandu valleys there is much less testing than around the centre of power!]

Nepal reports five more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 847; national tally reaches 158,089 with 2,856 new infections : The active case count stands at 45,572 with 111,670 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 25/10/2020), 2,856 fresh cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 158,089 (kh 25/10/2020), 2,856 new COVID-19 cases recorded in past 24 hours, Nepalís case tally reaches 158,089 (rep 25/10/2020), 1,535 new cases of COVID-19 detected in Kathmandu Valley in past 24 hours (rep 25/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 1,535 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 25/10/2020). Five more die of COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 847 (kh 25/10/2020)

273 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU : 66 on ventilator support (kh 25/10/2020)

Number of Nepali nationals dying of COVID-19 in foreign countries rises to 284 (rep 25/10/2020)

Nepal reports 17 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 829; national tally reaches 153,008 with 4,499 new infections : The active case count stands at 46,691 with 105,488 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 24/10/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 2,225 New Cases, 2,846 Recoveries, 13 Deaths In Last 24 Hours (rn 24/10/2020), 2,225 new cases of COVID-19 recorded across the country in the past 24 hours : Nepalís COVID-19 case tally hits 155,233 as death toll stands at 842 (rep 24/10/2020), Nepalís confirms 2,225 fresh cases, COVID-19 tally jumps to 155,233 (kh 24/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 1,110 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 24/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 842 with 13 new fatalities (kh 24/10/2020)

Youth dies in isolation center after hospitals deny admission (kh 24/10/2020) [A 36 years old adult should not be called youth!]

Nepal reports 17 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 829; 4,499 new infections take tally to 153,008 : The active case count stands at 46,691 with 105,488 people making successful recovery so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 23/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally surpasses 150,000 mark, Kathmandu Valley records 2,720 new cases (rep 23/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 2,720 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 23/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 829 with 17 new fatalities (kh 23/10/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 case tally nears 150,000, Kathmandu Valley adds 1,552 new cases (rep 22/10/2020), COVID-19 Update: 3,637 New Cases, 3,215 Recoveries, Tally Hits 148,509 (rn 22/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 148,509 with 3,637 fresh cases (kh 22/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley Logs 1,552 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 22/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 812 with 21 new fatalities (kh 22/10/2020)

Contact tracing was never effective. Government decision on tests and treatment has made it even more difficult : After authorities said people have to pay for tests and treatment, labs are refusing to conduct tests and no one is coming forward to share information, making contact tracing difficult, which could exacerbate the virus situation, public health experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/10/2020)

Nepal sets new daily records for Covid-19 fatality and infection with 26 deaths and 5,743 cases : Kathmandu Valley also confirmed a record 3,107 new infections in the past 24 hours (kp 21/10/2020), Nepal sees record daily jump of 5,743 coronavirus infections on Wednesday (rep 21/10/2020), Nepal Records Highest Single-Day Spike In COVID-19 Tally With 5,743 New Infections, 26 Fatalities In 24 Hours (rn 21/10/2020), 5,743 fresh cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 1,44,872 (kh 21/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley Logs 3,107 New Cases Of COVID-19, Highest In A Single Day (rn 21/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 3,107 new COVID-19 cases (kh 21/10/2020), Nepal reports 26 more COVID-19-related deaths, highest single-day fatalities (rep 21/10/2020), 26 more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll reaches 791 (kh 21/10/2020)

COVID-19 Patients Dying In State No 1 Due To Lack Of Hospital Beds (rn 21/10/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 3,093 New Cases, 2,108 Recoveries, Tally Reaches 139,129 (rn 20/10/2020), 3,093 diagnosed coronavirus positive, Nepalís tally jumps to 139,129 (kh 20/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley Logs 1,702 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 20/10/2020), 3,093 COVID-19 cases added to national tally on Tuesday, Kathmandu Valley reports 1,702 new cases (rep 20/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 1,702 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 20/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 765 with eight new fatalities (kh 20/10/2020)

Health officials in Dailekh warn of difficult times with surge in Covid-19 cases : Eighty-nine people in the district tested positive for the virus in the past week,  raising fears that the virus might have spread in the community, by Jyotee Katuwal (kp 20/10/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 3,790 New Cases, 2,335 Recoveries, 18 Deaths In Last 24 Hours (rn 19/10/2020), 3,790 COVID-19 cases added to Nepalís national tally on Monday;  2,388 more cases in Kathmandu Valley (rep 19/10/2020), 3,790 fresh cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 136,036 (kh 19/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 757 with 18 new fatalities (kh 19/10/2020)

Serious Covid-19 patients are not getting hospital beds : To make room for serious patients, the Ministry of Health has decided to discharge patients whose conditions are not severe but patients are still not getting hospital beds, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/10/2020)

Govt decides not to foot cost of COVID test, treatment, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 19/10/2020)

Protocol for disposal of COVID dead changed : Family members will now have to take responsibility of managing bodies of those who die of COVID-19 at homed, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 19/10/2020)

2,942 diagnosed coronavirus positive, Nepalís COVID-19 tally jumps to 132,246 (kh 18/10/2020), Nepal adds 2,942 cases, 2,326 recoveries and 12 deaths linked with COVID-19 (rep 18/10/2020), 1,698 New Cases Of COVID-19 Confirmed In Kathmandu Valley (rn), 12 succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 739 (kh 18/10/2020)

Risk of community transmission high in BaglungHealth officials have a tough time tracing contacts as Covid-19 suspects move freely in the community, by Prakash Baral (kp 18/10/2020)

Global COVID-19 death toll of Nepali people surpasses 1000 mark (rep 18/10/2020), 1,010 Nepalis die of COVID-19 abroad; 171,000 infected (kh 18/10/2020)

Nepal reports 12 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 727; national infection tally reaches 129,304 with 3,167 new cases : Kathmandu Valley recorded 1,746 new infections with 1,451 cases in Kathmandu, 152 in Lalitpur and 143 in Bhaktapur, according to the Health Ministry (kp 17/10/2020), 3,167 new COVID-19 cases reported on Saturday in Nepal, total number nears 130,000 (rep 17/10/2020), 3,167 diagnosed coronavirus positive, Nepalís COVID-19 tally jumps to 129,304 (rep 17/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 1,746 new COVID-19 cases (kh 17/10/2020), 12 succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 727 (kh 17/10/2020)

Youths at a higher risk of COVID-19 in Kathmandu Valley (rep 17/10/2020) [However, this is not surprising in view of the fact that more than 50% of the total population is younger than 25 years of age!]

Nepalís COVID-19 case tally jumps to 126,137 with 4,392 cases on Friday (rep 16/10/2020), 4,392 fresh cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 126,137 (kh 16/10/2020), Valleyís COVID-19 case tally surpasses 50,000 mark with 2,402 new cases reported in past 24 hours (rep 16/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 2,402 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 16/10/2020), 21 more die of COVID-19, Nepalís death toll reaches 715 (kh 16/10/2020)

Nepal reports 19 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 694; national infection tally reaches 121,745 with 3,749 new cases : Kathmandu Valley recorded 1,935 new infections with 1,693 cases in Kathmandu, 134 in Bhaktapur and 108 in Lalitpur, according to the Health Ministry (kp 15/10/2020), Nepal adds 3,749 cases, 3,564 recoveries and 19 fatalities linked with COVID-19 (rep 15/10/2020), Nepal records 3,749 fresh COVID-19 cases, tally jumps to 121,745 (kh 15/10/2020), Valleyís COVID-19 case tally nears 50,000 with 1,935 new cases recorded in past 24 hours (rep 15/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley registers 1,935 new COVID-19 cases (kh 15/10/2020), COVID-19: Death toll reaches 694 with 19 new fatalities in Nepal (kh 15/10/2020)

Number of Covid-19 patients in need of critical care isincreasing in SudurpaschimThe current medical infrastructure and human resources across all Covid-19 specific hospitals in the province are not enough to provide effective treatment, health officials say, by Mohan Budhaair (kp 15/10/2020)

Nepal sees 2,638 new cases, 2,174 recoveries and 12 deaths linked to COVID-19 in past 24 hours (rep 14/10/2020), 2,638 diagnosed coronavirus positive, Nepalís tally jumps to 1,17,996 (kh 14/10/2020), With 1,403 new cases in the past 24 hours, the Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 case tally reaches 47,401 (rep 14/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 1,403 cases in last 24 hours (kh 14/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 675 with 12 new fatalities (kh 14/10/2020)

COVID-19 death rate highest in Chitwan district (rep 14/10/2020)

Nepal reports 18 more Covid-19-related fatalities to take the death toll to 663; national infection tally reaches 115,358 with 3,556 new cases : Kathmandu Valley recorded 2,129 new infections with 1,746 cases in Kathmandu, 216 in Lalitpur and 167 in Bhaktapur, according to the Health Ministry (kp 13/10/2020), Nepal records 3,556 new COVID-19 cases, national caseload rises to 115,358 (rep 13/10/2020), 3,556 diagnosed coronavirus positive, Nepalís tally jumps to 115,358 (kh 13/10/2020), COVID-19 Update: 3,556 New Cases, 1,503 Recoveries, Tally Spikes To 115,358 (rn 13/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 2,129 new COVID-19 cases (kh 13/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley Logs 2,129 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 13/10/2020), 2,129 new COVID-19 cases reported in Kathmandu Valley in past 24 hours (rep 13/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 663 with 18 new fatalities (kh 13/10/2020), 307 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU, 66 on ventilator support (kh 13/10/2020)

Local units unprepared to manage people returning home for festive season : Locals are worried about the possible outbreak of Covid-19, as authorities do not  conduct PCR tests on those returning home for Dashain and Tihar, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 13/10/2020)

Govt reduces COVID-19 test fee to Rs 1,000 (kh 13/10/2020)

Among 33,880 Active Patients, 19,957 In Home Isolation (rn 13/10/2020)

Majority of Covid-19 patients in Chitwan in home isolation : Health workers worry about the lack of proper system to monitor the health of patients in home isolation, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 13/10/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 caseload surges to 111,802  with 4,047 new cases; active case tally  jumps to 33,880 (rep 1/10/2020), 4,047 cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 111,802 (kh 12/10/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 case tally rises to 43,869 with 2,283 new cases in the past 24 hours : Valleyís COVID-19 death toll surpasses the 200 mark (rep 12/10/2020), Kathmandu valley registers 2,283 new COVID-19 cases; 4 deaths (kh 12/10/2020), Nine more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll reaches 645 (kh 12/10/2020)

Same patient, same day, two different hospitals, two different reports : Experts say misleading lab reports could be one reason  for the uncontrolled spread of the virus while authorities say there could be different reasons for result variation, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/10/2020)

ĎWe thought they would come back to usí : As people get on with life amid the pandemic, a family that lost three of their loved ones  to the coronavirus wants people to understand the deadly face of the virus, by Stizu Bajracharya (kp 12/10/2020)

17 more Nepalis die of COVID abroad (ht 12/10/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 caseload jumps to 107,755 with 2,071 new cases (rep 11/20/2020), Nepal reports 2,071 COVID-19 cases; tally reaches 1,07,755 (kh 11/10/2020), 1,416 new cases of COVID-19 recorded in Kathmandu Valley in past 24 hours : Valleyís COVID-19 caseload increased by 10,738 in just one week (rep 11/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 1,416 new COVID-19 cases; 8 deaths (kh 11/10/2020), With 22 New Fatalities, Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Spikes To 636 (rn 11/10/2020), (kh 11/10/2020), COVID-19 death toll hits 636 with 22 more fatalities in Nepal (kh 11/10/2020)

Nepal has lowest recovery rate and highest active case rate in South Asia (rep 11/(10/2020)

11 more succumb to COVID-19 in Nepal (kh 11/10/2020)

Record-high single-day spike of 5,008 COVID-19 cases reported in Nepal in past 24 hours (rep 10/10/2020), Nepal reports 5,008 cases in highest single-day spike : COVID-19 tally reaches 105,684 (kh 10/10/2020), Nepal records 5000+ single-day infections for the the first time : Tally leaps to 105,684 (ht), Highest single-day spike of 2,672 new cases recorded in Kathmandu Valley in past  24 hours (rep), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 614 with 14 more fatalities (kh 10/10/2020), One more person dies of coronavirus in Dhading (kh 10/10/2020)

We are heading to critical situation, says govt as COVID-19 cases surges (kh 10/10/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally crosses 100,000 mark with 2,059 new infections; death toll reaches 600 with 10 more fatalities : According to the Health Ministry, 318 Covid-19 patients are being treated in intensive care units across the country and 75 others are on ventilator support (kp 09/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally jumps to 100,676 with 2,059 fresh cases (kh 09/10/2020), With 2,059 fresh cases recorded in past 24 hours, Nepalís coronavirus case tally crosses 100,000 mark (rep 09/10/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 Caseload Crosses 100,000-Mark With 2,059 New Infections (rn 09/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports 1,409 new cases (rep 09/10/2020), 1,409 New Cases Of COVID-19 In Kathmandu Valley (rn 09/10/2020), With 10 New Fatalities, Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 600 (rn 09/10/2020), 10 succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 600 (kh 09/10/2020)

Nepal records highest single-day spike for the second day in a row with 4,364 new coronavirus infections ; Kathmandu Valley reported a record 2,540 new infections, with 2,085 cases in Kathmandu, 320 in Lalitpur and 135 in Bhaktapur, according to the Health Ministry (kp 08/10/2020), Nepal reports 4,364 fresh cases in highest single-day spike : COVID-19 caseload hits 98,617 (kh 08/10/2020), Nepal reports record-high 4,364 COVID-19 cases on Thursday, caseload inching closer to 100,000 : The Kathmandu Valley recorded 36.59 percent of the confirmed cases across the country on Thursday (rep 08/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley saw highest single-day spike of 2,540 cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours : Valley death toll hits 181 as case tally reaches 36,089 (rep 08/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley registers record-high 2,540 new COVID-19 cases (kh 08/10/2020), Two more die of COVID-19 in Dharan (kh 08/10/2020)

181 ICU beds, 76 ventilators in Kathmandu Valley: Health Ministry (kh 08/10/2020)

Protect health workers  No one is safe if our frontliners are unsafe (kp 08/10/2020)

Fear as 91 infected go out of contact in capital (kh 08/10/2020)

Active Covid-19 cases soar to 25,007 after country sees new spike in daily infectionsPublic health experts say the number of cases could be much higher, as many  asymptomatic patients are yet to be tested, which raises risk of virus spreading further, by Arjun Poudel (kp 08/10/2020)

Nepal witnesses highest single day spike of 3,439 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, taking tally to 94,253 (rep 07/10/2020), 3,439 New Cases Of COVID-19, Highest In A Single Day, 25,007 Active Cases (rn 07/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees record daily jump of 1,684 coronavirus infections in past one day (rep 07/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records Highest Single-Day Tally With 1,684 New Cases (rn 07/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 578 with 15 new fatalities (kh 07/10/2020)

Crowded prisons have raised Covid-19 risk among inmates, by Binod Ghimire (kp 07/10/2020)

Nearly third of COVID dead below 50 years (ht 07/10/2020)

COVID-19 Cases Escalating, Precautions Lessening, by Aashish Mishra (rn 07/10/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 1,551 New Cases, 2,340 Recoveries, Tally Crosses 90,000 (rn 06/10/2020), Nepal confirms 1,551 new COVID-19 cases, tally jumps to 90,814 (kh 06/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley Logs 1,017 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 06/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 563 with nine new fatalities (kh 06/10/2020)

Valley has run out of intensive care beds and ventilators for Covid-19 patients : Even if the facilities are added, they will not be able to keep up with the growing number of cases, which will mean seriously ill patients wonít get the support they need, officials say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/10/2020), Hospitals face shortage of ICU beds, ventilators (ht 06/10/2020)

PCR machine lies unused for lack of supportive equipment : The machine was purchased at Rs 3.8 million to test swab samples in Mahakali Hospital in Bhimdatta Municipality, but it has been sitting idle for last two months, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 06/10/2020)

Nepal reports 19 more Covid-19-related deaths, highest single-day fatalities; 2,440 new infections take national tally to 89,263 ; Kathmandu Valley reported 1,531 new infections, with 1,178 cases in Kathmandu, 250 in Lalitpur and 103 in Bhaktapur, according to the Health Ministry (kp 05/10/2020), Nepalís coronavirus case tally nears 90,000 with 2,440 new cases in past 24 hours (rep 05/10/2020), 2,440 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís tally reaches 89,263 (kh 05/10/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 cases tally surpasses 30,000 with 1,531 new cases recorded in last 24 hours (rep 05/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 1,531 new COVID-19 cases,12 deaths (kh 05/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 554 with record-high 19 new fatalities (kh 05/10/2020)

Number of Covid-19 deaths increasing in Province 1 : Sixteen people in the province died due to the virus  in the past week, according to data, by Deo Narayan Sah and Jitendra Sah (kp 05/10/2020)

Over 70% Of New Virus Cases In Valley (rn 05/10/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 case tally surpasses 86,000 mark with 2,253 new cases reported in past 24 hours : Death toll hits 535 (rep 04/10/2020), 2,253 cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 86,823 (rep 04/10/2020), COVID-19 Update: 2,253 New Cases, 1,329 Recoveries, Tally Jumps To 86,823 (rn 04/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley Logs 1,599 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 04/10/2020), COVID-19 caseload in Kathmandu Valley nears 30,000 : 1,599 more people contracted the virus in the past 24 hours in the Kathmandu Valley (rep), Nepal records seven fatalities, COVID-19 death toll reaches 535 (kh 04/10/2020)

35,900 Nepalis abroad recover from coronavirus, 266 die (kh 04/10/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 2,120 New Cases, 2,044 Recoveries, Tally Hits 84,570 (rn 03/10/2020), 2,120 new cases, 8 deaths and 2,044 cases of recovery recorded in Nepal in past 24 hours (rep 03/10(2020), 2,120 cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 84,570 (kh 03/10/2020), 1,177 New Cases Of COVID-19 Recorded In Kathmandu Valley (rn 03/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley logs 1,177 new COVID-19 cases; three die (kh 03/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 60 pc of Nepalís total COVID-19 cases (kh 03/10/2020), Kathmandu Metropolis alone witnesses almost 10,000 cases of COVID-19 (rep 03/10/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 528 With Eight Fatalities (rn 03/10/2020), Eight fatalities recorded, Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 528 (kh 03/10/2020)

Risk Of Infection Spreading To Villages In Festival (rn 03/10/2020)

COVID-19 likely to spread further during Dashain and Tihar (kh 03/10/2020)

Nepal Records Highest Single-Day Spike In COVID-19 Cases With 2,722 New Cases, 3,307 Recoveries, Tally Surges To 82,450 (rn 02/10/2020), Nepal sees record daily jump of 2,722 coronavirus infections in past one day, COVID-19 tally reaches 82,450 (rep), Nepal confirms 2,722 new cases in highest single-day spike : COVID-19 tally reaches 82,450 (kh), Kathmandu Valley Records A Whopping 1,638 New Cases Of COVID-19, Highest In A Single Day (rn 02/10/2020), Kathmandu reports highest single-day jump of 1,638 coronavirus cases (rep 02/10/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses record-high 1,638 COVID-19 cases; five die (kh 02/10/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 520 With 11 New Fatalities (rn 02/10/2020), 11 more succumb to coronavirus, Nepalís death toll hits 520 (kh 02/10/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 death toll crosses 500 mark; 1,911 new infections take the national tally to 79,728 : Kathmandu Valley reported a record 943 new infections, highest for a single day, with 817 new cases in Kathmandu, 68 in Lalitpur and 58 in Bhaktapur (kp 01/10/2020), 1,911 new COVID-19 cases detected in Nepal, caseload closer to 80,000 (rep), 1,911 diagnosed COVID-19 positive in last 24 hours, Nepalís caseload reaches 79,728 (kh 01/10/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,911 New Cases, 961 Recoveries, Tally Surges To 79,278 (rn 01/10/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 caseload nears 25,000-mark with 943 new cases in past 24 hours (rep), Kathmandu Valley Records Highest Single-Day Tally With 943 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 01/10/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll crosses 500-mark : 11 succumb to pandemic in last 24 hours (kh 01/10/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Crosses 500 With 11 New Fatalities (rn 01/10/2020), Nepalís coronavirus-related death toll crosses 500 mark (rep 01/10/2020), A Doctor Dies From COVID-19 While Under Treatment At Bheri Hospital, by Govinda Sharma (rn 01/10/2020), 220 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU : 25 on ventilator support (kh 01/10/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 1,559 New Cases, 1,057 Recoveries, Tally Hits 77,817 (rn 30/09/2020), Nepal sees 1,559 cases, 1,057 recoveries, and seven deaths linked to COVID-19 in past 24 hours (rep 30/09/2020), 1,559 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís caseload reaches 77,817 (kh 30/09/2020), 902 New Cases Of COVID-19 Recorded In Kathmandu Valley (rn 30/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley alone witnessed 57.86 percent of total COVID-19 cases recorded across Nepal in the past 24 hours (rep 30/09/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 498 With Seven Fatalities (rn 30/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 76,258 with 1,513 new cases; 10 more fatalities take death toll to 491 : Kathmandu Valley reported a record 934 new infections, highest for a single day, with 747 new cases in Kathmandu, 114 in Lalitpur and 73 in Bhaktapur (kp 29/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,513 New Cases, 731 Recoveries, Tally Hits 76,258 (rn 29/09/2020), 1,513 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís caseload reaches 76,258 (kh 29/09/2020), 1,513 cases, 731 recoveries, and 10 fatalities linked to COVID-19 reported in Nepal in past 24 hours (rep), Kathmandu Valley records highest single-day spike of 934 new cases of COVID-19 (rep 29/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees record-high 934 COVID-19 cases; three die (kh 29/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 934 New Cases Of COVID-19, Highest In A Single Day (rn 29/09/2020), With 10 New Fatalities, Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 491 (rn 29/09/2020), 10 more succumb to coronavirus, Nepalís death toll hits 491 (kh 29/09/2020)

Number of PCR tests conducted to detect coronavirus in Nepal crosses 1 million mark : 4,021 real time PCR tests on average a day conducted since the first test on January 23 (rep 29/09/2020)

Weak monitoring increases risk of COVID-19 transmission in public vehicles in Valley, by Kunga Hyolmo ()rep 29/09/2020)

Russia to supply 25 million COVID-19 vaccine doses to Nepal (rep 29/09/2020), Officials unaware of Russia supplying Covid-19 vaccines : Officials from state agencies, including foreign and health ministries, say they donít know about the purported deal with a private firm on Russian vaccines arriving in Nepal, by Arjun Poudel (kp 30/09/2020) [Such a measure should not be possible at all without the knowledge and priority involvement of the government! What kind of government is this?]

Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 74,745 with 1,351 new cases; four more fatalities take death toll to 481 : Kathmandu Valley recorded 817 new infections with 649 new cases in Kathmandu, 132 in Lalitpur and 36 in Bhaktapur, according to the Health Ministry (kp 28/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,351 New Cases, 742 Recoveries, Tally Hits 74,745 (rn 28/09/2020), 1,351 new cases reported across county, Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 74,745 (kh 28/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 caseload nears 75,000  including 19,624 active cases (rep), 817 New Cases Of COVID-19 Recorded In Kathmandu Valley (rn 28/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley's coronavirus-related death toll rises to 134 (rep 28/09/2020), Woman dies of COVID-19 in Banke, Nepalís death toll hits 482 (kh 28/09/2020)

Despite a spike in cases, authorities are reducing tests and contact tracing in Valley : More than 800 coronavirus-infected people are out of contact, authorities say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 28/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 73,394 with 1,573 new cases; 10 more fatalities take death toll to 477 : Kathmandu Valley recorded 809 new infections with 633 new cases in Kathmandu, 104 in Lalitpur and 72 in Bhaktapur, according to the Health Ministry (kp 27/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,573 New Cases, 885 Recoveries, Tally Soars To 73,394 (rn 27/09/2020), 1,573 cases, 10 fatalities and 885 recoveries linked to COVID-19 recorded in past one day (rep 27/09/2020), 1,573 fresh cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 caseload to 73,394 (kh 27/09/2020), 809 New Cases Of COVID-19 In Kathmandu Valley (rn 27/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 809 new cases of COVID-19, Valleyís COVID-19 case tally reaches 21,307 (rep 27/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley registers 809 new COVID-19 cases, 5 deaths (kh 27/09/2020), With 10 New Fatalities, Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 477 (rn 27/09/2020), 10 more fatalities take Nepalís COVID-19 death toll to 477 (kh 27/09/2020)

People above 60 years of age urged to stay indoors (kh 27/09/2020)

Scrub Typhus And Dengue Patients On The Rise (rn 26/09/2020)

More health workers contract coronavirus, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 26/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 70,614 with 1,313 new cases; six more fatalities take the death toll to 459 : The active case count stands at 18,289 with 51,866 individuals discharged after successful recovery, according to the Health Ministry ()kp 25/09/2020)

COVID-19: 1,313 new cases reported; Nepalís tally jumps to 70,614 (kh 25/09/2020), With 1,313 fresh cases in past 24 hours, Nepalís coronavirus case tally surpasses 70,000 mark (rep 25/09/2020), 645 new COVID-19 cases in Valley (rep 25/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 645 new coronavirus cases, two deaths (kh 25/09/2020), Six more die of COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 459 (kh 25/09/2020), 227 COVID-19 patients undergoing treatment in ICU, 39 on ventilator support (kh 25/09/2020)

Covid-19 lessons for Kathmandu from the Tarai : Tables are turned as the virus jumps from the plains to spread rapidly in Kathmandu Valley, by Sonia Awale (nt 25/09/2020)

1,497 new COVID-19 cases reported, Nepalís tally jumps to 69,301 (kh 24/09/2020), 755 new COVID-19 cases reported in Kathmandu Valley, case tally reaches 19,128 : Valleyís COVID-19 death toll hits 122 with six new deaths on Thursday (rep 24/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 453 with record-high 17 new fatalities (kh 24/09/2020)

As Covid-19 cases soar, test numbers are declining and contact tracing is ineffectiveThe authorities that were too slow to recognise the looming threat seem to have given up the fight against the virus, public health experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 24/09/2020)

Overnight wait for PCR test for scores (ht 24/09/2020)

Surge in covid patients requiring ventilator support across Nepal (ht 24/09/2020)

Frontline workers at risk of Covid-19 despite dip in cases141 health workers, 49 janitors, three ambulance drivers tested positive for virus in Parsa, by Shankar Acharya (kp 24/09/2020)

Dhaulagiri Hospital in Baglung yet to get a PCR machine : Itís been three months since the decision to place a PCR machine at the hospital was taken but Ministry of Health and Population is yet to release the budget, by Prakash Baral (kp 24/09/2020)

1,172 new cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 caseload to 67,804 (kh 23/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley COVID-19 case tally reaches 18,374 with 637 new cases in the past 24 hours (rep 23/09/2020), Seven more persons succumb to coronavirus in Nepal : Death toll reach 436 (kh 23/09/2020)

507 Inmates Contract COVID-19 At Siraha Prison (rn 23/09/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 case tally hits 66,632 with 1,356 new cases in past 24 hours (rep 22/09/2020), 1,356 diagnosed coronavirus positive, Nepalís tally jumps to 66,632 (kh 22/09/2020), Two more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll reaches 429 (kh 22/09/2020)

Four contract scrub typhus in Bajura (ht 22/09/2020)

COVID-19 recovery rate of Province 1 is 27 percent less than national average (rep 22/09/2020)

Nepal reports 16 more Covid-19-related deaths, highest single-day fatalities : Countryís infection tally reaches 65,276 with 1,154 new cases, death toll hits 427, according to the Health Ministry (kp 21/09/2020), 1,154 new COVID-19 cases registered, Nepalís tally jumps to 65,276 (kh 21/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 caseload increased by 674 in past 24 hours, taking the Valleyís tally to 17,090 (rep 21/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports 674 fresh COVID-19 cases, six deaths (kh 21/09/2020), 16 people died of COVID-19 in past 24 hours, death toll hits 427 (rep 21/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 427 with record-high 16 new fatalities (kh 21/09/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 Recovery Rate 72.10%, Death Rate 0.64% (rn 21/09/2020)

Women, children highly affected by COVID pandemic (ht 20/09/2020)

Nepal adds 1,325 cases, 966 recoveries and 10 deaths linked to coronavirus in past 24 hours (rep 20/09/2020), Nepal reports 1,325 new coronavirus cases, tally reaches 64,122 (kh 20/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports 767 new COVID-19 cases, taking caseload to 16,416 : Valley alone has one fourth of the total cases confirmed across the country (rep 20/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 767 new COVID-19 cases (kh 20/09/2020)

244 Nepalis die of COVID-19 abroad : 100,831 Nepalis are infected by COVID-19 globally as of Sunday morning (rep 20/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 401 with 11 more deaths; 1,204 new infections take total cases to 62,797 : According to the Health Ministry, 45,267 people have recovered from the disease so far with 1,447 in the past 24 hours (kp 19/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 caseload inches closer to 63,000 with 1,204 new cases in past 24 hours (rep 19/09/2020), 1,204 diagnosed positive, Nepalís COVID-19 caseload reaches 62,797 (kh 19/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,204 New Cases, 1,447 Recovered, Tally Stands At 62,797 (rn 19/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 711 new COVID-19 cases, five deaths (kh 19/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 711 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 19/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 tally surpasses 15,500-mark as death toll hits 100 (rep 19/09/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Crosses 400 With 11 Fatalities (rn 19/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 toll hits 401 with 11 more deaths (kh 19/09/2020)

Nepal records highest single-day spike in coronavirus cases with more than 2,000 new infections : The Kathmandu Valley reports a record daily infection surge with 859 new cases (kp 18/09/2020), Nepal records 2,000 plus COVID-19 cases for first time, taking the countryís COVID-19 case tally to 61,593 (rep 18/09/2020), Nepal records 2,020 COVID-19 cases in highest single-day spike, tally jumps to 61,593 (kh 18/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley alone recorded 859 new cases of COVID-19 and four new deaths in past 24 hours (rep 18/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses record-high 859 COVID-19 cases, four deaths (kh 18/09/2020), Seven more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 390 (kh 18/09/2020)

Fear of infection looms large as 500 tested positive go out of contact in capital (kh 18/09/2020)

Ban on PCR tests on deceased draws flak (ht 18/09/2020)

Home-treatment of mild and moderate Covid-19 cases in Nepal, by Anup KC (ae 18/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 59,573 with 1,246 new infections; four more fatalities take the death toll to 383 : According to the Health Ministry, the active case count stands at 16,241 with 42,949 individuals discharged after successful recovery (kp17/09/2020), 1,246 diagnosed positive in last 24 hours, Nepalís COVID-19 tally soars to 59,573 (kh), COVID-19 Update: 1,246 New Cases, 1,243 Recovered, Tally Stands At 59,573 (rn 17/09/2020), With 1,246 fresh cases and four more fatalities, Nepalís coronavirus case tally nears 60,000 (rep 17/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 618 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 17/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 618 new COVID-19 cases (kh 17/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 caseload surpasses 14,000-mark as death toll hits 91 : 618 new cases and one new death in the past 24 hours in the Valley (rep 17/09/2020), With Four Fatalities, Nepal's COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 383 (rn 17/09/2020), Four Covid-19 deaths recorded on Thursday, death toll stands at to 383 (ht 17/09/2020), Four more fatalities take Nepalís COVID-19 death toll to 383 (kh 17/09/2020)

Half of Covid-19 infections in Chitwan are hospital-acquired : A report released by the District Covid-19 Crisis Management Centre on Monday points at a high rate of infection among doctors, nurses and health workers, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 17/09/2020)

Myagdi Records More Cases Of Dengue, Scrub Typhus, by Amrit Prasad Poudel (rn 17/09/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 1,539 New Cases, 1,068 Recovered, Tally Stands At 58,327 (rn 16/09/2020), Nepal confirms 1,539 new COVID-19 cases, tally jumps to 58,327 (kh 16/09/2020), Record-high surge in single-day Covid-19 cases in Kathmandu valley, 737 infections reported Wednesday (ht 16/09/2020), COVID-19 cases in Kathmandu Valley reach closer to 14000-mark as death toll hits 90 : 737 new cases in the past 24 hours (rep 16/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses record 737 new COVID-19 cases (kh 16/09/2020)

Sudurpaschim labs not utilised to their full extent : The provinceís four labs can test over 4,000 swab samples a day. But only 1,000 samples are being collected, by Mohan Budhaair (kp 16/09/2020)

Nepal records 1,459 new Covid-19 infections, highest for a single day; 11 more deaths take toll to 371 : According to the Health Ministry, Kathmandu Valley reported 676 new infections, with 555 cases in Kathmandu, 86 in Bhaktapur and 35 in Lalitpur districts (kp 15/09/2020), Nepal sees 1,459 new cases, 11 more fatalities linked to coronavirus in past 24 hours (rep 15/09/2020), Nepal confirms 1,459 coronavirus cases in highest single-day spike : Caseload reaches 56,788 (kh 15/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 tally surges to 12,924 with 676 new cases in the past 24 hours (rep 15/09/2020), COVID-19: Kathmandu Valley witnesses 676 new cases, four deaths (kh 15/09/2020), Nepal records 11 new fatalities, death toll climbs to 371 (kh 15/09/2020)

PCR report of private hospitals also valid now (ht 15/09/2020)

Nepal reports 15 more Covid-19 deaths, highest single-day fatalities : Countryís tally reaches 55,329 with 1,170 new infections, death toll hits 360, according to the Health Ministry (kp 14/09/2020), Nepal records 1,170 new cases, 15 new fatalities attributed to coronavirus in past 24 hours (rep 14/09/2020), Nepal confirms 1,170 fresh COVID-19 cases, tally jumps to 55,329 (kh 14/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 512 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 14/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley COVID-19 caseload surges to 12,248 with 512 new cases in past 24 hours (rep 14/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports 512 new COVID-19 cases; 8 deaths (kh 14/09/2020), Nepal Records 15 Deaths From COVID-19, Highest In A Single Day (rn 14/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 360 with record-high 15 new fatalities (kh 14/09/2020)

1,039 cases propel Nepalís coronavirus tally to 54,159 : 9 deaths reported (kh 13/09/2020), 1,039 new COVID-19 cases, nine deaths in past 24 hrs; Nepalís caseload surpasses 54,000 (rep 13/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 tally reached 11,736 with 597 new cases in the past 24 hours : 5,143 cases of COVID-19 recorded in the past 10 days in Valley (rep 13/09/2020), Nine more succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 345 (kh 13/09/2020)

Govt lowers cost of PCR test for COVID-19 to Rs 2,000 (rep 13/09/2020), Decrease in price of PCR tests could lead to compromise in quality, experts warn : The Health Ministry, however, says the decision was  taken after evaluating the market price and that  there is a mechanism for quality control, by Binod Ghimire (kp 15/09/2020)

Sudurpaschim ill-equipped to fight Covid-19 pandemic, by Arjun Shah (kp 13/09/2020)

43 Nepali nationals succumbed to COVID-19 in foreign lands last week (rep 13/09/2020), Death toll of Nepalis abroad due to COVID-19 hits 243 (kh 13/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 336 with 14 more deaths; 1,201 new infections take tally to 53,120 : According to the Health Ministry, 37,524 people have recovered from the disease so far with 852 discharged in the past 24 hours (kp 12/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,202 New Cases, 852 Recovered, Tally Hits 53,120 (rn 12/09/2020), 1,201 cases propel Nepalís coronavirus tally to 53,120 (kh 12/09/2020), With 1,201 new cases in past 24 hours, Nepalís COVID-19 caseload goes past 53,000 (rep 12/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 431 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 12/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 case tally surpasses 11,000 mark with 431 new cases in past 24 hours (rep 12/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 431 new COVID-19 cases, five deaths (kh 12/09/2020), COVID-19 Death Toll Surges To 336 With 14 Fatalities (rn 12/09/2020), 14 succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 336 (kh 12/09/2020)

Nepal Records Highest Single-Day Spike With 1,454 New Cases Of COVID-19, Tally Hits 51,919 (rn 11/09/2020), Nepal sees 1,454 new cases, five more fatalities linked to coronavirus in past 24 hours (rep 11/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records Whopping 696 Cases Of COVID-19, Highest In A Single Day (rn 11/09/2020), Nepal adds 1,454 coronavirus cases in highest single-day spike : Caseload reaches 51,919 (kh 11/09/2020), 8,210 cases recorded in Kathmandu Valley in last 23 days; total caseload surges to 10,708 : Valley records highest single-day spike of 696 cases (rep 11/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports record-high 696 COVID-19 cases (kh 11/09/2020), Five More Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Reaches 322 (kp 11/09/2020), Five deaths in 24 hours take total COVID-19 fatalities to 322 (kh 11/09/2020), Woman succumbs to COVID-19 in Biratnagar (kh 11/09/2020)

Take infected areas as clusters, restrict movement and speed up tests, say experts : Doctors say that contact tracing and tests will be ineffective if Covid-19 spills over to the wider community, by Arjun Poudel (kp 11/09/2020)

COVID-19 reporting: Need of collaboration between media and research, by Chhatra Karki (ht 11/09/2020) [see discussed special issue of ASTA]

With 1,246 new cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours, Nepalís COVID-19 case tally crosses 50,000 mark (rep 10/09/2020), 1,246 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís caseload hits 50,465 (kh 10/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 case tally surpasses 10,000 with 572 new cases in past 24 hours (rep 10/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports record high spike in COVID-19 cases : 572 cases in Valley (kh 10/09/2020)

Nepal should rethink approaches of combating Covid-19 : We are not nearly testing enough number of people to know where we are on the curve. Thereís a chance that the infection is already rampant, by Sarans Pandey (rep 10/09/2020)

59 inmates in Siraha prison test positive for COVID-19 (kh 10/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 death toll reaches 312 with six more fatalities; 1,081 new infections take tally to 49,219 : With 33,882 individuals discharged after successful recovery, the active case count stands at 15,025, according to the Ministry of Health and Population (kp 09/09/2020), 1,081 diagnosed COVID-19 positive, Nepalís caseload hits 49,219 (kh 09/09/2020, With 1,081 new cases in past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally nears 50,000 (rep 09/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 tally rises to 9,440 with highest single-day rise of 464 new cases in the past 24 hours (rep 09/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 464 new COVID-19 cases; 2 deaths (kh 09/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll rises to 312 : Six more deaths recorded in past 24 hours (rep 09/09/2020), Six succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll reaches 312 (kh 09/09/2020)

Delay in test reports hinders contact tracing in Kapilvastu, by Manoj Paudel (kp 09/09/2020)

COVID-19 Update: A Record 2,287 Recovered In A Single Day, 902 New Cases, Tally Hits 48,138 (rn 08/09/2020), Nepalís reports 902 new cases, COVID-19 tally jumps to 48,138
2,287 discharged in last 24 hours
(kh 08/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally crosses 48,000 mark with 902 new cases in past 24 hours (rep 08/09/2020), With 396 new cases in past 24 hours, Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 tally jumps to 8,580 (rep 08/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 396 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 08/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 396 new COVID-19 cases, two deaths (kh 08/09/2020), Six More Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Reaches 306 (rn 08/09/2020), Woman dies of coronavirus in Pokhara (kh 08/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 300 with 11 more deaths; 979 new infections take tally to 47,236 : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 30,677 Covid-19 patients have recovered so far with 1,736 being discharged from various hospitals in the past 24 hours (kp 07/09/2020), 979 diagnosed COVID-19 positive in last 24 hours, Nepalís tally reaches 47,236 (kh 07/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally rises to 47,236 with 979 new cases in past 24 hours (rep 07/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: 979 New Cases, 1,736 Recovered, Tally Stands At 47,236 (rn 07/09/2020), 326 New Cases Of COVID-19 Recorded In Kathmandu Valley (rn 07/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports 326 COVID-19 cases, three deaths (kh 07/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 tally hits 8,254 : 326 new cases reported in past 24 hours (rep 07/09/2020), With 11 Fatalities, COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 300 (rn 07/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 300 (rep 07/09/2020), Nepalís coronavirus death toll climbs to 300 with 11 more fatalities (kh 07/09/2020)

Coronavirus death toll of Nepalis abroad climbs to 200 (ht 07/09/2020)

Control border movement, save lives, by Devendra Gautam (rep 07/09/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 tally rises to 46,257 with 980 new cases in last 24 hours (rep 06/09/2020), 980 new coronavirus cases take Nepalís tally to 46,257 (kh 06/09/2020), COVID-19: Man under home isolation dies in Kathmandu (kh 06/09/2020)

As virus spreads, city to focus on contact tracing : As many families live in the same house in Kathmandu, the risk of transmission from one household to another is high, officials say, by Anup Ojha (kp 06/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 280 with nine more deaths; 1,041 new cases take tally to 45,277 : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 27,127 people have recovered so far with 1,566 being discharged in the last 24 hours (kp 05/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,041 New Cases, 1,566 Recovered, Tally Surges To 45,277 (rn 05/09/2020), With 1,041 new cases in last 24 hours, Nepalís COVID-19 tally surpasses 45,000 (rep 05/09/2020), 1,041 new coronavirus cases take Nepalís tally to 45,277 : 1,566 discharged in last 24 hours (kh 05/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 408 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 05/09/2020), 5,402 COVID-19 cases in Kathmandu Valley since prohibitory orders enforced : Valley records 16.54 percent COVID-19 cases of the national tally (rep 05/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 408 COVID-19 cases, three deaths (kh 05/09/2020), With Nine Fatalities, COVID-19 Death Toll Reaches 280 (rn 05/09/2020), Nine more succumb to coronavirus, Nepalís death toll hits 280 (kh 05/09/2020)

Coronavirus patients in home isolation complain of being neglected by authorities : Health workers have not reached out to every patient in home isolation for lack of  manpower and resources, say local authorities, by Amrita Anmol and Sanju Paudel (kp 05/09/2020)

With 1,359 COVID-19 cases in past 24 hours, national tally climbs to 44,236. Kathmandu Valley alone reported 33.40 percent of the total cases recorded today (rep 04/09/2020), 1,359 new cases of coronavirus reported in last 24 hours : National COVID-19 tally reaches 44,236 (kh 04/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 454 new COVID-19 cases (kh 04/09/2020), 14 fatalities take Nepalís coronavirus death toll to 271 (kh 04/09/2020)

Coronavirus infected woman, treated using plasma therapy, dies (kh 04/09/2020)

Cluster infections cause Covid-19 cases to soar in Valley despite restrictions : Just extending curbs is not helping contain the virus spread as nearly two-thirds of the cases so far were detected during two weeks of prohibitory orders, health experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 04/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally moves to 42,877 with 1228 new cases on Thursday (ht 03/09/2020), 1,228 new cases push Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 42,877 (kh 03/09/2020), Nepal recorded 1,228 new cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours, taking country's national COVID-19 tally to 42,877 (rep), Kathmandu Valley reports 445 new COVID-19 cases; 4,540 cases in last 15 days (rep 03/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley yet again witnesses record-high 445 COVID-19 cases (kh 03/09/2020), Over 400 infections reported in Kathmandu valley yet again on Thursday (ht 03/09/2020), Six deaths attributed to COVID-19 reported in Nepal in past 24 hours (rep 03/09/2020), Six succumb to COVID-19, death toll hits 257 (kh 03/09/2020)

Bharatpur Hospital Calls For Blood Donation For Plasma Therapy (rn 03/09/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 death toll reaches 251 with 12 more fatalities; 1,120 new infections take national tally to 41,649 : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 1,112 Covid patients were discharged from various hospitals in the past 24 hours (kp 02/09/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 national update: 1,120 fresh cases, 12 deaths and 1,112 recoveries in past 24 hours (rep 02/09/2020), Nepal records 1,120 new coronavirus cases, caseload reaches 41,649 (kh 02/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: 1,120 New Cases, 1,112 Recovered, Tally Hits 41,649 (rn 02/09/2020), 388 New Cases Of COVID-19 Recorded In Kathmandu Valley (rn 02/09/2020), Kathmandu Valleyís COVID-19 tally surpasses 6000 mark (rep 02/09/2020), 12 Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Reaches 251 (rn 02/09/2020), Nepal reports twelve deaths linked to coronavirus in past 24 hours (rep 02/09/2020)

Government To Study About COVID-19 Infection Spreading In Community-Level (rn 02/09/2020)

Nepalís toll reaches 239 with 11 more Covid-19 related deaths; 1,069 new infections take national tally to 40,529 : According to the Ministry of Health and Population, Kathmandu Valley reported a record 481 new infections, with 393 cases in Kathmandu, 58 in Lalitpur and 30 in Bhaktapur (kp 01/09/2020), COVID-19 Update: Tally Soars To 40,529 With 1,069 New Cases, 768 Recovered (rn 01/09/2020), 1,069 diagnosed coronavirus positive in last 24 hours : Nepalís caseload reaches 40,529 (kh 01/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 481 New Cases Of COVID-19, Highest In A Single Day (rn 01/09/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 481 COVID-19 cases in highest single-day spike (kh 01/09/2020), No sign of COVID-19 coming under control in Kathmandu even after 13 days of lockdown : 481 cases reported in the Valley in the past 24 hours (rep 01/09/2020), 1,069 diagnosed coronavirus positive in last 24 hours : Nepalís caseload reaches 40,529 (kh 01/09/2020), Province 2 records four more COVID-19 deaths (kh 01/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 239 with 11 more fatalities (kh 01/09/2020)

On average, four people died of COVID-19 a day in past one week : 1,386 new cases recorded in past one week, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 01/09/2020) [related to Province 2]

Remdesivir Used In Nepalgunj Medical Hospital For First Time To Treat COVID-19 Patient, by Siraj Khan (rn 01/09/2020)

Current efforts to slow the virus not working, time to start antibody tests, doctors say : The mass testing, or seroprevalence survey, can provide estimation on the percentage of people in a population with antibodies against SARS-Cov-2, which causes Covid-19, by Arjun Poudel (kp 01/09/2020)

Corona Patients Need Humane Treatment, by Yam Bahadur Dura (rn 01/09/2020)

Nepal records 899 cases, tally jumps to 39,460 (kh 31/08/2020), Nepal reports 899 new cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours, taking national COVID-19 tally to 39,460 (rep 31/08/2020), COVID-19 Update: Tally Surges To 39,460 With 899 New Cases (rn 31/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 298 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 31/08/2020), With 298 new cases reported in Kathmandu Valley in last 24 hours, COVID-19 tally reaches 5,426 (rep 31/08/2020), Nepalís coronavirus death toll climbs to 228 with seven more fatalities (kh 31/08/2020)

Ensure effective contact tracing and place symptomatic patients in hospitals, doctors say : Given the lack of facilities at home for self-isolation for a majority of Nepalis, encouraging them to stay home after testing positive for Covid-19 could spell a disasters, by Arjun Poudel (kp 31/08/2020)

Province 2 has seen highest number of coronavirus deathsAs many as 85 Covid-19 patients have died in the  province as of Sunday, according to the Social Development Ministry in Janakpur, by Ajit Tiwari and Bhusan Yadav (kp 31/08/2020)

Govt Postpones Vaccine Testing (rn 31/08/2020)

Province 1 sees 3,311 COVID-19 cases; death rate stands at around 1 percent : Province 1 has witnessed 3,311 cases of coronavirus until Monday morning (rep 31/08/2020)

Nepal reports highest single-day death toll and new Covid-19 infections : According to the health ministry, 14 individuals succumbed to the disease while 1,221 new cases were recorded across the country with 429 in the Kathmandu Valley alone, in the last 24 hours (kp 30/08/2020), Nepal sees record daily jump of 1,221 coronavirus infections on Sunday (rep 30/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 caseload reaches 38,561 with 1,221 new cases (kh 30/08/2020), 429 new cases of COVID-19 in Kathmandu Valley, tally hits 4,997 (rep 30/08/2020), Kathmandu witnesses 429 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday (kh 30/08/2020), 14 more coronavirus deaths reported in Nepal : Death toll hits 221 (kh 30/08/2020)

Most people dying of COVID-19 in Nepal belong to 41-50 age group : 73.91 percent of the deceased are males; Death rate in past one week is 0.933 percent (rep 30/08/2020)

Govt reduces PCR test fee to Rs 4,400 (kh 30/08/2020)

Despite growing evidence, ministry says no community transmission yet : With system overwhelmed, infected not getting re-tested for virus but told to continue home isolation and only  serious cases may be accommodated in hospitals, by Arjun Poudel (kp 30/08/2020), Dhangadhi reports community transmission cases of Covid-19, by Mohan Budhaair (kp 30/08/2020)

Tackling Social Stigma Against Health Workers, by Shyam P. Lohani (rn 30/08/2020)

COVID-19 tracing easier said than done : Lack of teams, inability to use digital signals hindering job, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 30/08/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Tally Stands At 37,340 With 884 New Cases (rn 29/08/2020), Health ministry reports 884 new cases in past 24 hours, taking national COVID-19 tally to 37,340 (rep 29/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 186 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 29/08/2020), 884 cases recorded, Nepalís COVID-19 caseload reaches 37,340 (kh 29/08/2020), 186 persons test coronavirus positive in Kathmandu Valley (kh 29/08/2020), 12 COVID-19 related deaths confirmed, death toll crosses 200, reaches 207 (rn 29/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll crosses 200-mark : 12 succumb to pandemic in last 24 hours (kh 29/08/2020), Nepal records one COVID-19 death every three and a half hours : Death rate keeps on rising while recovery rate goes down (rep 29/08/2020), Nepal records a coronavirus related death in every two hours (kh 29/08/2020), 49,200 will die of COVID-19 by 2020-end in Nepal: Study (kh 29/08/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 death toll reaches 195 with record 12 more fatalities, 927 new infections take the tally to 36,456 : Kathmandu Valley reports 415 new cases, highest for a single day so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 28/08/2020), COVID-19 Update: Tally Climbs To 36,456 With 927 New Cases (rn 28/08/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 tally surpasses 36,000-mark as 927 new cases recorded in past 24 hours (rep 28/08/2020), 927 diagnosed coronavirus positive in last 24 hrs : Nepalís case tally reaches 36,456 (kh 28/08/2020), Valley Records Highest Single-Day Tally With 415 New COVID-19 Cases (rn 28/08/2020), 12 Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Hits 195 (rn 28/08/2020)

Covid-19 is sickening and killing people of all age groups : Doctors say attributing coronavirus-related deaths simply to pre-existing and underlying conditions is akin to  denying the threat of virus which has penetrated society, by Arjun Poudel (kp 28/08/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 caseload reaches 35,529 with record 1,111 new infections, eight more deaths take the toll to 183 : Kathmandu Valley reports 377 new cases, highest for a single day so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 27/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally jumps to 35,529 with 1,111 fresh cases (kh 27/08/2020), COVID-19 Update: Tally Surges To 35,529 With 1,111 New Cases, 569 Recovered (rn 27/08/2020), COVID-19 cases keep soaring in Kathmandu Valley; 377 new cases reported in past 24 hours : COVID-19 tally in Valley stands at 4,019 (rep 27/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 377 New Cases Of COVID-19, Highest For A Single Day (rn 27/08/2020), Eight Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Reaches 183 (rn 27/08/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 death toll climbs to 183 with eight fatalities in past 24 hours (rep 27/08/2020)

WHO predicts a surge in coronavirus deaths (ht 27/08/2020)

Government Initiates Discussion On Prospects Of Clinical Trial Of COVID-19, by Sharad Sharma (rn 27/08/2020)

By extending restrictions, government is barking up the wrong tree, experts say : Authorities are still not following the basicsódoing effective contact tracing, isolating the infected,  listening to experts and ensuring that there are sufficient dedicated Covid-19 health facilities, by Arjun Poudel (kp 27/08/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 175 with 11 more deaths; 885 new infections take tally to 34,418 : Kathmandu Valley records 301 new infections, highest for a single day so far, according to the Health Ministry (kp 26/08/2020), COVID-19 Update: Tally Surges To 34,418 With 885 New Cases (rn 26/08/2020), Nepal reports 885 new cases of COVID-19; toll hits 175 (kh 26/08/2020), Health Ministry records 885 new cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours, taking country's COVID-19 tally to 34,418 (rep 26/08/2020), With 301 Cases, Kathmandu Records Highest Single-Day Spike In COVID-19 Cases (rn 26/08/2020), 11 Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Hits 175 (rn 26/08/2020)

With Over 3,700 COVID-19 Cases In Kathmandu, Experts Estimate Community Transmission, by Ishwor Chandra Jha (rn 26/08/2020)

Health workers say they reuse disposable masks as hospitals donít provide enough : More health workers not involved in treating Covid-19 patients are getting infected with the coronavirus due to the lack of enough personal protective equipment, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/08/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 toll reaches 164 with seven more deaths; 855 new infections take tally to 33,533 : According to the Ministry of Health, three persons from Kathmandu and one each from Siraha, Parsa, Dhanusa and Rupandehi died due to Covid-19 related complications (kp 25/08/2020), 855 persons tested positive for coronavirus in past 24 hours, taking country's COVID-19 tally to 33,533 (rep 25/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley records highest single-day tally with 232 new cases of COVID-19 (rn 25/08/2020), COVID-19 cases in Kathmandu Valley keep on soaring; 232 cases on Tuesday alone (rep 25/08/2020), Seven succumb to COVID-19, death toll hits 164 (rn 25/08/2020), Bara reports two new COVID-19 deaths (kh 25/08/2020)

COVID-19 testing halted after PCR kits turn dysfunctional (kh 25/08/2020)

Docs advocate plasma therapy for critically ill COVID patients : ĎMaybe the govt, media, celebrities should appeal to recovered patients to donate plasmaí, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 25/08/2020)

Experts stress full compliance with procedures for Covid vaccine trials : China, Russia and UKís Oxford University Group have shown interest to perform Phase III clinical trials in Nepal, by Arjun Poudel (kp 25/08/2020), Moving forward safely : The government must consider ethical guidelines and protocols before allowing Covid-19 vaccine trials (kp 26/08/2020), Misleading Oxford Projection About Nepal, by Namrata Sharma (rn 09/09/2020)

Covid-19 tests proving difficult in remote regions of Karnali : Local governments say geographical remoteness and human resources shortage have hindered them from running effective virus containment measures, by Chandani Kathayat (kp 25/08/2020)

Two district hospitals in Province 5 closed after health workers catch coronavirusDistrict Hospitals in Arghakhanchi and Nawalparasi (West) have closed all services, except for emergency, and sent the infected health workers in isolation, by Birendra KC and Nabin Paudel (kp 25/08/2020)

743 new cases of coronavirus infection recorded in last 24 hrs: National tally reaches 32,678 (kh 24/08/2020), With 743 new cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally reaches 32,678 (rep 24/08/2020), 224 test positive for COVID-19 in Kathmandu Valley (kh), Kathmandu Valley reports 2,911 cases in last 24 days, 224 new cases today : Total COVID-19 count in Valley stands at 3,262 (rep 24/08/2020), Koteshwor and Maharajgunj are COVID-19 Ďhotspotsí in Kathmandu (rep 24/08/2020), With eight fatalities, Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 157 (kh 24/08/2020)

Over 1,000 police personnel infected from COVID-19 (kh 24/08/2020)

454 health workers infected with COVID-19 (kh 24/08/2020)

Health workers under attack as lack of Covid awareness is fuelling stigma: While the government fumbles in handling the pandemic, it is also failing to ensure risk communication and make people aware of the disease in a proper way, doctors say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 24/08/2020)

Phase III clinical trials of three COVID-19 vaccines to start soon in Nepal : Three possible vaccines against COVID-19  positive to conduct clinical trials in Nepal (rep 24/08/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 818 New Cases, 281 Recovered (rn 23/08/2020), Nepal records 818 new cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours: MoHP (rep 23/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 31,935 with 818 new cases: Death toll hits 149 (kh 23/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 166 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 23/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 166 more cases, 100 plus cases in past eight days in a row (rep 23/08/2020), Three Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Hits 149 (rn 23/08/2020)

192 Nepali nationals have succumbed to COVID-19 in foreign countries so far (rep 23/08/2020)

Suture the wound, heal Nepal : Almost unrestricted movement of aliens from across the open border is one of the main reasons behind a rapid spread of the virus in places close to the border, by Devendra Gautam (rep 23/08/2020)

Asymptomatic patients staying home raises fear among city residents : The government decision came after a surge in the number of active Covid-19 cases across the country, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 23/08/2020)

Remdesivir now available in Nepal to treat COVID-19 patients, by Sampada A. Khatiwada (rn 22/08/2020)

Government urged to treat corona patients in COVID hospitals (ht 22/08/2020)

With a deluge of new COVID-19 cases, govt directs hospitals to admit only serious COVID-19 patients (rep 22/08/2020)

With 838 new cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally crosses 30,000-mark (rep 21/08/2020), 838 diagnosed coronavirus positive, Nepalís caseload reaches 30,483 (rep 21/08/2020), 182 new COVID-19 cases in Kathmandu Valley (rep 21/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports 182 new COVID-19 cases on Friday (kh), 11 fatalities take Nepalís COVID-19 death toll to 137 (kh), With three new deaths today, Valleyís COVID-19 toll reaches 16 (rep 21/08/2020), Two succumb to COVID-19 at Patan Hospital (rn 21/08/2020), Two COVID-19 patients die at APF Hospital (kh 21/08/2020), One more dies from COVID-19 in Butwal (kh 21/08/2020), COVID-19 patient in home isolation succumbs to infection in Biratnagar (rn 21/08/2020), 56 from Sudurpaschim diagnosed COVID-19 positive at Dadeldhura Hospital (kh 21/08/2020), Gandaki Province sees 21 fresh cases of COVID-19 (kh 21/08/2020)

Learning from HIV to fight Covid-19 in Nepal : Nepalís experience in HIV/AIDS prevention holds lessons in tackling the spread of the novel coronavirus, by Sonia Awale (nt 21/08/2020)

India returnees being sent home directly (ht 21/08/2020)

Restrictions canít check virus spread, proper response needed, experts say: Public health experts reiterate that the authorities must  utilise the period to expand testing and contact tracing and devise short- and long-term strategies, by Arjun Poudel (kp 21/08/2020)

Rupandehi authorities face local resistance to their bid to set up isolation centres: Tilottama and Siddharthanagar municipalities have failed to set up new isolation centres as Covid-19 cases spiral, by Sanju Paudel (kp 21/08/2020)

Restrictions canít check virus spread, proper response needed, experts say: Public health experts reiterate that the authorities must  utilise the period to expand testing and contact tracing and devise short- and long-term strategies, by Arjun Poudel (kp 21/08

Health ministry confirms 707 new cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours (rep 20/08/2020), Nepal records 707 cases in last 24 hours, tally reaches 29,645 (kh 20/08/2020), COVID-19 tally in Kathmandu crosses 2,000 in just 20 days (rep 20/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 200 fresh COVID-19 cases (kh 20/08/2020), COVID-19 cases in Kapilvatu surpass 1,000, by Kiran Man Bajracharya (rep 20/08/2020), Six succumb to COVID-19, death toll hits 126 (kh 20/08/2020)

28-yr-old youth dies from coronavirus in Rajbiraj (kh 20/08/2020)

COVID-19 caseload spikes to 28,938 with 681 new cases, 131 in ICU (rn 19/08/2020), Nepal reports 681 additional Covid-19 cases today; nationwide-tally stands at 28,938 (ht 19/08/2020), 159 new cases of COVID-19 recorded in Kathmandu Valley (rn 19/08/2020), Health Ministry confirms 681 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours (rep 19/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 159 new Covid-19 cases on Wednesday (ht 19/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 159 new cases of COVID-19 in last 24 hours (ht 19/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 159 new cases of coronavirus (kh 19/08/2020), Nepal reports 681 new cases of COVID-19, tally hits 28,938: Death toll at 120 (kh 19/08/2020)

Authorities not keeping track of Covid patients in home isolationAs of Tuesday, 11 individuals have died and 2,232 tested positive for the coronavirus in Province 1, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 19/08/2020)

Many avoid tests due to Covid-related stigma, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 19/08/2020)

Nepal records 1,016 new Covid-19 infections, highest for a single day: According to the Health Ministry, Kathmandu Valley reported 205 new cases, the most single day infections, while seven people died due to Covid-19 related complications (kp 18/08/2020), Nepal reports 1,016 new cases in highest single-day spike: COVID-19 tally stands at 28,257 (kh 18/08/2020), Nepal records highest single-day tally with 1,016 new cases, tally soars to 28,257 (rn 18/08/2020), With 205 new cases, Kathmandu witnesses highest single-day COVID-19 cases (rn 18/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees 205 fresh coronavirus cases (kh 18/08/2020), Seven fatalities reported, Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 114 (kh 18/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 115 after woman dies in Chitwan (kh 18/08/2020)

COVID-19 patients in home isolation recovering faster than those staying in hospital isolation centers: MoHP (rep 18/08/2020)

It's still possible to control the Covid-19 threats, by Suresh Sharma (rep 18/08/2020)

Virus is taking hold in community, warn public health experts: With not enough tests being done, infection sources not being traced and 70 percent of the infected in the Valley in home isolation, experts warn of an alarming situation, by Arjun Poudel (kp 18/08/2020)

COVID-19 update: Tally jumps to 27,241 with 581 new cases (rn 17/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 168 new cases of COVID-19 (rn 17/08/2020), Death toll reaches 107 with three COVID-19 related deaths (rn 17/08/2020)

More health workers contract coronavirus in Chitwan district (ht 17/08/2020)

With 641 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally reaches 26,660 (rep 16/08/2020), COVID-19 Nepal: 641 test positive, 134 discharged in last 24 hrs: National caseload at 26,660 (kh 16/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley sees highest single-day spike with 172 new cases, 1391 cases since Aug 1 (rep 16/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley records highest single-day Covid-19 surge with 172 new cases (kh 16/08/2020), Biratnagar reports one more COVID-19 related death (rep 16/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 104 after woman dies in Dharan (kh 16/08/2020), Health Ministry reports two more COVID-19 deaths in past 24 hours: 104 people succumb to the COVID-19 in Nepal (rep 16/08/2020)

Quarantine facilities in Achham start filling up again: Around 20,000 Nepalis working in India returned to the district within the first three months of the nationwide lockdown (kp 16/08/2020)

Government to set up 2,000 additional isolation beds in Kathmandu Valley: Health experts suggest converting state-run hospitals into Covid-19 hospitals and pushing preventive measures, by Arjun Poudel (kp 16/08/2020)

28 people including Bharatpur Hospital chief test positive for COVID-19, by Sarita Shrestha (rep 16/08/2020)

With 468 new cases in last 24 hours, Nepalís COVID-19 tally hits 26,019: Number of total PCR tests conducted so far stands at 505,660 (rep 15/08/2020), COVID-19 Nepal: 468 test positive, 124 discharged in last 24 hrs: National caseload at 26,019 (kh 15/08/2020), COVID-19 tally surpasses 1,200 in Kathmandu in two weeks, 98 in last 24 hours (rep 15/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports 98 new COVID-19 cases (kh 15/09/2020), COVID-19 patient dies in Butwal, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 15/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll surpasses 100-mark (rep 15/09/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 102 (kh 15/08/2020)

Medical colleges instructed to allocate one-third beds for COVID-19 patients (kh 15/08/2020)

Two dozen cases reported in Kapilvastuís Taulihawa Bazaar on Friday: District Hospital, the only government hospital in the area, has closed its services after Covid-19 spread among staff, by Manoj Paudel (kp15/08/2020)

Scrub typhus kills one person in Bajhang, eight others in hospital: The disease has been reported in the district for the first time, say health workers, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 15/08/2020)

Nepal records 594 new cases and four more COVID-19 related deaths in the past 24 hours (rep 14/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 25,551 after 594 diagnosed positive (kh 14/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 119 coronavirus cases (kh 14/08/2020), Four more succumb to coronavirus, Nepalís death toll hits 99 (kh 14/08/2020)

Covid-19 in Sudurpashchim: Experts fear COVID-19 could have been spreading at community level as people without recent travel history test positive, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep 14/08/2020)

Contact tracing is key, but a lack of human resource is making it ineffective: As virus cases rise, public health experts say authorities must mobilise more people to do the jobĖand they don't necessarily need to be health workers. College students, teachers and members of local clubs can do it, by Arjun Poudel (kp 14/08/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Tally Climbs To 24,957 With 525 New Cases (rn 13/08/2020), With 525 new cases in last 24 hours, Nepalís COVID-19 tally nears 25,000 (rep 13/08/2020), COVID-19 Cases In Kathmandu Valley Continue To Rise, 127 Cases Recorded On Thursday (rn 13/08/2020), COVID-19 in Nepal: 525 diagnosed positive, 109 discharged in past 24 hours: National tally reaches 24,957 (kh 13/08/2020), Valley sees 100 plus COVID-19 cases three days in a row, 127 in past 24  hours (rep 13/08/2020), Four COVID-19 Related Deaths Confirmed, Death Toll Hits 95 (rn 13/08/2020), Province 1 records highest single-day spike with 115 new COVID-19 cases (rep 13/08/2020)

Most people ignoring plea to wear mask in Kathmandu, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 13/08/2020)

With 484 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally reaches 24,432 (rep 12/08/2020), Nepalís tally rises to 24,432 as 484 more test positive for COVID-19 (kh 12/08/2020), Two, including one tested positive for COVID-19, die in Butwal Corona Hospital, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 12/08/2020), 38-year-old woman dies of coronavirus at Patan Hospital (rep 12/08/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 death toll climbs to 91 (rep 12/08/2020), Nepal confirms 8 more deaths, COVID-19 death tally reaches 91 (kh 12/08/2020)

PCR laboratories in Province 1 overwhelmed with increasing number of samples: Delay in test results has not only caused distress but also risked community transmission of the disease, Covid-19 suspects and patients say, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 12/08/2020)

ĎCOVID-19 likely to persist until India gets rid of ití (ht 12/08/2020)

COVID spreads at community level in Rautahat (ht 12/08/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Tally Soars To 23,948 With 638 New Cases (rn 11/08/2020), 638 fresh cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 23,948 (kh 11/08/2020), Nepal records 638 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours (rep), Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 23,948 as 638 new infections surface Tuesday (ht 11/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley records highest single day spike of 134 new cases of COVID-19, by Kunga Hyolmo (rep 11/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records Highest Single Day Tally With Whopping 134 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 11/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley registers 134 COVID-19 cases (kh 11/08/2020), MoHP Confirms Four COVID-19 Related Deaths  (rn 11/08/2020), Nepal reports four COVID-19 fatalities, pushing death toll to 83 (kh), Newborn baby of COVID-19 patient dies in Nepalgunj (rep 11/08/2020)

183 health workers in Nepal infected with COVID-19 so far (rep 11/08/2020)

Cases of coronavirus rising among bank staff (ht 11/08/2020)

29 Nepal Army personnel diagnosed with COVID-19 in Dang (rep 11/08/2020)

Donít let COVID-19 overshadow the risk of dengue, by Mahesh Lamsal (ht 11/08/2020)

As Covid-19 cases rise, government plans to place patients in all hospitals, but public health experts say it could be tricky: Doctors warn against repeating Italyís mistake and suggest that authorities convert some community and private hospitals into dedicated coronavirus hospitals instead, by Arjun Poudel (kp 11/08/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally speeds past 23k as 338 cases surface Monday (ht 10/08/2020), With 338 new cases of coronavirus, Nepal's COVID-19 tally crosses 23,000-mark (rep 10/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 caseload reaches 23,310 with 338 fresh cases (kh 10/08/2020), 44 new COVID-19 cases in Kathmandu Valley (rep 10/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley adds 44 new confirmed coronavirus cases (kh 10/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 79: 140 COVID-19 patients recovered in the last 24 hours (rep 10/08/2020), Four die of coronavirus in last 24 hrs, Nepalís death toll hits 79 (kh), Janakpur reports one more COVID-19 death, by Mithilesh Yadav (rep 10/08/2020)

'Nearly 28 percent of Kathmanduites do not wear facemasks' (rep 10/08/2020)

Losing the fight against a pandemic, one battle after another: The governmentís promise to set up more isolation beds in the Valley has failed to materialise while money allocated for provinces has not been properly utilised, officials say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/08/2020)

Biratnagar sees a surge in coronavirus infections in the past few days: As many as 245 people have tested positive for the virus in the metropolis as of Sunday, by Madhav Ghimire and Jitendra Sah (kp10/08/2020)

14 COVID patients out of contact in Banke (ht 10/08/2020)

Nepal reports 380 new COVID-19 cases, tally at 22,972 (kh 09/08/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 cases surpass 22,900 with 380 fresh cases in the last 24 hours (rep 09/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley witnesses 92 new COVID-19 cases (kp 09/08/2020), One more succumbs to COVID-19 in Banke (rep 09/08/2020)

Two die in Janakpur, PCR results awaited (rep 09/08/2020), Girl who died after denied admission to hospitals tests COVID-19 positive (kh 09/08/2020), 62-year-old man dies of COVID-19 in Pokhara: Nepalís death toll from pandemic reaches 74 (kh 09/08/2020), Woman with breathlessness symptom dies on way to hospital (kh 09/08/2020)

After two weeks of reopening, hospitals are full. Worst is yet to come, doctors say: Public health experts say piecemeal efforts wonít help curb the virus spread and authorities must step up to increase testing, tracing and isolation beds, by Arjun Poudel (kp 09/08/2020)

Death toll of Nepalis abroad due to coronavirus hits 191 (kh 09/08/2020)

Ministry of Health confirms 378 new COVID-19 cases; nationwide tally hits 22,592 today (ht 08/08/2020), Kathmandu valley records 62 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday (ht 08/08/2020). Kathmandu Valley records 62 new COVID-19 cases in past 24 hours; 461 cases this week (rep 08/08/2020), 378 diagnosed with COVID-19 in last 24 hrs, Nepalís tally at 22,592 (kh 08/08/2020)

COVID-19 cases found in 136 places in Kathmandu Valley (kh 08/08/2020)

Hand washing stations were installed across the city to fight virusĖbut they have no water now: While people complain about authoritiesí failure to ensure one simple measure against the virus, officials say no one uses them as everyone uses hand sanitiser, by Anup Ojha (kp 08/08/2020), Lax approach by authorities in dealing with new arrivals could spell a disaster for Sudurpaschim: Lack of coordination among government agencies and poor policy to blame for the spike in coronavirus cases, health officials say, by Chitranga Thapa (kp 08/08/2020), Birtamod Municipality starts mass screening while under lockdown: The sole isolation centre in Jhapa reaches its capacity within first four days of its operation, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 08/08/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Tally Soars To 22,214 With 464 New Cases (rn 07/08/2020), Nationwide COVID-19 tally crosses 22k with 464 new cases detected on Friday (ht 7/08/2020), 106 New Cases Of COVID-19 Today, Kathmandu Valley Gets A New Record In Single Day Spike (rn 07/08/2020), 464 new cases propel Nepalís COVID-19 caseload to 22,214 (kh 07/08/2020), 106 more people test positive for COVID-19 in Kathmandu Valley (rep 07/08/2020), Two Persons Succumb To COVID-19 In Patan Hospital (rn 07/08/2020), Five Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Climbs To 70 (rn 07/08/2020), Nepal's coronavirus death toll reaches 70 (rep 07/08/2020), One more dies of coronavirus in Biratnagar (kh 07/08/2020)

Nepalís virus vortex: As cases surge and hospitals fill up, by Sonia Awale (nt 07/08/2020)

Valley hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, no isolation bed available for new patients (rep 07/08/2020)

Testing time for Nepal: The time may have come to randomly test people in communities to get a fair assessment of the spread of the virus (ae 07/08/2020)

Restrictions maybe in place, but Valleyís mobility is too high to curb virus spread: With a growing number of people living in core city areas of the Valley being infected, doctors warn that the Capital is turning into a coronavirus hotspot, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/08/2020)

Gandaki begins mass testing to contain coronavirus transmission: Provincial Health Directorate said people working in vulnerable sectors will be prioritised, by Deepak Pariyar (kp 07/08/2020)

Covid-19 toll reaches 65 after five more deaths, 360 new cases confirmed: Ministry says two persons from Morang and one each from Dhanusha, Sarlahi and Saptari died. Kathmandu recorded highest 76 new cases in 24 hours (kp 06/08/2020), COVID-19 Update: Tally Soars To 21,750 With 360 New Cases (rn 06/08/2020), 360 new coronavirus cases detected; nationwide tally hits 21,750 (ht 06/08/2020), With 360 new cases in the past 24 hours, Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 21,750 (rep 06/08/2020), A Record 87 New Cases Of COVID-19 Confirmed In Kathmandu Today, Valley Tally Crosses 500 Mark (rn 06/08/2020), 87 new COVID-19 cases reported in Kathmandu Valley; 293 in last five days (rep 06/08/2020), Five More Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Reaches 65 (rn 06/08/2020), 56-year-old man succumbs to coronavirus in Birgunj: Nepalís death toll from pandemic hits 66 (kh 06/08/2020)

COVID-19 and its impacts, by Sagar Prasad Phuyal (rep 06/08/2020)

Coronavirus Insurance Programme formally launched (ht 06/08/2020), Govt offers 50 pc subsidy on premium charge to families insuring against coronavirus (rep 07/08/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Tally Stands At 21,390 With 381 New Cases (rn 05/08/2020), Kathmandu Records 62 New Cases Of COVID-19 On Wednesday (rn 05/08/2020), 46-Year-Old COVID-19 Patient Dies In Parsa (rn 0n5/08/2020), 381 new cases detected today take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 21,390 (ht 05/08/2020), With 381 new cases in the past 24 hours, Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 21,390, by Kunga Hyolmo (rep 05/08/2020), Nepal's coronavirus death toll reaches 60 (reo 05/08/2020), Five succumb to coronavirus on Wednesday (kh 05/08/2020)

Kathmandu Valley's Covid-19 tally exceeds 60 two days in a row, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 05/08/2020)

Gandaki State Introduces Mass Screening Programme For COVID-19 (rn 05/08/2020)

The pandemic is intensifying postpartum depression: With restrictions on movement, families cannot travel to extend support, and new mothers fear infection if they go for check-ups, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 05/08/2020)

Province 2 does not have enough beds for surging number of Covid patients: The provincial government has declared its plan to add 500 beds across hospitals in the province to accommodate the increasing number of coronavirus patients, by Ajit Tiwati (kp 05/08/2020)

Shortage of VTMs squeezes PCR testing in Province 1: Contrary to the provincial governmentís declaration to conduct 1,000 PCR tests per day, the province in its entirety has the capacity to perform only 450 swab tests on a daily basis, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 05/08/2020)

What is convalescent plasma therapy, how it works and does it work for Covid-19: Medical experts across the world are experimenting with the therapy in moderate to critical Covid-19 patients. There has been some success, but they are yet to conclusively call it a proven and effective treatment (kp 05/08/2020)

With 259 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally crosses 21,000-mark (rep 04/08/2020), 62 new cases reported in Kathmandu Valley in past 24 hours, by Kamal Subedi (rep 04/08/2020), Nepal confirms 259 cases, coronavirus tally hits 21,009: Death toll reaches 58 (kh 04/08/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Caseload Surges To 20,750 With 418 New Cases (rn 03/08/2020), Kathmandu Valley Records 51 New Cases Of COVID-19 (rn 03/08/2020), Resurgence of Covid-19 cases in Nepal as 418 new cases surface on Monday, tally reaches 20,750 (ht 03/08/2020), One more succumbs to COVID-19 in Morang (rep 03/08/2020), With 418 new cases, Nepalís COVID-19 tally soars to 20,750 (rep 03/08/2020), 418 cases in past 24 hrs take Nepalís COVID-19 caseload to 20,750 (kh 03/08/2020)

Govt urges children below 12 and elderly above 60 not to come out of home (rep 03/08/2020)

COVID patient recovers after plasma therapy, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 03/08/2020)

How the government got lost in its fight against the pandemic: After refusing to recognise the risk and failing to come up with right strategies, authorities now have few options left to contain the virus spread, experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 03/08/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 20,332 with 246 new cases detected on Sunday (ht 02/08/2020), Nepal reports 246 new COVID-19 cases, tally jumps to 20,332 (kh 02/08/2020)

Kathmandu Valley Ďcould become' next hotspot for COVID-19 outbreak: , by Ashim Neupane (rep 02/08/2020)

189 Nepalis abroad succumb to coronavirus so far: 28 including 25 in India die in past week (kh 02/08/2020)

As Covid-19 cases rise, Kathmandu Valley could see yet another lockdown: Restrictions canít be ruled out amid increasing risk of virus spread and difficulty in contact tracing, officials say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 02/08/2020), Officials trade blame as virus spreads in Capital: Mayor Shakya passes the buck to central authorities, who say local governments need to act more responsibly to contain the spread of coronavirus, by Anup Ojha (kp 02/08/2020)

Say no to coronavirus stigmatisation: Misinformation and prejudice during a pandemic may be more dangerous than the pandemic itself, by Subidha Parajuli (kp 02/08/2020)

Lack of ventilators in Province 2 hospitals contributes to Covid-19-related deaths: Although the Janakpur government in April decided to purchase 50 ventilators for government hospitals in the province, the decision is yet to be implemented, by Ajit Tiwari (kp 02/08/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Tally Surges To 20,086 With 315 New Cases (rn 01/08/2020), With 315 new cases of coronavirus today, Nepal's COVID-19 tally surpasses 20,000-mark, by Kunga Hyolmo (rep 01/08/2020), 315 diagnosed with COVID-19, Nepalís caseload at 20,086 (kh 01/08/2020), Woman succumbs to COVID-19 in Birgunj, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 01/08/2020), 68-year-old woman dies in Birgunj, Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 58 (kh 01/08/2020)

Biratnagar goes under lockdown for two weeks after spike in coronavirus cases: With 11 new coronavirus cases reported on Friday, the total number of cases crossed 100 in the metropolis, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 01/08/2020)

Three Including CEO Of Jagadamba Enterprises Succumb To COVID-19 In Parsa (rn 31/07/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 56 as sexagenarian dies at Patan Hospital (kh 31/07/2020)

Community transmission in Nepal (ae 31/07/2020)

Sunsari denizens cautioned on threat of COVID-19 community spread (ht 31/07/2020)

With state-run hospitals overwhelmed, government permits private hospitals to admit patients: Public health experts say that the government should not shun its prime responsibility of protecting the people, by Arjun Poudel (kp 31/07/2020)

Covid-19 fears grip police personnel after 44 officers in Nepal Police Headquarters contract virus: Law enforcement officers have been working without adequate safety gear, which has raised their risk of catching coronavirus, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 31/07/2020), 72 personnel infected with COVID-19 at Nepal Police Headquarters: 250 police personnel infected nationwide (ht 31/07/2020)

Province 2 witnesses resurgence of coronavirus infections and deaths: Ten deaths and as many as 643 new cases were confirmed in the past two weeks, by Ajit Tiwari and Santosh Singh (kp 31/07/2020)

MUS to control COVID-19, by Alok Rajouria (ht 31/07/2020)

COVID-19, Handwashing, and Access to Water, by Manita Raut and Alok Rajouria (ht 31/07/2020)

With 274 new cases of coronavirus today, Nepal's COVID-19 tally reaches 19,547: 227 COVID-19 patients recovered in the last 24 hours (rep 30/07/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally jumps to 19,547 with 274 fresh cases (kh 30/07/2020), Kathmandu Valley reports 45 new COVID-19 cases (kh 30/07/2020)

Failure to ensure effective contact tracing could spell a disaster as Covid-19 cases rise, experts say: With lockdown lifted, there has been an increase in peopleís movement, but government authorities have failed to keep up with contact tracing, by Arjun Poudel (kp 30/07/2020)

Katari bazaar in Udayapur closed due to the risk of coronavirus infection: Until Wednesday, 92 people had tested positive for coronavirus in Udayapur. Among them, seven are from Katari, by Dilliram Khatiwada (kp 30/07/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Tally Stands At 19,273 With 210 New Cases, 146 Recovered (rn 29/07/2020), With 210 new cases recorded today, nationwide COVID-19 count reaches 19,273 (ht 29/07/2020)

Public health experts warn of community spread of virus as Valley reports 53 new cases: With the lockdown declared over and increased public movement, doctors say contact tracing will be more difficult, and Kathmandu could turn into a Covid-19 hotspot, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/07/2020

Two Saptari local levels shut (ht 29/07/2020)

Coronavirus infected patients sent home to self-isolate as Parsaís Covid hospital exceeds its bed capacity: All 50 beds in Gandak Hospital are occupied, which has led the hospital to send 26 infected patients home to self-isolate, by Shankar Acharya (kp 29/07/2020)

34 Persons Including NA, NP Officials, Jail Inmates Test COVID-19 Positive In Parsa, by Dipak Prasad Gautam (rn 29/07/2020)

311 new cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 19,063 (kh 28/07/2020), Health Ministry reports 311 new cases and one more COVID-19 related death (rep 28/07/2020), Man succumbs to coronavirus in Bajhang, Nepalís death toll reaches 49 (kh 28/07/2020)

13 out of 34 COVID-19 cases in Kapilvastu have no travel history (kh 28/07/2020)

More Indian nationals are seeking Covid-19 tests in Kathmandu post lockdown: The Health Ministry starts collecting random samples of people entering Kathmandu Valley, but public health experts stress mandatory tests for all travellers, by Arjun Poudel (kp 28/07/2727)

Public sacrifice wasted: Itís only a matter of time before pocket lockdowns turn national and push the country further into uncertainty (kp 28/07/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 48 (kh 27/07/2020), ICU Ward Of Janakpur Hospital Sealed After Death Of A COVID-19 Patient (rn 27/07/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 139 New Cases, 626 Recovered, Tally Hits 18,752 (rn 27/07/2020), Health Ministry reports 139 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours (rep 27/07/2020), 139 new cases in past 24 hrs, Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 18,752 (rep 27/07/2020)

Prohibitory order continues in Saptari as COVID cases surge (ht 27/07/2020)

Biratnagar shuts all non-essential services while Inaruwa goes under lockdown as infections rise: Health unit claims community transmission of coronavirus in Biratnagar; Social Development Ministry in Province 1 says itís too early to confirm, by Madhav Ghimire & Deo Narayan Sah (kp 27/07/2020), Biratnagar shuts services other than essential ones (ht 27/07/2020)

Infection Rate Hasn't Increased: Govt., Risk Is Still High: Health Experts, by Ishwar Chandra Jha (rn 27/07/2020)

Government may reimpose lockdown if coronavirus infections continue to spike: The governmentís failure to expand the test range and increase in public mobility post lockdown have raised the infection risk, Health Ministry officials say, by Arjun Poudel (kp

COVID-19 Update: 130 New Cases, 75 Recovered, Tally Reaches 18,613 (rn 26/07/2020), 65-Year Old COVID-19 Suspect Dies In Birgunj, PCR Report Yet To Come (rn 26/07/2020), Nepal COVID-19 Update: 130 new cases, 75 recoveries recorded on Sunday (ht 26/07/2020), With 130 new cases witnessed in the past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally reaches 18,613: 75 COVID-19 patients recovered on Sunday (rep 26/07/2020), Indian national dies at Narayani COVID-19 Hospital, by Ritesh Tripathi (rep 26/07/2020), Nepalís coronavirus count reaches 18,613 with 130 new cases (kh 26/07/2020)

COVID-19 detected in community (ht 26/07/2020)

Biratnagar Metropolis Decides To Strictly Implement Health Safety Protocols (rn 26/07/2020)

Nepalis' Death From COVID-19 Reaches 161: NRNA (rn 26/07/2020)

Health Ministry warns explosion of Covid-19 cases without safety measures: With rapid growth in India, health officials seek tightening of cross-border movement, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/07/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 109 New Cases, 106 Recovered (rn 25/07/2020), 17-Year Old Dies Of COVID-19, Death Count Reaches 45 (rn 25/07/2020), 109 new COVID-19 cases reported today; nationwide tally stands at 18,483 (ht 25/07/2020), COVID-19: 109 new cases reported in past 24 hours, taking national tally to 18,483; Recovery tally reaches 13,053 (rep 25/07/2020), Nepalís coronavirus count hits 18,483 with 109 new cases (kh 25/07/2020)

Nepal witnesses rise in COVID-19 symptomatic patients (kh 25/07/2020)

One more Covid-19 related death and 133 new cases takes Nepalís tally to 18,374: According to the Health Ministry, an 85-year-old woman from Parsa, who had contracted the coronavirus, died at Narayani Hospital in Birgunj on Friday (kp 24/07/2020), COVID-19 Update: Caseload Stands At 18,374 With 133 New Cases, 107 Recovered (rn 24/07/2020), 85-Year Old Woman Succumbs To COVID-19 (rn 24/07/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally stands at 18,374 with 133 new cases reported on Friday (ht 24/07/2020), COVID-19 tally reaches 18,374 with 133 new cases in past 24 hours; 70.5 percent patients recover so far (rep 24/07/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally stands at 18,374 with 133 new cases (kh 24/07/2020)

Curfew To Be Clamped From Saturday Morning In Birgunj To Curb COVID-19 Spread, by Deepak Gautam (rn 24/07/2020), Indefinite prohibitory order imposed in Birgunj after spike in coronavirus cases: Authorities have decided to heighten surveillance along Nepal-India border and expand tests and contact tracing, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 25/07/2020)

Nepal records 147 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours (rep 23/07/2020), Nepal adds 147 cases, COVID-19 tally reaches 18,241 (kh 23/07/2020)

Nepalís coronavirus death toll climbs to 43 as 60-yr-old dies in Birgunj (kh 23/07/2020)

COVID-19 Update: National Tally Stands At 18,094 With 100 New Cases, 207 Recovered (rn 22/07/2020), Nepal reports 100 new COVID-19 cases; 2 deaths in last 24 hours: Death toll reaches 42; total cases stand at 18,094 (kh 22/07/2020), Chinese woman dies of coronavirus at Teaching Hospital (kh 22/07/2020)

Risk of community transmission increases in Kathmandu despite expansion in testing criteria: About 5,000 persons enter the Valley every day despite restrictions on movement from one district to another, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/07/2020)

Nepalís coronavirus tally reaches 17,994 with 150 fresh cases (kh 21/07/2020)

Public health experts criticise decision to test all returnees within five days: Although testing all returnees is a good idea, it needs to be done at least after eight days, they say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 21/07/2020)

COVID-19 Update: Tally Hits 17,844 With 186 New Cases, 173 Recovered (rn 20/07/2020), Nepal logs 186 new coronavirus cases on Monday; nationwide count stands at 17,844 (ht 20/07/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally climbs to 17,884 as 186 more test positive in past 24 hours, 11,868 recover so far (rep 20/07/2020)

With 156 new cases, Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 17,658 on Sunday (ht 19/07/2020), COVID-19: Nepal reports 156 news cases, total tally reaches 17,658 including 11,695 recoveries (rep 19/07/2020), Nepal reports 156 new cases taking COVID-19 tally to 17,658 (kh 19/07/2020)

With 57 new cases reported on Saturday, Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 17,502 (ht 18/07/2020), Nepal reports 57 new COVID-19 cases, 103 recoveries in past 24 hours (rep 18/07/2020)

Ineffective contact tracing increases risk of community transmission in Karnali: A large number of people in public roles have exposed themselves to the risk of Covid-19 while managing quarantine facilities, distributing relief, and attending public gatherings, by Kalendra Sejuwal (kp 18/07/2020)

Elderly Succumbs To COVID-19 In Saptari, by Dhirendra Prasad Shahi (rn 17/07/2020)

COVID-19 Update: 285 Recovered, 101 New Cases, Caseload Reaches 17,445 (rn 17/07/2020), Nepal COVID-19 Update: 101 new cases, 285 recoveries, one death recorded on Friday (ht 17/07/2020)

COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not Only Biological, by Hira Bahadur Thapa (rn 17/07/2020)

No COVID-19 community transmission in Kathmandu Valley: Health Ministry (kh 17/07/2020)

Health Ministry fails to set up intensive care facility for Covid-19 patients in Kirtipur: One ministry official says there have been no Covid-19 cases requiring intensive care and they will set up the facility as per the need, by Arjun Poudel (kp 16/07/2020)

Nepal reports 116 new COVID-19 cases, tally reaches 17,177 (kh 15/07/2020)

116 new coronavirus cases detected; Nepalís COVID-19 tally crosses 17,000 mark (ht 14/07/2020), With 116 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally surpasses 17,000-mark (rep 14/07/2020), COVID-19: With 116 new cases, Nepalís tally reaches 17,061 (kh 14/07/2020)

Use of Ayurvedic doctors to treat Covid patients by Health Ministry raises concern among public health experts: Ministry spokesperson says Ďtreatment is treatment, anyone who can provide treatment can be usedí, by Arjun Poudel (kp 14/07/2020)

144 new cases in 24 hrs, Nepalís COVID-19 caseload at 16,945: 10,294 discharged so far (kh 13/07/2020)

82 cases reported, Nepalís Covid-19 case count stands at 16,801 (ht 12/07/2020), Nepal reports 82 news cases of COVID-19 in past 24 hours taking the national tally to 16,801 (rep 12/07/2020), 82 new cases take Nepalís COVID-19 count to 16,801 (kh 12/07/2020)

ĎWaterborne disease, another threat for nationí (ht 12/07/2020), Amid Covid-19, health experts warn of an outbreak of water-borne diseases: Doctors say water- and vector-borne diseases could kill more people than the coronavirus if authorities fail to pay attention as monsoon wreaks havoc, by Arjun Poudel (kp 13/07/2020)

Even months into the pandemic, the government has yet to introduce risk communication strategy: Public health experts say failure to communicate with people properly and provide them with accurate information could lead them either to overreact to the risk or undermine it, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/07/2020) [You must understand that Oli and his colleagues have more important things to do like power struggles and suppression of fundamental rights!]

With upsurge in cases, govt sets eyes on community level tests: 45,000 samples to be tested throughout the country, by Rita Lamsal (kh 11/07/2020)

Three more Covid-19 deaths and 70 new infections reported in Nepal as case count reaches 16,719: 8,442 people, including 431 in the last 24 hours, ha ve returned home after recovery from the infection (kp 11/07/2020), Three More Succumb To COVID-19, Death Toll Hits 38 (rn 11/07/2020), Three persons succumb to COVID-19, Nepalís death toll hits 38 (kh 11/07/2020)

Major coronavirus crisis looms as Health Ministry reduces sample collection and test range: Health experts warn the government is making a serious mistake by lowering the test numbers, by Arjun Poudel (kp 11/07/2020)

118 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in the past 24 hours : Health Ministry (rep 10/07/2020), Kathmandu Valley records 42 new cases of coronavirus (rep 10/07/2020)

COVID-19 Tally Reaches 16,531 With 108 New Cases, 139 Recovered (rn 09/07/2020), Nepal confirms 108 new cases, COVID-19 caseload hits 16,531 (kh 09/07/2020)

255 new cases of coronavirus recorded in the past 24 hours : Health Ministry (rep 08/07/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 16,423 with 225 new cases: As many as 253 discharged (kh 08/07/2020)

Patients seeking treatment in non-Covid hospitals are testing positive for coronavirus: Health Ministry officials, who have so far claimed that the infection does not spread from asymptomatic patients, are now saying there is a high risk of community transmission, by Arjun Poudel (kp 08/07/2020), Pandemic could affect school retention and enrolment rates: Government needs to roll out financial packages for marginalised communities so that children can go to school, they say, by Binod Ghimire (kp 08/07/2020)

Local government in Bajura rushes to send people home from quarantine: Fourteen of the 51 individuals sent home from quarantine three days ago test positive for virus, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 08/07/2020)

688 Recover From COVID-19, New Cases 204 Today (rn 07/07/2020), Nepalí COVID-19 count reaches 16,168 with 204 fresh cases (kh 07/07/2020)

Nepal Covid-19 Update: 180 new cases, 264 recoveries, one death recorded on Monday (ht 07/07/2020)

'Over 99 Per Cent COVID-19 Patients In Nepal Are Asymptomatic' (rn 07/07/2020)

People rescued from abroad and placed in holding centers are coming out and moving freely: Doctors at TU Teaching Hospital say such people are reaching the hospital on their own not only for tests but also to collect the reports, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/07/2020)

180 new cases take Nepalís COVID-19 caseload to 15,964 (kh 06/07/2020)

Volunteers, teachers and college students to be trained for contact tracing: Government has allocated Rs 380 million to each province to expand their isolation facilities, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/07/2020)

Individuals returning from quarantine centres are not adhering to home quarantine mandate: Covid-19-infected people have started attending wedding ceremonies and are taking part in paddy transplantation and other social gatherings in their community, raising fears among the locals, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 06/07/2020)

COVID-19 Case Load Hits 15,784 With 293 New Cases, Total 6,547 Recovered (rn 05/07/2020), COVID-19 tally hits 15,784 with 293 new cases in Nepal (kh 05/7/2020)

Health Ministry reports two more COVID-19 deaths (rep 04/07/2020), Coronavirus death toll climbs to 34 in Nepal (kh 04/07/2020)

232 new cases of coronavirus deteced across the country on Saturday (rep 04/07/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally hits 15,491 with 232 new cases (kh 04/07/2020)

Ministry develops guidelines for rehab centres (ht 04/07/2020)

Coronavirus detected in sewers of Kathmandu Valley: Research shows that the number of asymptomatic COVID-19 patients might be huge in the Valley (rep 04/07/2020)

Nepal's COVID-19 death toll climbs to 32 (rep 03/07/2020), Man succumbs to COVID-19 in Kathmandu, Nepalís death toll reaches 32 (kh 03/07/2020)

Nepal sees highest single-day spike with 740 cases of coronavirus, total number of COVID-19 surpasses 15,000 (rep 03/07/2020), Nepal reports 740 new cases in highest single-day spike: COVID-19 tally stands at 15,259 (kp 03/07/2020)

91 health workers across the country have been infected with coronavirus so far: Public health experts warn health facilities could become coronavirus hotspots if the government fails to set up an infection control system, by Arjun Poudel (kp 03/07/2020)

49-day-old baby dies of COVID-19 in Nepal: Death toll reaches 31 (kh 02/07/2020)

473 new cases in past 24 hrs, Nepalís COVID-19 tally jumps to 14, 519 (kh 02/07/2020)

Six percent of Covid-19 cases are from communities, but no community transmission yet, Health Ministry says: Public health experts have long suspected community transmission and have urged the government to acknowledge the fact and take adequate measures, by Arjun Poudel (kp 02/07/2020)

482 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, nationwide tally crosses 14,000 (ht 01/07/2020), COVID-19: Nepal reports 482 new cases, total surges to 14,046: Nepal reports 30 death so far (kh 01/07/2020)

Virus testing halted in Surkhet after machine stops working: In Karnali, around 1,600 swab samples are yet to be tested, authorities say, by Kalendra Sejuwal (kp 01/07/2020)

ĎNepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have already lost a golden opportunity to contain the COVID-19 with no or minimal damageí, interview with Dinesh Neupane (South Asia Time 30/06/2020)

COVID-19 Tally Hits 13,564 With 316 New Cases, 53,070 Still In Quarantine (rn 30/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 count stands at 13,564 with 316 new cases recorded today (ht 30/09/2020), Nepal records 316 new cases of COVID-19 in past 24 hours (rep 30/06/2020), COVID-19: Nepal reports 316 new cases, total surges to 13,564 (kh 30/06/2020)

Restrictions on testing and focus on returnees from abroad donít contain Covid-19, say experts: They say active surveillance and testing of all symptomatic patients are necessary to flatten the curve and stop coronavirus from spreading in the community, by Arjun Poudel (kp 30/06/2020)

Local units in Province 5 have mandated home quarantine for returnees but without any regulation: The local units across various districts in the province have no record of how many people have returned and are currently quarantining at home (kp 30/06/2020)

Nepal's COVID-19 death toll climbs to 29 (rep 29/06/2020), Nepal reports a new coronavirus death, tally reaches 29 (kh 29/06/2020)

Nepal COVID-19 Update: 476 new cases, 121 recoveries, one death (ht 29/06/2020), Nepalís coronavirus cases reach 13,248 with 476 fresh cases (kh 29/06/2020)

June 29 deadline missed: Is ramping up PCR tests still possible?, by Rita Lamsal 29/06/2020)

Nepal Health Research Council to perform whole-genome sequencing of coronavirus: The council is planning to collect samples from 60 infected people for the study to determine the strain and properties of the virus found in Nepal, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/06/2020)

Poor management continues to afflict people quarantined in Tarai districts: Health workers hardly visit those centres and the infected people in the isolation wards are not getting any medical attention, they say, by Shiva Puri (kp 29/06/2020)

Madi quarantine facilities become breeding ground for coronavirus: 27 out of 63 positive cases in Chitwan are from Madi Municipality alone, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 29/06/2020)

COVID-19: Tally reaches 12,772 as Nepal reports 463 new cases (kh 28/06/2020)

158 Nepalis die from COVID-19 abroad (kh 28/06/2020)

Health Ministry reports 28th Covid-19 death in Nepal, by Kunga Hyolmo (rep 27/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll hits 28 (kh 27/06/2020)

554 New Cases Confirmed Today, National COVID-19 Tally Climbs To 12,309 (rn 27/06/2020), Nepalís coronavirus count crosses 12,000-mark with 554 new cases recorded today (ht 27/06/2020), With 554 cases of coronavirus in past 24 hours, Nepal's Covid-19 tally surges to 12,309 (ht 27/06/2020),

(kh 27/06/2020)

COVID-19 spreads to all 77 districts of Nepal (kh 27/06/2020)

Experts say Covid-19 epidemic yet to start, stress community tracing: ĎTesting people placed in quarantine only will not help contain the pandemicí, by Arjun Poudel (kp 27/06/2020)

Woman dies of coronavirus in Dang, Nepalís death toll hits 27 (kh 26/06/2020)

MoHP reports 593 new cases today, Nepalís Covid-19 tally jumps to 11,755 (rep 26/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 11,755 with 593 new cases (kh 26/06/2020)

Lalitpur resident succumbs to Covid-19 (rep 25/06/2020)

55-Year Old Succumbs To COVID-19 In Gandaki State, Case Load Hits 753 (rn 25/06/2020), COVID-19 death toll reaches 25 in Nepal as 55-yr-old dies in Pokhara (kh 25/06/2020)

629 new cases reported on Wednesday, Nepalís coronavirus tally hits 10,728 (ht 24/06/2020)

Incompatible PCR test kits will raise infection risk, Parsa health officials warn: PCR tests have been halted at the Narayani Hospital in Birgunj since Monday for a lack of compatible PCR test kits, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 24/06/2020)

Apex court stays COVID quarantine guideline: Makes PCR test mandatory before discharging those showing no symptom from quarantines (ht 24/06/2020)

Man succumbs to coronavirus in Surkhet, Nepalís death toll hits 24 (kh 23/06/2020)

538 New Cases Of COVID-19 Confirmed Today, Caseload Surges To 10,099 (rn 23/06/2020), 538 new cases in past 24 hrs, Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 10,099 (kh)

SC stays guideline for discharging COVID-19 patients sans test (kh 23/06/2020)

Coronavirus infected persons moving freely in Bajura (ht 23/06/2020)

Fear of Covid-19 and overlapping symptoms increase risk of late diagnosis of seasonal ailments: Doctors say fatalities will increase from seasonal diseases if not treated on time, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/06/2020)

PCR test kits procured by Nepal Army incompatible with most Nepali laboratories: Health Ministry officials say that around 28,000 PCR test kits purchased by the Nepal Army do not work with most PCR testing machines, which could lead testing rates to decline, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/06/2020) [???]

With 535 new cases reported on Monday, Nepalís coronavirus tally hits 9,561 (ht 22/06/2020), With 535 new cases of coronavirus, Nepal's Covid-19 tally soars to 9561 (rep 22/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally stands at 9,561 with 535 new cases, by Khabarhub (kh 22/06/2020)

Covid-19 reaches community transmission stage in Karnali Province, provincial ministry says: The risk of community transmission is increasing due to the lack of contact tracing and delay in PCR tests, doctors say, by Kalendra Sejuwal (kp 22/06/2020)

Number of COVID-19 cases in Nepal crosses 9000-mark (rep 21/06/2020), Nepal COVID-19 recovery tally jumps to 1,772 with 194 recoveries in last 24 hours, by Kunga Hyolmo (rep 21/06/2020), Nepal reports 421 new cases of COVID-19, tally reaches 9,026: Death toll reaches 23 in the country (kh 21/06/2020)

Death toll of Nepalis due to coronavirus reaches 130 (kh 21/06/2020)

First COVID-19 case found in Mustang (ht 21/06/2020), Elderly who traveled to Mustang from Bauddha tests positive for Covid-19 (rep 21/06/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 23 (kh 20/06/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally stands at 8,605 with 331 new cases on Saturday (ht 20/06/2020), 331 new cases of COVID-19, Nepalís tally reaches 8,605 (kh 20/06/2020)

Nepal records 426 new cases, coronavirus tally jumps to 8,274 (kh 19/06/2020)

Rapid test kits procured by Omni only accurate 50 percent of the time, says report: A report by the Nepal Health Research Council on the poor validity of the test kits was submitted to the Health Ministry in May but rapid tests have continued regardless, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/06/2020)

As 30,000 plus swab samples pile up, patients have to wait for up to three weeks to get results (rep 19/06/2020)

Budget for improvement of quarantine facilities (kp 19/06/2020)

Health ministry projects 40,000 COVID-19 cases by mid-July (rep 18/06/2020)

Two fatalities registered on Thursday, Nepalís Covid-19 death toll advances to 22 (ht 18/06/2020), Health ministry confirms two more COVID-19 deaths, by Kunga Hyolmo (rep 18/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 22 (kh 18/06/2020)

A Record 671 New Cases Of COVID-19 Confirmed, Tally Spikes To 7,848, Death Toll Hits 22 (rn 18/06/2020), COVID-19 Highlights: 671 new cases, 19 recoveries, two deaths recorded on Thursday (ht 18/06/2020), Nepal records highest single-day spike with 671 fresh cases of coronavirus (rep 18/06/2020), Nepal reports 671 new cases in highest single-day spike: Tally jumps to 7,848 (kh 18/06/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 20 (kh 17/06/2020)

Daily spike hits 500 for the first time, Nepalís Covid-19 tally crosses 7,000 on Wednesday: 586 new cases reported; total cases stand at 7,177 (ht 17/06/2020), Nepal sees highest single-day spike with 586 cases of coronavirus, total number of COVID-19 cases jumps to 7177 (rep 17/06/2020), 586 new cases confirmed, Nepalís tally hits 7,177 (kh 17/06/2020)

380 new cases reported on Tuesday, Nepalís coronavirus tally leaps to 6591 (ht 16/06/2020), With 380 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, Nepal's COVID-19 tally jumps to 6591 (rep 16/06/2020), COVID-19: 380 new cases confirmed, Nepalís tally hits 6,591 (kh 16/06/2020)

As rainy season looms near quarantines likely to become death-traps (kh 16/06/2020)

Study finds a litany of shortcomings and shortages in Covid-19 treatment facilities: From inadequate protective suits to lack of trained medical workers to limited testing capacity, health facilities have a host of issues keeping them from fighting the disease effectively, by Arjun Poudel kp 16/06/2020)

Nepal Coronavirus Update: 451 new cases, 67 recoveries recorded on Monday (ht 15/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 count jumps to 6,211 with 451 new cases (kh 15/06/2020)

Govt to let pvt labs conduct PCR tests, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 15/06/2020)

425 new cases, 61 recoveries, one death reported on Sunday (ht 14/06/2020)

Second coronavirus fatality reported in Gulmi, Nepalís death toll climbs to 19 (ht 14/06/2020), Man dies of COVID-19 in Gulmi (rep 14/06/2020), COVID-19 patient dies in Gulmi, Nepalís death toll reaches 19 (kh 14/06/2020)

Delay in PCR test results compels many to remain in quarantine for longer period: According to Provincial Health Laboratory, the delay in reporting results was due to an increase in swab collection, by Aash Gurung (kp 14/06/2020)

23 sent home from quarantine test COVID-19 positive in Dhading (kh 14/06/2020)

9,000 Nepalis abroad recover from COVID-19 (kh 14/06/2020)

273 new cases, 36 recoveries, 2 deaths from COVID-19 (ht 13/06/2020)

Directive on RDT creates panic in Sudurpaschim (ht 13/06/2020)

Highest single day cases recorded on Friday, Covid-19 tally shoots past 5,000 (ht 13/06/2020)

448 new cases, 16 recoveries, one death reported on Friday (ht 12/06/2020), With 448 new cases, Nepalís COVID-19 tally crosses 5000 mark (rep 12/06/2020)

Quarantine centres are turning into Covid breeding ground, National Human Rights Commission warns: Government ignoring repeated calls to improve situation in quarantine facilities, says its monitoring report, by Binod Ghimire (kp 12/06/2020)

Need For Effective Quarantine Policy To Contain Virus, by Madhav P. Bhatta U(rn 12/06/2020)

COVID-19 cases highest among youths, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 12/06/2020) [This is related to the fact that in Nepal pervertedly all persons up to the age of 40 years are called youths. According to this, more than 75 percent of Nepalis would be youths! In addition, many infected persons are labour migrants, who are recruited in particular from the younger generation.]

Youth Who Died At Sunauli Tests Positive For COVID-19, by Laxman Poudel (rn 12/06/2020), Man dies of coronavirus in Arghakhanchi, Nepalís death toll reaches 16 (kh 12/06/2020)

MoHP reports 250 fresh cases of COVID-19, tally jumps to 4614 (rep 11/06/2020), COVID19: With 250 new cases, Nepalís tally jumps to 4,614 (kh 11/06/2020)

No evidence of Covid community transmission yet but infection cases could rise, WHO Nepal representative says: Jos Vandelaer argues relaxation does not mean going back to life before restrictions were imposed and that everyone should practice more self-discipline protect oneself and others (kp 11/06/2020)

27 Cases Of Dengue In Gandaki State (rn 11/6/2020)

Space crunch forces COVID suspects into tent (ht 11/06/2020)

Why diagnostic testing is important to control possible complications from coronavirus, by Lata Ghimire (rep 11/06/2020)

National COVID-19 Tally Climbs To 4,364 With 279 New Cases (rn 10/06/2020)

Five Sent Home From Quarantine As They Tested Negative In RDT Test Positive In PCR, by Janarjan Khatri (Urn 10/06/2020)

14 health workers infected with coronavirus so far (ht 10/06/2020)

Collection of swab samples halted in Sudurpaschim: The lone PCR machine in the province is being used to process only 150 samples a day. More than 1,600 collected swabs are yet to be processed, by Arjun Shah (kp 10/06/2020)

ain damages road to Okharpauwa landfill: The condition of the road might worsen further if rain continues, say officials while doctors warn diseases could spread easily if the collection of waste is disrupted, by Anup Ojha (kp 10/05/2020)

A COVID-19 Patient Dies In Chitwan  (rn 09/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 death toll reaches 15: COVID-19 infected man dies at Bharatpur Hospital (kh 09/06/2020)

Swab collection halted in Jajarkot (ht 09/06/2020)

Malaria a threat to those in quarantine facilities in Sudurpaschim: Sudurpaschim Health Directorate has instructed health workers to test swab samples for both malaria and coronavirus in the quarantine facilities, by Arjun Shah (kp 09/06/2020)

Pregnant Woman Airlifted From Achham Tests COVID-19 Positive, Hospital Sealed (rn 09/06/2020)

Coronavirus death toll reaches 14 in Nepal (kh 08/06/2020)

314 cases reported on Monday, coronavirus tally hits 3,762 (ht 08/06/2020), Nepal reports 314 new cases of COVID-19, tally surges to 3762 (rep 08/06/2020), Nepal reports 314 new COVID-19 cases; figure reaches 3,762 (kh 08/06/2020)

Most Covid victims have died untested, with infections detected after death: Doctors are questioning why they werenít tested earlier since most of them had been living in quarantine, and why they didnít receive proper medical attention, by Arjun Poudel (kp 08/06/2020)), Death by negligence: Quarantines and isolation centres are turning into Covid-19 death traps (kp 09/06/2020)

COVID victim cremated before test result came, by Dinesh Shrestha (ht 08/06/2020)

Reason to worry: Silent spread of COVID-19 infection in Nepal, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 07/06/2020)

Nepal reports 213 new COVID-19 cases; figure reaches 3,448 (kh 07/06/2020)

Health workers deployed at Covid-19 frontline deprived of their allowances: The health workers were supposed to be paid an amount equivalent to their salary for working under challenging conditions, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/07/2020)

COVID-19 Claims Two More Lives, Death Tally Reaches 13 (rn 06/06/2020), Coronavirus death toll in Nepal reaches 13 (kh 06/06/2020)

Number of Covid-19 deaths rises to 13; 323 new cases confirmed on Saturday: A 58 year-old man from Dolpa and a 55-year-old woman from Kailali tested positive after their deaths, according to the Health Ministry (kp 06/06/2020), COVID-19 Case Load Crosses 3,000 Mark, Reaches 3,235 With 323 New Cases (rn 06/06/2020), Health Ministry reports 323 new coronavirus cases taking total count to 3,235 (ht 06/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 3,235 with 323 new cases (kh 06/06/2020)

National COVID-19 Tally Hits 2,912 With 278 New Cases (rn 05/06/2020), With new 278 coronavirus cases today, Nepal's COVID-19 tally jumps to 2912 (rep 05/06/2020), Coronavirus spreads to 68 districts in Nepal (kh 05/06/2020)

Six coronavirus patients discharged before recovery (kh 05/06/2020)

Health authorities in FWP directed not to collect throat swab samples for next five days, by Arun Bam (rep 05/06/2020)

Health Ministry recommends declaring public health emergency but Cabinet undecided: A public health emergency will allow the government to make use of all healthcare infrastructure, both public and private, and redistribute funds to fight Covid-19, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/06/2020)

In Narainapur, the worst appears to be over but fears remain: Narainapur, with 118 cases, had emerged as a hotspot for Covid-19 due to poorly managed quarantine facilities but things have improved in recent days, by Janak Raj Sapkota (kp 0506/2020)

The dangers of the dengue virus: Haphazard urbanisation in Nepal has created ideal conditions for the mosquito that carries the disease, by Tom Robertson (nt 05/06/2020)

Narayan Campus in Dailekh reports more than half the districtís coronavirus cases: All returnees to Dailekh from India are sent to the facility at Narayan Campus before being sent to their local units. This, many believe, has turned the facility into a breeding ground for the virus, by Jyotee Katuwal (kp 05/06/2020)

Palpa's 45-Year Old Succumbs To COVID-19, Death Toll Hits 10 (rn 04/06/2020)

One more death and 334 new cases, highest in a single day, push Nepalís Covid-19 tally to 2,634: Swab sample of a 45-year-old man from Palpa, who became the 10th person to die due to Covid-19, came positive for the disease, according to the Health Ministry (kp 04/06/2020), Nepalís single-day cases cross 300 for the first time, tally hits 2,634 (ht 04/06/2020), Nepal reports one new death, COVID-19 infected cases reach 2,634: 334 new cases reported on Thursday (kh 04/06/2020)

Home isolation for asymptomatic, mild Covid cases, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 04/06/2020)

Sudurpaschim sees steady rise in coronavirus cases but hospitals do not have enough beds: According to Sudurpaschim Health Directorate, sub-regional hospitals, district hospitals and primary health centres in Sudurpaschim Province have a combined capacity of 180 isolation beds, by Mohan Budhaair (kp 04/06/2020)

In Karnali, quarantined individuals are getting sick while medical attention has been hard to come by: As Karnali Province reports more than 250 cases within just two weeks since the virus was first detected, the provincial and local governments are struggling to manage resources, by Jyotee Katuwal (kp 04/06/2020)

Public health experts point at government failure amid projections of spike in cases: Officials estimate that the number of Covid-19 cases is likely to double within a week, ultimately reaching a peak of 20,000 infections and between 400 and 500 deaths, by Arjun Poudel (kp 04/06/2020))

Nepalís coronavirus death toll reaches 9 (kh 03/06/2020)

Nepal reports 201 coronavirus cases on Wednesday, national tally hits 2,300 (ht 03/06/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally soars to 2,300 with 201 new cases (kh 03/06/2020)

Quarantines in Sudurpaschim bursting at seams (ht 03/06/2020)

PCR tests of all quarantined persons fraught with problems (ht 03/06/2020)

PCR report now mandatory for COVID-19 insurance (ht 03/06/2020)

Only critically-ill COVID-19 patients will be admitted to hospital: Health Minister Dhakal (rep 03/06/2020)

Lack of trained medical staff exacerbates Kapilvastuís Covid-19 response: While the district is scrambling to locate the infected and suspects of Covid-19, it is also grappling with a shortage of medical staff, by Manoj Paudel (kp 03/06/2020)

Number of COVID-19 cases in Nepal crosses 2000 mark (rep 02/06/2020), 288 new cases reported, Nepalís tally at 2,099 (kh 02/06/2020)

Covid-19 suspects in Sudurpaschim have to wait for more than a week to get test results: The provincial lab has asked the Mahakali Municipality to stop collecting swab samples for the time being amid increasing numbers of samples to be tested, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 02/06/2020)

Tourist standard hotels agree to government rate for quarantine (ht 02/06/2020)

Quarantined peopleís swabs collected after minorís death  (ht 02/06/2020)

Hospitals are now demanding PCR test results before admitting patients: Doctors say that hospitals must balance the desire to protect their staff with the need to provide critical care to patients, by Arjun Poudel (kp 01/06/2020)

135 Nepalis succumbed to COVID-19 worldwide, around 16 thousand infected (ht 01/06/2020)

Ill-managed quarantine facilities putting lives of many at risk, doctors say, by Ashim Neupane (rep 01/06/2020)

COVID-19 infected person also suffers from Dengue in Dang (kh 01/06/2020)

166 cases confirmed on Sunday, Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 1567 (ht 31/05/2020), After the confirmation of 166 new cases of coronavirus, Nepal's COVID-19 tally jumps to 1567 (rep 31/05/2020), Nepal reports 166 new COVID-19 cases, tally jumps to 1,567 (kh)

Two-year-old girl, who died at an isolation ward in Bajura, tests positive for coronavirus (kh 31/05/2020)

128 Nepalis die of COVID-19 worldwide; 15,826 infected (rep 31/05/2020)

Nepal reports 817 COVID-19 cases in a single week (kh 31/05/2020)

13-year-old infected with dengue, cases reach 10 (kh 31/05/2020)

Rising Covid-19 cases and limited isolation beds once again expose governmentís lack of preparedness to fight the virus: Amid plans to send infected persons home and to poorly managed quarantine, experts warn of community spread, by Arjun Poudel (kp 31/05/2020)

Province 2 expands its isolation capacity as Covid-19 cases continue to rise: As many as 57 new cases were confirmed on Saturday, by Ajit Tiwari (kp 31/05/2020)

Nepal reports 189 new Covid-19 cases, the highest in a single day, as national tally crosses 1,400: This is the fourth consecutive day when the country has reported more than 100 cases (kp 30/05/2020), 189 new cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 1,401 (ht 30/05/2020), With 189 more people testing positive for coronavirus, Nepal's COVID-19 tally soars to 1401 (rep 30/05/2020), 189 new cases confirmed, Nepalís COVID-19 tally jumps to 1,401 (kh 30/05/2020)

Man from Dailekh dies of coronavirus; number of COVID-19 deaths reaches seven, by Nagendra Upadhyaya (rep 30/05/2020), 37-year-old man dies of Covid-19 at a quarantine facility in Dullu, Dailekh: It took four hours for health workers team to reach the facility after the person fell unconscious, by Jyotee Katuwal (kp 31/05/2020)

13 more patients of COVID-19 discharged after recovery today, by Kunga Hyolmo (rep 30/05/2020)

Police fire in the air to save health workers (ht 30/05/2020)

170 new cases take Nepalís COVID-19 tally to 1,212; MoHP confirms 6th fatality (ht 29/05/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 tally soars to 1212 with 170 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours (rep 29/05/2020), Nepal reports 170 COVID-19 new cases, tally hits 1,212 (kh 29/05/2020)

Nepal reports sixth COVID-19 death (rep 29/05/2020)

Quarantine facilities filled to their capacity in most local units: Almost all local units are overwhelmed with the large influx of returnees in the past week, by Basanta Pratap Singh (kp 29/05/2020)

156 new cases confirmed on Thursday, Nepalís COVID-19 tally races past 1,000 (ht 28/05/2020), Nepal records highest single-day spike in COVID-19 cases with 156 new infections today, national tally climbs to 1042 (rep 28/05/2020)

Quarantine facilities in Tanahun ill-managed (ht 28/05/2020)

Calls to allow returnees to self-quarantine grow as officials fail to manage: As authorities step-up testing, resource-strapped labs are under pressure to process samples quickly. With long queues for tests, returnees from India are forced to stay in quarantine for more than the mandatory period, by Arjun Poudel and Manoj Paudel (kp 28/05/2020)

Dengue cases on the rise, country lacks testing kits, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 28/05/2020)

Nepal reports first 100-plus single day cases, tally soars to 886 (ht 27/05/2020), Nepal reports fifth COVID-19 death: The number of coronavirus positive cases have reached 886 in the country (kh 27/05/2020), With 114 new COVID-19 cases, Nepalís tally climbs to 886 (kh 27/05/2020)

Home quarantined pregnant woman dies in Saptari (ht 27/05/2020)

Authorities in Dailekh struggle to prepare proper quarantine facilities for returnees: In Narayan Municipality, 25 individuals are cooped up in one small room. Those quarantined in other municipalities are not faring any better, by Jyotee Katuwal (kp 27/05/2020)

Health Ministry insists Nepal has still not entered Ďcommunity transmissioní stage: Such a claim from the ministry comes when people without travel history have been infected with the coronavirus, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/05/2020)

How Narainapur turns out to be a Ďcoronavirus hubí: One in each six cases of Nepal is from Narainapur, by Raghab Sharma (kh 26/05/2020)

35 Coronavirus suspects escape over delay in test reports (kh 26/05/2020)

Inmates at risk of contracting coronavirus in Kathmandu valley, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 26/05/2020)

Septuagenarian diagnosed with Covid-19 post demise in Parsa (ht 25/05/2020), Nepal reports fourth COVID-19 death (rep 25/05/2020)

Fear Grips Bara Locals, 21 COVID-19 Cases Detected In A Single Day (rn 25/05/2020), 72 new cases take nationwide COVID-19 count to 675 (ht 25/05/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally hits 682 with seven new cases (kh 25/05/2020)

National Hospital, Birgunj, To Be Sealed Off, by Deepak Prasad Gautam (rn 25/05/2020)

With patients testing positive for Covid-19, more hospitals could close down completely: If hospitals close down, more patients will be deprived of medical services and the countryís health infrastructure will come under more stress, doctors warn, by Arjun Poudel (kp 25/05/2020)

Narainapur declared Ďprohibited areaí as chaos and misinformation continues: In the Banke rural municipality, as many as 13 infected went into hiding after they tested positive for the coronavirus. The reasons are manifold, including rumours, fake news and illiteracy, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 25/05/2020)

Health Ministry confirms 19 cases of coronavirus today; COVID-19 national tally soars to 603 (rep 24/05/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally hits 603 with 19 new cases (kh 24/05/2020)

Infected people stay in quarantine centres in lack of isolation ward: Twenty-five people in Godaita Municipality, Sarlahi, have tested positive for Covid-19, by Om Prakash Thakur (kp 24/05/2020), Rukum town stops providing meals to those in quarantine, gives them cash instead: People in various quarantine facilities across the municipality say Rs 178 given by the municipality every day is not enough to cover the cost of their four meals, by Hari Gautam (kp 24/05/2020)

Hotels to provide rooms to quarantine healthcare workers, by Arpana Ale Magar (ht 24/05/2020)

117 NRNs Die Of Corona Virus, 13,000 Infected (rn 24/05/2020)

National COVID-19 Tally Hits 548 With 32 More Cases (rn 23/05/2020), 32 new cases including one from Valley take COVID-19 count to 548 (ht 23/05/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 tally soars to 584 with 36 new cases of coronavirus today afternoon (rep 23/05/2020), Nepalís coronavirus tally stands at 584 with 36 new cases (kh 23/05/2020)

Contact tracing is getting complicated as test subjects are not providing genuine personal details: Stigma surrounding the Covid-19, most likely exacerbated by the incidents of discrimination faced by patients from their landlords and neighbours, has caused the people to give false information, officials say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/05/2020)

Karnali province far from prepared to combat possible spread of Covid-19: A 35-year-old man from Dailekh was reported as the first positive case on Monday, by Kalendra Sejuwal and Jyoti Katuwal (kp 23/05/2020)

Kavre quarantines almost vacant (ht 23/05/2020)

National COVID-19 tally reaches 507 with 20 new cases: MoHP (rn 22/05/2020), Nine more contract COVID-19, national tally hits 516 (rep 22/05/2020), Nepalís coronavirus tally stands at 516 with nine new cases (kh 22/05/2020)

Government has failed to procure a single ventilator for Covid treatment: Public health experts say except for enforcing and extending the lockdown, authorities have done nothing substantial, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/05/2020)

Nepal Reports Third COVID-19 Death, by Deepak Gyawali (rn 21/05/2020), Nepal records new COVID-19 death (kh 21/05/2020), Health Ministry confirms three new Covid-19 cases; national tally reaches 456
Samples of two persons from Banke and one from Kapilvastu came positive for coronavirus, Health Ministry says
(kp 22/05/2020), Gulmi teacher succumbs to coronavirus: Docs have no clue from who the
41-year-old contracted the virus
, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Krishna Prasad Dhakal (ht 22/05/2020)

COVID-19 national tally reaches 453 with nine new cases today (rep 21/05/2020), Three new cases confirmed, Nepalís COVID-19 count reaches 457 (kh 21/05/2020)

Narainapur Covid-19 patients finally moved to isolation ward: All 59 infected were moved to the ward in the Nepalgunj-based Lions Hospital, which lacks resources to accommodate all, on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The ward only has 25 beds, by Rupa Gahatraj (kp 21/05/2020)

Eleven more positive cases confirmed on Tuesday, tally reaches 54 in Province 1: The first positive case in the province was reported in Udayapur on April 17; the infection has spread to six other districts in a month, Madhav Ghimire by Dilliram Khatiwada (kp 20/05/2020)

Health Ministry confirms 27 new cases, Covid-19 tally hits 402 (ht 19/05/2020), COVID-19 cases climb to 402 in Nepal with 27 news cases (kh 19/05/2020), Twenty-seven more infected with neo-coronavirus disease: Five contract the virus in valley; Sixty-two-year-old patient discharged from Koshi Hospital (ht 20/05/2020)

Tarai reports a scary picture, by Anjali Subedi (rep 20/05/2020)

Has the disease spread in community? (ht 19/05/2020)

Electric crematorium closed for past two days (ht 19/05/2020)

Two hospitals sealed after COVID cases (ht 19/05/2020)

COVID-19 claims lives of 10 migrants: 1,285 Nepali workers infected in major labour destinations (ht 19/05/2020)

Quarantine facilities in Province 5 crowded and mismanaged: Family members visiting quarantine facilities to bring food for their relatives increases the risk of rampant community transfer of the virus, say health officials, by Manoj Paudel (kp 19/05/2020)

With 53 new cases, Nepal's COVID-19 tally soars to 357 (rep 18/05/2020), Nepal confirms 53 new cases, COVID-19 tally hits 357 (kh 18/05/2020), 80 new cases of COVID-19 detected: Condition of a 41-year-old
teacher from Gulmi critical
, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 19/05/2020)

Man lost his job, wanted to come home. Lockdown killed him: Bishnu Prasad Neyopane died in his wait for restrictions to be lifted. Thereíre more than 3,500 Nepalis like him in Kuwait, by Chandan Kumar Mandal (kp 18/05/2020) [The responsibility lies especially with PM Oli and his government, who completely shirk their obligation for the migrant workers! The problem is not the lockdown as such, but the disinterest in its effects!], Govt likely to evacuate Nepalis stranded abroad from next week (ht 18/05/2020) [Of course, PM Oli is absolutely aware that this will require up to 1.500 flights or even more!], Nepali workers in Kuwait: ďWe donít want to die in a foreign landĒ, by Sabina Karki (kh 18/05/2020)

Covid-19: A scientific perspective: There seems to be a misconception that lockdown measures alone will tackle the novel coronavirus. This is far from the truth, by Sameer M. Dixit (kp 18/05/2020)

Rapid diagnostic tests not relevant for Nepal at this moment: WHO, interview with  Jos Vandelaer, a medical doctor and World Health Organisation country representative to Nepal (ht 18/05/2020)

Lack of coordination among federal, provincial and local governments may prove costly in Province 5, say officials: The province has so far reported 110 Covid-19 cases but management of quarantine and health facilities in many places remain in a dismal state, by Amrita Anmol (kp 18/05/2020)

Second Covid-19 death reported, 25-y/o succumbs to the disease in Banke (ht 17/05/2020), Nepal records second COVID-19 death (kh 17/05/2020)

Ten new cases of COVID-19 detected; total infection count reaches 291 (ht 17/05/2020)

Patients complain about lack of care, inadequate food, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 17/05/2020)

Asymptomatic patients to be quarantined or sent home as ministry expects 1,000 cases in a week: Health experts warn delays in tests and contact tracing will cause the coronavirus to spread in communities, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/05/2020)

Chhapkaiya, Covid-19 hotspot in Province 2, is at high risk of community transmission: Local residents demand polymerase chain reaction tests of more people in the dense settlement, by Shankar Acharya (kp 17/05/2020)

Woman suspected to have been infected by coronavirus dies in Dhulikhel, by Madhususan Guragain (rep 16/05/2020), Health Ministry sends team to find cause of death of Sindhupalchowk woman (kh 16/05/2020),
Nepal reports its first Covid-19 death: The Health Ministry confirms a womanís death at Dhulikhel Hospital on Thursday was due to the coronavirus, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/05/2020), First COVID-19 death in Nepal, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 17/05/2020), Nepalís first COVID-19 victim: Words fail to describe a heartrending experience, by Moti Ram Timalsina (kh(18/05/2020)

63 Nepalis die of COVID-19 in UK (rep 16/05/2020)

Nepalís Covid-19 tally reaches 276 with confirmation of nine new cases today (ht 16/05/2020), With two new cases, Nepalís COVID-19 tally hits 278 (kh 16/05/2020), 14 more, including two NA personnel test positive for virus (ht 17/05/2020)

As cases of Covid-19 surge in Province 5, hospitals run out of resources: Hospitals say their resources will be spread thin if more patients are admitted, by Sanju Poudel and Durhalal KC (kp 16/05/2020)

Coronavirus cases climb to 258 in Nepal with nine new cases (kh 15/05/2020)

Meanwhile, a measles outbreak in Nepal: Delays in vaccination during lockdown infects more with measles than does coronavirus nationwide, by Shiva Upreti (nt 15/05/2020)

Kalaazar patient found in Bajura district (ht 15/05/2020)

COVID-19 count increases to 246 with one new case identified (ht 14/05/2020), COVID-19 cases climb to 246 in Nepal after one more case reported (kh 14/05/2020)

If Covid-19 cases continue to increase at current rate, Nepalís health infrastructure could easily be overwhelmed, doctors warn: Most of Nepalís isolation, ICU beds and ventilators are centralised in the Kathmandu Valley and urban centres, leaving many parts of the country without adequate infrastructure, by Arjun Poudel (kp 14/05/2020), Cases are still rising: Itís not that lockdown measures wouldnít have worked, itís that the government has failed at implementing a successful regimen (kp 14/05/2020), Hospitals treating Covid face shortage of beds (ht 14/05/2020), COVID-19: Parsa, Banke face potential shortfalls in hospital beds, by Bhupal Luitel (kh 14/05/2020)

Patients flee from Birgunj hospital (ht 14/05/2020)

Province 2 teeters on edge with the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the country: Of the 98 confirmed cases in the province, 85 are from Parsa district alone, by Ajit Tiwari and Shankar Acharya (kp 14/05/2020)

In Gandaki Province, almost all quarantine centres are virtually empty: People have been reluctant to stay in the centres, local officials say (kp 14/05/2020)

State 5 To Increase Hospitals For Treatment Of COVID-19 Patients (rn 14/05/2020)

24 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed; total count reaches 243 (ht 13/05/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 cases jump to 243 (rep 13/05/2020)

Nepalís COVID-19 tally spikes to 191 as 57 new cases confirmed today (rep 12/05/2020), Nepal reports 57 more COVID-19 cases, tally jumps to 191: 57 more confirmed cases in a day (kh 12/05/2020), 158 men and 33 women out of COVID-19 infected in Nepal so far (kh 12/05/2020)

Testing stepped up in Banke as it emerges as hotspot for Covid-19: With 24 positive cases in Nepalgunj, authorities are focusing on tracing contacts of those infected to control the spread of the virus, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 12/05/2020)

Gandaki Province has no active Covid-19 case, but officials warn against complacency: Covid-19 cases are on the rise in other provinces and trucks, including people, are coming in. So thereís still a possibility of an outbreak, says the Provincial Health Office, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 12/05/2020), Kapilvastu sealed for a week after spike in coronavirus cases: The district reported 16 coronavirus cases on Monday alone, by Manoj Paudel (kp 12/05/2020)

Coronavirus cases double in nine days: Nepal count 134; Country reports largest single-day surge in cases with 24 testing positive, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 12/05/2020)

7,721 quarantined people in Rolpa return home without COVID tests (kh 12/05/2020)

Coronavirus kills 60 Nepalis including 49 ex-Gurkhas in UK (kh 12/05/2020)

13 new cases, national COVID-19 tally jumps to 134 (rep 11/05/2020)

Dengue, kala-azar and malaria cases surge in several parts of the country: Health officials say these vector-borne diseases could get worse with temperature rise and pre-monsoon rains, by Arjun Poudel (kp 11/05/2020)

ĎImproper sampling can lead to false resultsí, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 11/05/2020)

Ten new Covid-19 cases confirmed; national tally reaches 120: All cases are men from Kapilvastu (kp 11/05/2020)

Karnali launches campaign for mass coronavirus testing: The drive aims to conduct tests on around 10,000 people suspected of having Covid-19, by Kalendra Sejuwal (kp 11/05/2020)

In Humla, cramped quarantine with shared facilities and no running water: Individuals say they are happy to comply with quarantine measures but the state of the facilities is dangerously unacceptable, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 11/05/2020)

Officials warn rise in number of cargo trucks entering Nepal raises the risk of coronavirus: Health workers fear the spread of Covid-19 if safety guidelines are not followed while allowing entry to trucks, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/05/2020)

COVID-19 Lab In Bharatpur Resumes After 10 Days (rn 10/05/2020)

78 NRNs Dead, Almost 5,500 Infected By Corona Virus (rn 10/05/2020)

COVID-19 Cases In Nepal Reach 109 With 7 New Cases Today (rn 09/05/2020), Eight more coronavirus cases detected, taking countryís infection tally to 110: Covid-19 cases rise to 32 in Bhulke, Udayapur, one of the hotspots of the outbreak (kp 10/05/2020), Eight test positive for COVID-19, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 10/05/2020)

Highlanders less susceptible to coronavirus infection: Study (ht 09/05/2020) [Does the pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2 virus decrease at high-altitude?, by Christian Arias-Rexas et al.]

Government set to begin pool testing to trace novel coronavirus infection, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 09/05/2020)

Quarantined people sent home without any test (ht 09/05/2020)

Local units in Gorkha start immunisation drive against measles-rubella: The local units decided to run vaccination campaigns after five cases of measles were reported recently, by Hariram Upreti (kp 09/05/2020))

19 Indian nationals out of contact since they left a quarantine facility in Saptari on Wednesday night: The individuals managed to leave the Koshi Basic School quarantine despite round the clock security provided by Nepal Police and Armed Police Force personnel, by Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 09/05/2020)

Three Latest COVID-19 Patients Of Kapilvastu Had Also Sneaked Through No Man's Land, by Deepak Gyawali (rn 09/05/2020)

A New COVID-19 Case Confirmed In Nepalgunj, Tally Reaches 102 (rn 08/05/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 tally reaches 102 with one more patient testing positive for deadly virus today (rep 08/05/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally hits 102 as Nepalgunj reports one more case: Nepalgunj becomes new hotspot with 24 cases (kh 08705/2020)

Health experts warn of multiple outbreaks if contact tracing efforts are not ramped up: Lack of coordination among government agencies is said to be the major factor behind the delay, by Artjun Poudel (kp 08/05/2020)

Nepalís future normal: Nepalis have come up with ways to cope with the COVID-19 because we are inherently laid back, by Anil Chitrakar (nt 08/05/2020)

Two Infected In Kapilvastu Taken To Lumbini State Hospital (rn 08/05/2020)

PCR Test On Priority: Minister Dhakal (rn 08/05/2020)

Birgunj Sealed After Confirmation Of 17 COVID-19 Cases In A Single Day, by Deepak Prasad Gautam (rn 07/05/2020), Seventeen of a Parsa family test positive for coronavirus infection: Two-month-old infant among the infected: Nine of those contracting disease below 14 years, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 07/05/2020), Two new Covid-19 patients identified, Nepalís case tally crosses 100 (ht 07/05/2020), Nepal's COVID-19 tally reaches 101 with two new cases today (rep 07/05/2020)

Solukhumbu woman who had recently returned from Udayapur tests positive for nCoV antibodies, by Shyam Rai (ht 07/05/2020)

Three recovered patients test positive for Covid-19 once again, raising alarm: Doctors, however, say that it is unlikely the patients were reinfected or are even able to spread the coronavirus, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/05/2020)

Myagdi Reports Two More Dengue Cases (rn 07/05/2020, Country facing double whammy of dengue and coronavirus (ht 07/05/2020)

88 Nepalis contract COVID-19 in Bahrain (ht 07/05/2020)

Labs across country running out of Covid-19 test kits: The Nepal Army, which was to procure medical equipment through a fast track process is yet to deliver the kits, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/05/2020), Shortage of laboratory materials imperils novel coronavirus testing, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 06/05/2020)

Dangís health workers lack proper medical gears to tackle Covid-19: Even today, many health workers in Dang who are involved in the treatment of Covid-19 patients or suspects are without protective equipment and at risk of catching the virus, by Durgalal KC (kp 06/05/2020)

NHRC to conduct Genetic analysis of COVID-19 (rep 06/05/2020)

Six Indians who earlier tested positive for coronavirus discharged after recovery, by Chuman Basnet (rep 06/05/2020)

Seven more people test positive for COVID-19 in Nepalgunj; total number climbs to 82 (rep 05/05/2020), 7 more COVID-19 cases confirmed in Nepal; tally reaches 82 (kh 05/05/2020), 1,582 samples tested for coronavirus in last 24 hours (kh 05/05/2020), Seven new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Banke: Nepalís coronavirus tally reaches 82 (kp 06/05/2020)

Without proper contact tracing, the lockdown will have little effect, doctors say: Public health experts warn that failure to expand contact tracing, especially in Covid-19 hotspots, and not testing all suspects could be costly, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/05/2020), ĎTest, trace, test to arrest COVID transmissioní Experts call for seven-fold jump in tests ó from an average of 139 a day at present to 1,000, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 05/05/2020)

Poorly built quarantine facilities in Kalikot highlights local unitsí hasty move: Most of the facilities in Kalikot do not meet the basic requirements set by the federal government, by Tularam Pandey (kp 04/05/2020)

18 Indians flee quarantine facility in Jhapa (ht 04/05/2020)

Number of COVID-19 infected Nepalis climbs to 84 in Kuwait (kh 04/05/2020)

Nepal reports 10 more COVID-19 cases, tally reaches 69 (kh 03/05/2020), 16 new Covid-19 cases detected on Sunday: Fifteen in Banke and one in Parsa tested positive for the virus, Health Ministry says (kp 04/05/2020), Sixteen test positive for neo-coronavirus: Fifteen of them from Nepalgunj; Seven-year-old contracts virus; Biggest single-day spike (ht), High Alert Measures Placed In State 5 Following 17 Coronavirus Cases In Two Days (rn 04/05/2020)

Days After Being Discharged From Hospital, COVID-19 Patient Re-Admitted, by Deepak Prasad Gautam (rn 03/05/2020)

COVID-19: NRN Death Toll Reaches 73 With 5000 Infected (rn 03/05/2020)

Nepali Congress demands provincial halt to rapid diagnostic tests in Province 1: A meeting of the Nepali Congress Provincial Assembly Party on Thursday decided to draw the attention of the government to stop RDTs immediately questioning its efficacy, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 02/05/2020)

89 COVID-19 suspects put in isolation across Nepal (kh 02/05/2020)

Karnali hasnít reported a single Covid-19 case, but remains on edge: The province prepares for a fight against Covid-19 given the large influx of Nepali migrant workers from India in the last month, by Kalendra Sejuwal (kp 02/05/2020)

MoHP Confirms Two New COVID-19 Cases (rn 01/05/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally hits 59 (kh 01/05/2020)

Expecting mother expelled from operation theatre (ht 01/05/2020)

Woman kept in isolation ward dies (rep 01/05/2020) [The RDT method is known to be an extremely unreliable test method!]

Four places in Nepalgunj sealed after first coronavirus case (kh 01/05/2020)

Blanket ban on international arrivals will not stop new Covid-19 cases, experts say: As people continue to cross the border illegally, experts suggest that it is better to allow them to enter the country, send them to quarantine, maintain their records and send them home (kp 30/04/2020) [This should have been understood by the Oli government from the very first moment!]

Nepalís response to COVID-19: Initiatives, challenges, future pathways, by Sujan B. Marahatta (ht 30/04/2020)

Returnees not staying in self-quarantine in Kavre (ht 30/04/2020)

ĎHealth workers at Koshi Hospital fighting coronavirus undeterred, undauntedí (ht 30/04/2020)

Despite accuracy concerns, Nepal to procure 100,000 RDT kits (kh 30/04/2020)

Disengaging strategy from COVID-19, by Binoj Basnyat (kh 30/04/2020)

Nepal reports three more COVID-19 cases, tally reaches 57 (kh 29/04/2020)

Jhapa local unit stops using rapid diagnostic tests due to faulty results: The local unit has decided to contact trace and expedite coronavirus testing among the local population through the Polymerase Chain Reaction method, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 29/04/2020)

Measles outbreaks reported in five districts including in Kathmandu and Lalitpur in last one month: Doctors warns continuous disruption in routine immunisation could put lives of thousands of children at risk, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/04/2020)

Two New COVID-19 Cases In Rautahat Confirmed, Count Climbs To 54, by Krishna Tiwari (rn 28/04/2020), Two more COVID-19 cases confirmed, the number of total reported cases climbs to 54 (rep 28/04/2020)

Over 10,400 PCR tests conducted in Nepal so far (kh 28/04/2020)

Public health experts suggest more PCR tests as they call into question the efficacy of rapid test kits: The Department of Health Services, however, bets on rapid test kits in the fight against coronavirus even though the National Public Health Laboratory says the validity of RDT kits was based on a small sample size, by Arjun Poudel (kp 28/04/2020)

Shortage of supplementary equipment affects coronavirus testing in Karnali: The recently purchased PCR machines can process a maximum of 96 samples at a time but the available VTMs and processing kits will not be sufficient to run the maximum number of tests, by Kalendra Sejuwal (kp 28/04/2020)

Man dies in quarantine in Rolpa, by Dinesh Subedi (rep 28/04/2020)

Dangís health workers struggle to find accommodation to self-quarantine: For a lack of quarantine facility, health workers deployed at the temporary hospital are staying on hospital premises, by Durgalal KC (kp 27/04/2020)

Three more test positive: 2 in Birgunj, 1 in Jhapa: Four discharged after recovering; Wards No2 and 3 of Birgunj sealed, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 27/04/2020)

49 Nepalis succumb to COVID-19 globally, nearly 2000 infected (ht 27/04/2020)

Malaria seen in people staying in quarantine: Threat of dengue also looms large, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 26/04/2020)

No medication was given to COVID-19 patients in Baglung, self-confidence helped them beat the virus, by Santosh Pokharel and Sangam Gharti Magar (rep 26/04/2020)

Two New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed, Number Reaches 51 (rn 26/04/2020), Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 51 as Birgunj reports 2 new cases (kh 26/04/2020), Four more COVID-19 patients recover in Nepal (kh 26/04/2020)

Efficacy of rapid corona tests questioned as 16 test positive after negative RDT (ht 25/04/2020)

Coronavirus spreads to 12 districts in Nepal (kh 25/04/2020)

11th COVID-19 patient recovers, 38 active cases now, by Sangam Gharti Magar (rep 25/04/2020), MoHP provides latest update on COVID-19 in Nepal (rep 25/04/2020), 12 COVID-19 patients recover in Nepal so far (jg 25/04/2020)

Nepal Covid-19 tally hits 49 after one new case in Jhapa: Health Ministry said a 62-year-old man tested positive for the virus at BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in Dharan (kp 25/04/2020)

COVID-19: WHO Removes Nepal From High Risk Zone, Puts Into Risk Zone (rn 25/04/2020)

Saptari in short supply of Rapid Diagnostic Test kits: Although a few days ago the provincial government took the decision to send a Polymerase Chain Reaction machine to the district to conduct tests, the district-based authorities are yet to fix a location to set up a PCR machine in Saptari, by Abdesh Kumar Jha (kp 24/04/2020)

Three Virus Patients Discharged, Two New Cases Detected, by Ajita Rijal (rn 24/04/2020), Three more test positive for novel coronavirus disease (ht 24/04/2020), The 48th COVID-19 patient traveled far and wide, by Eksan Raj (rep 24/04/2020)

COVID-19 fear in army barracks after Bhulke residents test positive (ht 24/04/2020)

Dengue and scrub typhus cases reported in Myagdi: Health workers in Myagdi have advised people to adopt preventive measures to control the spread of dengue and scrub typhus citing them as easily transmissible diseases, by Ghanashyam Khadka (kp 23/04/2020)

Fighting COVID-19 At The Local Levels, by Mukti Rijal (rn 23/04/2020)

Udayapur is a ticking time bomb, warn doctors, as more Covid-19 cases are identified: While doctors suspect that Nepal has already entered stage 3 of the pandemicócommunity transmissionóthe Health Ministry says all cases are interrelated, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/04/2020)

With two new cases, Nepalís COVID-19 tally reaches 47 (kh 23/04/2020), COVID-19 cases jump to 47 in Nepal with 2 new cases today (rep 23/04/2020)

Two real-time polymerase chain reaction machines purchased for Karnali: The machines will be installed at the Provincial Hospital in Birendranagar and Jumla-based Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, by Kalendra Sejuwal (kp 23/04/2020)

Three New COVID-19 Cases Confirmed, Number Reaches 45 (rn 22/04/2020), Three more cases confirmed, total tally hits 45 on Wednesday (ht 22/04/2020), COVID-19 cases mount to 45 in Nepal (kh 22/04/2020), 7 persons recover from COVID-19 in Nepal so far (kh 22/04/2020)

Government prepares to seal Udayapur district following confirmation of 11 new Covid-19 cases in a day: According to the Epidemiology and Disease Control Division, all the patients who tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday were asymptomatic, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/04/2020))

COVID-19: Udayapur reports 11 new cases, total cases in Nepal jump to 42 (kh 21/04/2020), State-1 shares 56 pc COVID-19 patients in Nepal (kh 22/04/2020), Udaypur Faces Shortage Of Medical Equipment To Increase COVID-19 Test (rn 22/04/2020)

Of the total 5,000 entering Jumla in a month, the number of people tested for Covid-19 is in the hundreds: The local administration admitted that most of the people sent home from quarantine were not tested for Covid-19, by LP Devkota (kp 22/04/2020)

Nepal mulls using plasma therapy in COVID-19 treatment: Health Ministry preparing directives, by Rita Lamsal (kh 21/04/2020)

Health Ministry purchasing additional 100,000 rapid diagnostic test kits via fast track process: Public health experts suggest to perform polymerase chain reaction test mandatorily on suspects, by Arjun Poudel (kp 21/04/2020)

One COVID-19 Case Confirmed In Udaypur: MoHP (rn 21/04/2020), One more person tests positive for COVID-19 in Nepal (kh 21/04/2020)

81 per cent COVID patients in Nepal asymptomatic, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 21/04/2020)

Status Of Virus Outbreak In Nepal, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 21/04/2020)

Detection of Covid-19 patients from mosques prompts government to start mass testing at religious sites with dozens of people in a single residential unit: Monasteries, vihars, gurukuls and mosques house dozens of devotees and students studying religious texts, by Binod Ghimire (kp 20/04/2020)

Four cases of recovery from Covid-19 recorded, so far: Health Ministry (ht 20/04/2020)

First she tested positive for Covid-19. Then she started getting death threats: Prasiddhi Shrestha, Nepalís second case of coronavirus, fought hate speech and death threats after her diagnosis, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 20/04/2020)

Shortage of kits to transport virus samples, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 20/04/2020)

Two more labs ready to verify PCR tests (ht 20/04/2020)

One more person tests positive for Covid-19, taking the total number of cases to 31: A 65-year-old man from Biratnagar tested positive for the disease on Saturday, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/04/2020)

Health experts for more polymerase chain reaction tests, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 19/04/2020)

Patient treated in isolation ward dies (ht 19/04/2020)

Rapid tests halted in three Karnali districts due to shortage of RDT kits: The Provincial Health Directorate had dispatched around 5,000 kits to all 10 districts of Karnali Province last week, by Kalendra Sejuwal and Biplab Maharjan (kp 19/04/2020)

PCR machine was sent to Narayani Hospital without supplementary equipment: Doctors at the hospital say a larger space is required to set up a laboratory that can safely run tests without compromising the results, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 19/04/2020)

Jhulke village in Udayapur district completely sealed: Doctors say the condition of all 12 COVID-19 patients appears normal, by Hari Adhikari and Shyam Rai (kp 19/04/2020)

Coronavirus has killed 28, and infected 1,200 Nepalis worldwide (rep 19/04/2020)

Second COVID-19 Patient Of Nepal Recovers, Discharged From Hospital Today (rn 18/04/2020), Two Covid-19 patients discharged from hospitals: The 19-year-old student and a 65-year-old woman returned from France and Belgium respectively were found infected with coronavirus, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/04/2020), Two COVID-19 patients discharged: Another 19-year old girl has tested
positive for the fourth time
, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 19/04/2020)

With 14 new cases, Nepalís Covid-19 tally doubles in a single day: Twelve cases in Udayapur and two in Chitwan mark a sharp rise in Covid-19 infections in the country, bringing the total to 30, by Arjun Poudel (kp 18/04/2020)

Why rapid tests are doing more harm than good: Nepalís decision to use rapid diagnostic kits for mass testing may actually be putting more people at risk, by Ramu Sapkota (nt 17/04/2020)

While dealing with Covid-19, government should not lose sight of other infectious diseases, say doctors: With the onset of summer, infectious diseases like malaria, typhoid, dengue, and cholera could lead to epidemics of their own if focus stays on the coronavirus, they say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/04/2020)

COVID test: Question mark over efficacy of labs outside capital, by Tekendra Deuba (ht 17/04/2020)

Test for COVID-19 slows down in Sudur Paschim Province for lack of test kits (rep 17/04/2020)

Coronavirus threat affects immunisation campaign: Millions of kids not to get measles and other vaccines on time, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 16/04/2020)

People who returned from abroad before lockdown seek Covid-19 test voluntarily: Local government officials, neighbours pressing returnees to get tested even after spending months at home, by Arjun Poudel (kp 16/04/2020) [This also has to do with the deliberate lack of information by the Oli government, whose policies suggest that infections can only be transmitted by people who have come to Nepal from abroad!]

Test, test, test: The government needs to aggressively move forward with mass testing (kp 16/04/2020)

Woman, son test positive for COVID-19, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 15/04/2020), Sun City Apartments family among 153 arriving by Qatar Airways flight, by Ashim Neupane (rep 15/04/2020), Daughter-in-law, living in Sun City Apartment, tests negative (kh 15/04/2020), All residents of Sun City Block A test negative for coronavirus (kh 15/04/2020), Kin of COVID-positive duo tests negative: 298 residents of apartment building test negative for virus (ht 16/04/2020)

Rapid test shows three COVID-19 positive cases in Kavre and Dhading (rep 15/04/2020)

Experts call on officials to test all suspects for Covid-19 as rapid testing uncovers five cases in single day: They echo suggestion by the World Health Organization that testing of the masses is the only way to contain the disease, by Arjun Poudel (kp 15/04/2020), Speed up testing (rep 15/04/2020)

Newly diagnosed cases create fear in Province 2 (ht 15/04/2020)

54 that had come into contact with COVID-19 positive woman, quarantined in Kailali (ht 15/04/2020)

358 people test negative in RDT (ht 15/04/2020)

With mass testing, more cases of Covid-19 begin to emerge: On Monday alone, mass testing using rapid test kits identified five new cases of Covid-19; three have yet to be confirmed via a PCR test, by Arjun Poudel (kp 14/04/2020), 5 test positive: 2 for virus, 3 for antibodies, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 14/04/2020), 3 in Sun City Apartments test COVID positive in RDT, samples being tested at Teku, by Ashim Neupane (rep 14/04/2020)

Twenty-six put under quarantine again due to Ďnegligence of authoritiesí (ht 14/04/2020)

Yet another Covid-19 case identified in Kailali: The new patient is a 65-year-old woman from Kailali who operated a tea shop in Birgunj, by Arjun Poudel (kp 13/04/2020), Three Indian nationals in Birgunj test positive for Covid-19: Despite the lockdown, the emergence of new cases shows that the government needs to enforce stronger supplementary measures, public health experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 13/04/2020), Three Indians test positive for COVID-19, by Sabitri Dhakal (kp 13/04/2020), Province 2 government expedites bid to trace contacts of three positive cases, by Ram Kumar Kamat and Ram Sharraf (ht 13/04/2020)

Tests conducted on 49 quarantined in Palpa; all tested negative for Covid-19: All 36 quarantined at Sisne in Rukum (East) were sent home without carrying out tests, by Madhab Aryal (kp 13/04/2020)

All of Nepalís Covid-19 patients recovering with at least three to be discharged next week once they test negative: All eight are being treated with symptomatic drugs, except for one, who is also receiving hydroxychloroquine as supplement, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/04/2020)

Quarantined individuals in Baitadi complain of sub-par facilities: A total of 105 quarantine facilities have been set up in the districtís four municipalities and six rural municipalities, by Tripti Shahi (kp 12/04/2020)

Infected patients in normal condition (ht 10/04/2020)

Provinces roll out rapid testing on all suspects and all those whoíve returned from India: As there are concerns about the efficacy of the test kits and the rapid testing method itself, PCR tests will be conducted on any positive samples, said the Health Ministry, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/04/2020)

Surkhetís Covid-19 test lab starts sending samples to Kathmandu as machine malfunctions: As the machine started malfunctioning, the lab on Tuesday sent 15 samples of throat swabs to Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital in Teku, Kathmandu, by Kalendra Sejuawal (kp 10/04/2020)

Jumla organises mobile camps to collect swabs of recent returnees: Health personnel collected 324 swab samples and sent them to Kathmandu through a sky truck and a helicopter of Nepal Army on Tuesday evening, by LP Devkota (kp 09/04/2020)

No COVID-19 case since April 4: MoHP (ht 09/04/2020)

Patient dies in isolation ward (ht 09/04/2020)

RTPCR machine installed in Dhangadhi (ht 09/04/2020)

Local levels told to ensure basic amenities in quarantine centres (ht 09/04/2020)

Patients of chronic ailments cannot afford to avoid hospital, but theyíre afraid of catching Covid-19: Fears have been exacerbated by news that healthcare workers are forced to work without proper protection, which puts them and patients both at risk of infection, by Elisha Shrestha (kp 09/04/2020)

Government is completely lost and out of focus in its preparedness against Covid-19, medical experts say: The government is sending medics to work in critical care with three days of training, by Arjun Poudel (kp 08/04/2020)

'Nepal has just one ventilator for 114,000 people': Hospitals can handle only 5,000 COVID-19 cases: Experts, by Ashim Neupane (rep 08/04/2020)

Ambulance drivers at risk of contracting COVID-19, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 08/04/2020)

Isolation ward in Bajura without docs, equipment: Foreign returnees in the district roaming freely (ht 08/04/2020)

Learning for Nepal: If we do not heed the warning and take part in our civic responsibility, Kathmandu could be another epicenter for pandemic soon. It is part of our civic obligation to listen to the experts and act responsibly, by Navin Raj Kaini (rep 08/04/2020)

COVID-19 patient tests positive second time, 88 samples test negative for virus (ht 07/04/2020)

Rapid Diagnostic Test not reliable: WHO Nepal Office, by Shree Ram Dubedi (rep 07/04/2020)

Baglung awaiting medical equipment to start running Covid-19 tests: In Parbat, the local administration is on high alert after two cases tested positive for the novel coronavirus in the neighbouring Baglung district, by Prakash Baral (kp 07/04/2020)

Hospitals outside Kathmandu ill-prepared to fight coronavirus outbreak: Lack protective gear, N95 masks, ICU beds, ventilators, PPE stock in Seti Provincial Hospital wonít last even four days, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 07/04/2020)

Palpaís local unit chiefs pressure district administration to test quarantined individuals: On Monday, a group of the local unit chiefs visited Chief District Officer Yadav Subedi and demanded speedy testing of all the quarantined individuals, by Madhav Aryal (kp 07/04/2020)

Flow of seasonal patients up (ht 07/04/2020)

Measles outbreak kills two children and infects over 150 in Chepang settlements of Dhading district: The Chepang families fear that the global Covid-19 pandemic is overshadowing the outbreak of measles-rubella in these settlements, by Harihar Singh Rathore (kp 06/04/2020), Measles claims two lives, 180 ill in Dhading (ht 06/04/2020)

Rapid coronavirus antibodies tests begin today, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 06/04/2020)

Govt to mobilise 50,000 health volunteers (ht 06/04/2020)

Sukraraj hospital needs anaesthetists, critical care physicians, by Sabitri Dhakal  (ht 06/04/2020)

A contrarian view to the current response: The focus has to be testing and treating more than panicking and merely closing down businesses, by Ujjwal K Chaudhury (kp 06/04/2020)

Timing is critical: Tests must be conducted in other parts of the country too (kp 06/04/2020). Experts say WHO guidelines hindering expansion of test base: Doctors point out to the need of expanding the base of the test to include people with mild illness and those without any symptoms (rep 06/04/2020)

Poor quarantine facilities could themselves become outbreak hotspots, doctors warn: In quarantine, people are closely packed into small spaces and they continue to share things like cigarettes, raising the risk of the virus spreading among them, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/04/2020)

With first case of local transmission, window to prevent a mass outbreak is fast closing, public health experts say: As Nepal enters stage 2 of the pandemic, Saturdayís three new cases have brought the total number of cases reported in the country to nine, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/04/2020) [This has to do with the strange idea that only people who come to Nepal from abroad can be infected; only they are therefore tested!], First local transmission of COVID-19: With this case, Nepal has now entered the second stage of the coronavirus spread, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 05/04/2020)

Woman who tested positive had been sent home as there were no symptoms (ht 05/04/2020)

Coronavirus testing hospitals in Province 1 shirk their responsibility: Patients with flu-like symptoms are being referred to BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences without tests, doctors at Dharan-based hospital say, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 05/04/2020)

Quarantine centre set up by Province 2 government in Dhanusa lacks basic facilities: The facility does not have a running water supply or enough soaps, say health workers, by Ajit Tiwari (kp 05/04/2020), Quarantine centres sans basic facilities (ht 05/04/23020)

Only 70 samples tested on an average per day after lockdown, by Ashim Neupane (rep 05/04/2020)

703 foreign returnees quarantined in Tanahun (ht 05/04/2020)

As Province 5 steps up contact tracing to avoid outbreak, health workers decry lack of resources: All 109 local units of the province have set up quarantine facilities, but those who have been residing in those facilities are leaving them since they lack basic amenities (kp 05/04/2020)

Rapid test kits to be tested for efficacy today and if found acceptable, rolled out for mass testing in Sudurpaschim: The government currently has around 75,000 rapid test kits imported from China but they havenít been used due to concerns about their quality, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/04/2020)

Coronavirus cases climb to nine in Nepal (kh 04/04/2020)

Family of man suspected of Covid-19 infection refuses to accept his body alleging hospital of negligence: Thirty-four-year-old Baburam Thapa from Palpa, who had recently returned from Dubai, died on Sunday in an isolation facility in Butwal while waiting for his Covid-19 test, by Amrita Anmol and Sanju Poudel (kp 04/04/2020)

65-year-old woman tests positive for COVID-19, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 03/04/2020), Nepal reports 7th coronavirus case (kh 03/04/2020)

Army to bring COVID-19 medical supplies from China under G2G process (rep 03/04/2020)

Health workers at quarantine facilities themselves at risk, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 03/04/2020)

Swab collection of those in quarantine facilities in Karnali districts take a back seat due to lack of human resource and equipment: Health workers deployed at the quarantine and isolation facilities have been using locally prepared protective equipment for personal safety, by Chandani Kathayat and Hari Gautam (kp 03/04/2020)

Despite strict instructions from the provincial government, private hospitals in province-2 unwilling to provide services: Nepal Chikitsak Sangh on Wednesday issued a statement in retaliation to Chief Minister Lal Babu Rautís call to cancel the registration of private hospitals refusing treatment to patients, by Ajit Tiwari (kp 03/04/2020)

Destigmatizing corona patients: There has always been a close relation between disease and discrimination, which leads to stigmatization. We should not allow this to happen in Nepal, by Rakshya Ojha (rep 02/04/2020)

Test, test, test: If we donít test to detect the cases and conduct surveillance, we donít know what may be coming our way, by Drona Rasali (rep 02/04/2020)

Patients with fever being turned away due to COVID fear, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 02/04/2020), Private health facilities refusing service to face music (ht 02/04/2020), A 52-year-old woman dies after seeking treatment at four different hospitals in a day: Two hospitals in Biratnagar refused to treat the patient who was suffering from high fever on suspicions of being a Covid-19 case, victimís daughter says, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 02/04/2020)

Baitadi reels under shortage of medical equipment to combat the spread of Covid-19: Department of Health Services sent only 10 thermal guns and a few necessary medical equipment to be distributed across Sudurpaschim Province, by Tripti Shahi (kp 02/04/2020)

Govt adopts three-pronged approach to fight COVID-19 (ht 01/04/2020)

Govt yet to trace all passengers on board three aircraft, by Ashim Neupane (rep 01/04/2020)

Mediaís tendency to link every death to Covid-19 is spreading misinformation and stigma, say doctors: Doctors believe media portals need to exercise caution while publishing stories about the coronavirus as false reports can be very damaging to the social fabric, by Arjun Poudel (kp 01/04/2020)

Rapid testing kits only for use in case of a massive outbreak, says Health Ministry: Amid concerns about the efficacy, quality and cost of the kits purchased from China, the ministry has said that it will be testing them before use, by Arjun Poudel (kp 01/04/2020)

This week's three hospital deaths not related to COVID-19: Govt (rep 01/04/2020)

Province 2 government to take strong action against private health institutions that refuse treatment to patients: The government has instructed chief district officers of all eight districts to abrogate registration of private health institutions if found guilty of turning away patients, by Ajit Tiwari (kp 01/04/2020)

Private hospitals not taking fever patients, forcing people to seek treatment at state-run health facilities: The government is considering seeking clarification from the hospitals turning down patients, Health Ministry spokesperson says, by Arjun Poudel (kp 31/03/2020), Supreme Court orders private hospitals to treat COVID-19 patients (kh 31/03/2020), Attending corona patients a must for private hospitals: SC (ht 01/04/2020)

ĎDocs can prescribe anti-malaria, anti-HIV drugs to COVID-19 patients, if neededí (ht 31/03/2020)

No new COVID-19 cases (ht 31/03/2020)

Three suspected COVID-19 patients die while undergoing treatment in capital hospitals (ht 31/03/2020)

Two COVID-19 suspects die at Bir Hospital (kh 30/03/2020), Two patients who died in Bir Hospital test negative for COVID-19 (kh 31/03/2020)

Youth dies in Butwal corona hospital, test report awaited, by Krishna Prasad Dhakal (ht 30/03/2020) [He was a 34-year-old adult, not a youth!]

Authorities face a hard time when it comes to contact tracing those who travelled with four Covid-19 patients: Of the 458 passengers who shared flights with four persons from Qatar, Sharjah and Delhi, 302 are still out contact, by Janak Raj Sapkota and Arjun Poudel (kp 30/03/2020)

As Covid-19 fears grow, some medical personnel face eviction from their homes: Reports of medical personnel being forced to work without adequate protection have only aggravated discriminatory behaviour from landlords, say doctors, by Arjun Poudel & Aditi Aryal (kp 30/03/2020)

Govt to take strict action against hospitals not attending to patients (rep 30/03/2020)

Health workers attending COVID-19 patient to undergo test (ht 30/03/2020)

Being Social In Asocial Times, by Nishtha Shrestha (rn 30/03/2020)

Government is preparing to extend the lockdown by at least one more week: Given that the incubation time for the virus is 14 days, the lockdown could last for at least one more week, according to Health Minister Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 29/03/2020)

NAC aircraft carrying medical supplies from China arrives (kp 29/03/2020), NAC brings 12.66 tons medical supplies from China: Donated Chinese kits stopped midway over quality concerns (kh 29/03/2020)

Infected in Dhangadi traveled to many places, contacted many, by Dil Bahadur Chhatyal (rep 29/03/2020)

14 days' isolation required even after discharge from hospital: Chinese doctors, by Shree Ram Subedi (rep 29/03/2020)

Govt to supply much-needed medical kits to provinces via choppers (rep 29/03/2020)

Police personnel at high risk of contracting COVID-19 (ht 29/03/2020)

Ensure Safety Of Health Workers, by Shyam P. Lohani (rn 29/03/2020)

Effective Contact Tracing Needed, by Anup K.C. (rn 29/03/2020)

COVID-19 on Nepalis expats: 3 dead, 35 infected, and 1 recovered (kh 29/03/2020)

Fifth COVID-19 case confirmed in teenager from Baglung: The girl had arrived on the same flight as the 19-year-old girl currently in isolation at STIDH, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 29/03/2020)

254 foreign returnees in home quarantine (ht 29/03/2020)

Janakpur Provincial Hospital declines to treat woman suffering from high fever (ht 28/03/2020))

Provincial government in Karnali scrambles to arrange for fully-functional quarantine facilities: Around 80 people who returned from India in the past two weeks cooped up in a 28-room hotel in Birendranagar, by Kalendra Sejuwal (kp 28/03/2020)

Fourth COVID-19 positive case confirmed by Health Ministry (ht 27/03/2020), Nepal reports fourth COVID-19 case, first outside Kathmandu Valley (kh 27/03/2020), Man from Kailali tests positive for COVID-19:  Fourth Nepali to contract the disease; First case outside capital means itís spreading: Govt, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 28/03/2020)

Eight suspected COVID-19 patients in isolation wards (ht 27/03/2020)

Growing anxiety: As Nepal has limited stock of PPEs, the health minister would do well to have them in place before there is an attack of the virus (ht 27/03/2020)), Nepalís Night Watch needs you: Help them with PPEs, by Ramu Kharel (ht 27/03/2020)

Health gear from China unlikely to arrive before April first week, by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 27/03/2020)

Contact tracing of all who got close with Covid-19 patients continues but time is fast running out: Authorities have traced just 11 of the more than 30 people the third Covid-19 patient came into contact with, but none has been tested yet, by Arjun Poudel (kp 27/03/2020), Co-passengers of COVID patient who boarded Air Arabia being tracked down (ht 28/03/2020)

Those on the frontlines: Medics should be kept informed and issued protective gear (kp 27/03/2020)

Mobilise provincial, local governments to track, test and quarantine people who returned to Nepal, experts say: Local governments and health facilities complain of inadequate resources to handle a possible crisis, by Anil Giri (kp 27/03/2020)

Bara is inadequately prepared to handle outbreak, health officials say: Elected representatives claim they have fully-equipped health desks and isolation wards, which is not true, by Laxmi Sah (kp 27/03/2020)

Lockdown helps control rapid spread of the virus but it also lessens chances of more tests: Fear and halt in transportations services massively reduce the number of people visiting hospitals, by Arjun Poudel (kp 27/03/2020)

With flights halted, COVID-19 test samples stuck (ht 26/03/2020) [!!!]

Dismay mounts as govt fails to open swab test labs outside Valley (rep 26/03/2020)

Gandaki provincial government sets up isolation wards and quarantine facilities in preparation of the coronavirus pandemic: All levels of provincial government working in coordination to identify suspicious cases (kp 26/03/2020)

Health workers in Province 1 demand facilities at hospitals to treat Covid-19 patients: Health workers and ambulance drivers are at high risk of Covid-19 since they donít have personal protective equipment, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 26/03/2020), Protective gear shortage imperils health workers (ht 26/03/2020)

ĎGovt should reveal localities of patientsí, by Ram Kumar Kamat (ht 26/03/2020)

Docs handling COVID-19 left unaware of man testing positive, by Ashim Neupane (rep 2603/2020)

Third person tests positive for COVID-19 in Nepal (ht 25/03/2020), Man from UAE third Nepali with COVID (ht 26/03/2020)

COVID-19 prevention: Revive hand washing and social isolation, by Jiba Raj Pokharel (ht 25/03/2020)

Universities and schools ready to provide rooms for quarantine facilities: Deputy Prime Minister Pokharel says there are enough rooms to quarantine 100,000 people in the Valley alone, by Binod Ghimire (kp 25/03/2020)

19-year-old woman who returned from France via Qatar tests positive for Covid-19: The Health Minister confirmed Nepalís second case of the coronavirus at a press meet on Monday, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/03/2020), 125 who flew with COVID-19 patient traced: All elderly with symptoms of the contagious disease to be tested, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 25/03/2020), Take quick action: All 125 persons must be sent to quarantines so that they can be treated in better heath facilities should they have contracted it (ht 26/03/2020)

Birgunj-based businessman reported to have contracted Covid-19 tests negative for the virus: Lab report by Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, specifically mentions Ďnegativeí for 2019-nCoV, by Bhusan Yadav (kp 23/03/2020)

Role of non-governmental sector can be crucial in tackling Covid-19, public health experts say: The government has yet to respond to non-government organisationsí offer of help as the virus threat grows, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 23/03/2020)

Will Covid-19 make us humane? The absence of positive cases in Nepal does not mean the absence of virus altogether. It could mean there are no enough tests performed to find the infected people, by Mukesh Baral (rep 23/03/2020)

Test, test, test, says WHO but Nepal has neither the means nor the matter: The number of individuals tested for Covid-19 is far lower than the number of tests as of the 572 tests so far, 175 Nepalis evacuated from Hubei were counted twice, by Arjun Pudel (kp 23/03/2020), Inadequate testing: The only way to keep the country safe is to screen and test every suspected case as advised by the World Health Organisation (ht 23/03/2020), Government requests India and China for protective gear and medical equipment: Minister Bhatta says Nepal will follow Chinese model to deal with Covid-19 cases, by Anil Giri (kp 23/03/2020)

5,000-bed quarantine facilities to be set up in valley (ht 23/03/2020), 60-bed quarantine coming up in Dhankuta (ht 23/03/2020)

Experts suggest effective monitoring, not completely sealing border with India: With the rising number of Covid-19 cases in India and increased cross-border movement, calls are growing for completely shutting the border with the southern neighbour, by Tika R. Pradhan and Binod Ghimire (kp 22/03/2020), Health desks at border check points ill equipped to handle influx of people: Lapses at border transit points may pose high risk of COVID-19 outbreak in Nepal (rep 22/03/2020)

Amid Covid-19 fears, it is the people in lower economic strata who are most vulnerable: Many people in the Capital may have started working remotely, but there are some who have to be in the field to make a livingówithout proper care and hygiene, by Srizu Bajracharya (kp 22/03/2020)

Hospitals waiting for reagent to test COVID-19, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 22/03/2020)

Concerns over virus prompt doctors to apply for leave: Government directive to hospitals with more than 100 beds to not refer cases has made health workers wary, administrators say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/03/2020)

Seasonal flu cases on the rise in Jhapa, locals worried (ht 21/03/2020)

The Covid-19 outbreak so far and how Nepal can prepare for the worst: Even though the number of Covid-19 cases in Nepal remains inexplicably stuck at one, doctors and public health experts warn of a potential disaster if measures arenít taken (kp 21/03/2020), Oli announces suspension of all flights, all long-haul transport and all non-essential services: The prime minister, in a televised address, announced these measures to control the spread of Covid-19 into Nepal, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 21/03/2020)

Teku lab to get kits for testing 20,000 samples (ht 21/03/2020)

Docs seek more protective equipment, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 21/03/2020)

Police set up coronavirus response unit at every station: Exams called off, breathalyser tests suspended, arrests for minor offence discouraged, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 21/03/2020)

Nepal looks to India and China for lessons on containing the coronavirus: Although Nepal has yet to make an official request for support, it is currently studying what both countries are doing to restrict the spread of Covid-19, foreign minister says, by Anil Giri (kp 20/02/2020)

For health workers on the front lines, no training and no protective gear: As health workers are more at risk of exposure to the virus, it is necessary to ensure that they are trained and have proper gear, or they might quit, by Arjun Poudel (kp 20/03/2020)

Unknown malady claims two infants (ht 20/03/2020)

Doctors advise contact tracing of all suspected of harbouring Covid-19: Contact tracing has been effective in preventing the virusí spread in many East Asian countries but Nepal lacks the means to trace and adequate means to test, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/03/2020), Lack of kits at Nepalís only testing centre hampering COVID-19 fight, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 19/03/2020)

Health workers, security personnel in Province 2 are screening people for coronavirus without protective gear: A majority of health desks at the border point are without necessary medical equipment, by Santosh Singh (kp 19/03/2020)

Stay calm, be cautious: Freaking out will only make a difficult situation worse (kp 19/03/2020)

Sudurpaschim braces for Covid-19, but lacks preparedness: Some districts are solely dependent on understaffed and underequipped health desks to stave off coronavirus, by Mohan Shahi (kp 19/03/2020)

Govt orders shutdown of theaters; restricts mass gatherings over coronavirus scare: Nepal govt has banned people coming from the Middle East and the Gulf States, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and the whole of Europe from March 20 (Khabarhub 18/03/2020), Govt stops import of edibles from eight countries (rep 18/03/2020), Government takes drastic steps to counter novel coronavirus threat. People told not to leave home unless itís urgent; Cinema halls, stadiums shut till April 30 (ht 19/03/2020)

At Covid-19 helpline, thousands of calls from Nepalis looking for accurate information: Since being instituted on Friday, the 1115 helpline has received over 22,000 calls regarding Covid-19, its spread, symptoms and precautions, by Anup Ojha (kp 18/03/2020)

Two COVID-19 suspects admitted to STIDH (ht 18/03/2020)

Combating misinformation: Misinformation terrifies people more than the virus. National media as well as social media platforms have greater role to play in raising awareness among people about the virus, by Sagat Gautam (rep 18/03/2020)

Preparations to cope with coronavirus begin in Khotang, isolation ward set up (ht 18/03/2020)

Incoming passengers on the loose: Authorities fail to implement mandatory self-quarantine, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 18/03/2020)

WB recommends zero tariff on medical goods to fight coronavirus threat, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 18/03/2020)

Bharatpur plans to build temporary treatment facility for Covid-19 patients in three days: The authorities concerned aim to turn Chitwan Expo Centre into a treatment centre within 72 hours by installing the required tools, equipment and infrastructure, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 18/03/2020)

NA sets up makeshift tents for quarantine (ht 17/03/2020)

Govt to set up 235 ICU beds amid coronavirus fears (rep 17/03/2020)

All 467 suspects test negative (ht 17/03/2020)

COVID-19 suspect sent to Kathmandu (ht 16/03/2020), Virus suspect flees (ht 16/03/2020)

Stock of kits to transport coronavirus samples limited, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 16/03/2020), India offers $ 10 million to fight COVID-19; Weíre assembling a rapid response team of doctors and specialists, along with testing kits: Modi (ht 16/03/2020)

Panel fails to chalk out plan to tackle COVID-19 (ht 16/03/2020), MoFAGA seeks details of preventive measures against coronavirus (ht 16/03/2020)

Amid virus fears, breathalysers to be used only sparingly to check drink driving: Traffic police personnel need to be vigilant while conducting such checks as droplets from an infected person may transmit the disease, health officials say, by Anup Ojha (kp 15/03/2020)

Police arrest black marketeers, confiscate 75,000 face masks (rep 15/03/2020)

S Korea returnee tests negative for coronavirus (ht 15/03/2020)

Tension grips Nepalgunj as two cases of COVID-19 confirmed in Lucknow (ht 15/03/2020)

Man suspected of having coronavirus refuses to stay in isolation ward and returns home: It is learnt that the man, a migrant worker in Saudi Arabia, returned to Nepal a week ago, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 15/03/2020)

Dengue cases reported across country, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 15/03/2020)

COVID-19 fear looms, precautions being taken, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 14/03/2020), Coronavirus infection threat spreads panic, by Shuvam Dhungana (ht 14/03/2020)

Parents demand that schools close down but government wants to finish with exams first: As Covid-19 continues to spread, parents are concerned with the safety of their children, as schools bring together large groups of people in confined spaces, by Binod Ghimire (kp 14/03/2020)

Committee formed to prevent virus spread (ht 14/03/2020)

13,000 people screened for coronavirus in Gaur (ht 14/03/2020)

There are 129 land crossings with India and China. Only 41 will get health desks: The health workers will ask people to remain in self-quarantine if they have influenza-like symptoms, officials say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 13/03/2020)

Drastic steps planned to prevent outbreak: Itís time to act, not plan: Critics, by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 13/03/2020), Any COVID-19 affected area will be put under lockdown: Govt (rep 13/03/2020)

Two quarantine centres to be established in Province 1 (ht 13/03/2020)

19-bed isolation ward in Bharatpur Hospital (ht 13/03/2020)

A South Korea returnee stays in self-quarantine in Myagdi: The foreign job returnee has been staying in a separate room of his familyís rented apartment and away from the direct contact of his family members, by Ghanshyam Khadka (kp 13/03/2020)

Ukrainian couple, showing Covid-19-like symptoms, returned to India: The Ukrainian nationals were found suffering from high fever and showed common cold symptoms, by Parbat Portel (kp 13/03/2020)

Lalitpur to make face masks amid shortage: City plans to sell the cotton masks for Rs5 and Rs7 apiece, much less than its cost price of Rs17, by Anup Ojha (kp 12/03/2020), After face masks, Lalitpur now plans to manufacture its own hand sanitisers:NAST scientists say they are going to teach ward residents ways to make hand sanitisers locally, by Anup Ojha (kp 15/03/2020)

All-party meeting on corona virus threat: Govt urged to act on war footing (ht 12/03/2020), Government still not prepared to fight coronavirus outbreak, b y Sabitri Dhakal (ht 12/03/2020), Leaders demand mandatory quarantine for people from coronavirus-hit countries (rep 12/03/2020)

Govt lab can test only 500 cases a week for COVID-19: 24 hours call center to be operational from Friday, by Shree Ram Subedi (rep 12/03/2020), Central laboratory is equipped to test 500 Covid-19 cases a week, but that is far too low, say public health experts: An outbreak in densely populated Kathmandu could overwhelm the laboratory, which is the only public health facility where the test is conducted, by Samuel Chhetri (kp 13/03/2020)

Valley denizens under the influence of coronavirus 'myths', by Aditi Baral (rep 12/03/2020)

Coronavirus impacts Sauraha hoteliers (ht 12/03/2020)

Submission of 14-day travel record mandatory for expedition permit (ht 11/03/2020)

Suspension of food import from virus-hit nations (ht 11/03/2020)

Amid acute shortage of face masks in domestic market, private sector vows to produce 15,000 face masks per day (rep 11/03/2020) [This means that you would need upto six years to produce masks for all Nepalese citizens!?]

Health minister says those potentially exposed to Covid-19 should self-quarantine (rep 11/03/2020) [??????]

Gandaki steps up monitoring at projects employing Chinese workers, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 11/03/2020), 71 Chinese workers quarantined at Pokhara Airport construction site: They had returned to Nepal carrying the Chinese authoritiesí certificates that they were free from Covid-19, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 11/03/2020)

Joint Prevention System Against COVID-19, by Guangying Duan and Huazhong Tu (rn 11/03/2020)

Health officials at Biratnagar customs point say they lack proper security gears to tackle contingent Covid-19 infections: They say nearly 300 people entering Nepal are screened for Covid-19 symptoms every day, by Deo Narayan Sah (kp 10/03/2020)

Central laboratory to be upgraded to respond to possible outbreak of Covid-19: Five lab technicians have been carrying out coronavirus tests around the clock, by Arjun Poudel (kp 09/03/2020)

House asks government to come up with action plan to deal with coronavirus threat: Gagan Thapa presented a proposal seeking united effort between the federal parliament, the three tiers of government and other agencies for effective preparations, by Binod Ghimire (kp 07/03/2020), Nepal Police sent directive for personnelís safety from Covid-19, however, they are yet to send precautionary equipment: The directive instructed all on-duty police personnel to wear face masks, avoid handshakes and wash hands frequently, among other dos and doníts, by Shuvam Dhungana (kp 07/03/2020), Schools take measures to prevent Covid-19 from spreading: Students and their parents feel awareness programmes need to be made mandatory at all schools, by Anup Ojha (kp 07/03/2020), Coronavirus fears spark panic buying nationwide as government urges calm: There is enough stock of daily essential items to last six months, with enough liquid petroleum gas to last a month, according to a report, by Krishana Prasain (kp 07/03/2020)

Without a clear statement from the federal government regarding Covid-19, misinformation spreads at local level: In times of crises, Singha Durbar, in coordination with provincial and local governments, should issue an unambiguous statement, say federal and health experts, by Tika R. Pradhan (kp 06/03/2020), Patient with flu-like symptoms flees hospital, displaying a chilling lack of gravity on governmentís part: Doctors at Sukraraj Hospital say that no security personnel have been deputed to hold patients who refuse to remain in isolation, and they have none of their own, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/03/2020), Government rejects request to shut schools amid virus scare: Authorities argue there is no immediate threat of a coronavirus outbreak, by Binod Ghimire (kp 06/03/2020)

Prepare for the worst: More funds should be set aside to prevent outbreaks (kp 05/03/2020), Foreign nonprofits offer help to combat potential health crisis in event of Covid-19 outbreak: They have proposed helping the government with testing kits, and support for quarantine centres and health facilities, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 05/03/2020), Dharan and Pokhara step up measures to tackle Covid-19: The two cities, however, have yet to equip physicians to deal with the contingent outbreak, by Pratikshya Kafle (kp 05/03/2020), Gandaki Province lacks infrastructure to countner coronavirus threat, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 05/03/2020)

Hospitals urge ministry to arrange for face masks, gloves and other protective gear: As a precautionary measure, Patan and Civil Service hospitals have started sewing cloth masks, by Arjun Poudel (kp 04/03/2020)

Qatar returnee sent to Teku hospital after screening at TIA (rep 04/03/2020)

Dolpa village in fear as residents show Covid-19 like symptoms, by Bishnu Prasad Devkota (rep 04/03/2020), Dolpa's unidentified disease confirmed to be seasonal flu (rep 08/03/2020)

All 175 Nepalis evacuated from Hubei Province test negative for Covid-19. 18 crew members involved in the evacuation left the quarantine centre on Sunday evening after they too tested negative, by Arjun Poudel (kp 03/03/2020)

Govt takes a number of measures to prevent spread of COVID-19 epidemic (rep 03/03/2020)

Nepalis urged to scrap foreign visits , by Roshan S. Nepal (ht 03/03/2020)

Stay extremely alert (rep 02/03/2020), Govt directs bodies under MoCTCA to make prompt preparations to prevent coronavirus (rep 02/03/2020), Four suspected COVID-19 patients in hospital, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 02/03/2020)

As UN health agency raises Covid-19 outbreak risk to the highest level, Nepal scrambles go step up measures: Health ministry preparing to equip airport health desk with more human resources and thermal cameras, by Arjun Poudel 01/03/2020)

As Covid-19 spreads, public health officials consider plans for a worst-case scenario: Department of Health Services has a Plan B for a few infections but its Plan C envisions shutting down all schools, public transport and gatherings in case of a mass outbreak, by Arjun Poudel (kp 28/02/2020)

Measles outbreak in Dhading , two years after district declared fully immunised: A medical team found that none of the children in Soldanda village was vaccinated against the disease, by Arjun Poudel (kp 27/02/2020), Not measles-free after all: Immunisation drives lose credibility due to premature celebrations (kp 28/02/2020)

Health workers alerted countrywide about a possible outbreak of vector-borne diseases: Health Ministry not to procure test kits to examine dengue cases this year, says senior official, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/02/2020)

Nepal ill-prepared for coronavirus outbreak, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 26/02/2020)

Better record-keeping needed to prevent outbreaks: Experts; The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division has sought help from the World Health Organization to maintain records of passengers at international health desks in Nepal, by Arjun Poudel (kp 21/02/2020)

All 175 Nepalis rescued from China test negative for coronavirus: A second test will be conducted again after 10 days, by Arjun Poudel (kp 20/02/2020), Quarantined China evacuees test negative for COVID-19, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 20/02/2020)

Woman who recently returned from China admitted to hospital (ht 18/02/2020)

Nepalís Role To Battle COVID-19, by Balmukunda Regmi (rn 18/02/2020)

175 Nepali nationals finally evacuated from coronavirus-hit areas of China, by Sangeet Sangroula (rep 16/02/2020), What after they land in Nepal? (rep 16/02/2020), Nasal, throat swabs collected from Nepalis evacuated from Chinaís Wuhan; tests to be conducted today: Of the 185 who had expressed their desire to return, 175 landed in Kathmandu on Sunday morning, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/02/2020)

Nepal Airlines to rescue Nepalis from Hubei on Saturday: While cockpit crew will be quarantined for a week, all others, including cabin crew and passengers, will be placed in isolation for at least two weeks, officials say, by Sangam Prasain (kp 15/02/2020)

Concerns over quarantine centre in Bhaktapur stem from lack of trust in government: The government has failed to communicate to the public properly about the new strain of virus and risk factors, causing panic among people, health experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 14/02/2020)

Three coronavirus suspects test negative: Government has prepared contingency plans, will execute them in case of an outbreak (kp 14/02/2020)

Govt allays fear of coronavirus in Sindhupalchowk: Says it could just be seasonal flu; Test today, result tomorrow, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 13/02/2020), ĎNo case of coronavirus-like disease reported in Jugal Rural Municipalityí (rep 13/02/2020), Sindhupalchowkís viral fever being contained (ht 14/02/2020)

Labs issue Ďcoronavirus certificateí after testing for ailments unrelated to the virus: Health Ministry to procure 20,000 coronavirus test kits through a Ďfast- trackí process, by Arjun Poudel (kp 09/02/2020)

Health workers reach flu-hit villages in Bajura a week after outbreak: Two people died and dozens were infected with influenza-like ailments, but local health facilities are without doctors, by Arjun Poudel (kp 09/02/2020)

Eradicating Leprosy, by Shyam P. Lohani (rn 09/02/2020)

PM Oli tells officials to set up quarantine sites at four locations (rep 07/02/2020)

Bhaktapur locals protest against likely quarantine site, by Sabitri Dhakal (kp 06/02/2020)

Two die of viral fever, hundreds fall ill (ht 06/02/2020)

Education consultancies and recruiting agencies are forcing students and labourers into taking coronavirus test: Neither the governments at home nor those abroad have asked anyone to take the test before applying for a visa, according to the health ministry, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/02/2020)

Evacuees could be quarantined in Bhaktapur (ht 05/02/2020)

Quarantine location to be finalised today (ht 04/02/2020)

No screening for passengers arriving TIA on a Beijing flight Monday, by Ashim Neupane (rep 04/02/2020)

Nepalis rush to buy face masks amidst coronavirus outbreak but there are none available: Public health experts, however, say face masks alone cannot prevent the spread of the virus, by Arjun Poudel (kp 03/02/2020)

Nepal cannot afford to fail in quarantine and treatment measures: Nepal cannot, and must not, fail in its duty towards all its citizensóeven the ones stuck in China. At the same time, it cannot afford to fail in quarantine and treatment measures (kp 03/02/2020)

As government plans to evacuate Nepalis from Hubei, experts stress preparedness at home: Nepali embassy in Beijing has asked Nepalis wishing to return from the virus-hit Chinese province to fill out forms and contact it, by Arjun Poudel (kp 02/02/2020), 180 Nepalis have made requests to return home, Nepali Embassy in Beijing says: While the embassy says it is all prepared to evacuate Nepalis, officials in Kathmandu are struggling to find places where the returnees could be quarantine, by Anil Giri (kp 03/02/2020)

Disseminate information on coronavirus in tourist areas: Stakeholders (ht 02/02/2020)

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences refers patient suspected of having coronavirus to Kathmandu: The institute is unequipped to run tests to detect the virus, doctors at the institute said, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 01/02/2020)

Govt sets up health desks at four customs points (rep 01/02/2020)

WHO declares public health emergency as coronavirus spreads, but there are questions over firstóand onlyócase in Nepal: The patient has contested the authoritiesí claim that he ever had the coronavirus and said he has been meeting friends and family ever since he was discharged, by Arjun Poudel (kp 01/02/2020), Nepal lacks preparation as WHO declares global emergency, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 01/02/2020)

'Over 23,000 children could die in Nepal in a decade unless world acts on pneumonia' (rep 31/01/2020)

Why Nepal must watch Coronavirus, but not panic: Because: we border China and infected individuals with no symptoms can transmit disease, by Sameer M Dixit (nt 31/01/2020)

Health desk set up at Tatopani checkpoint (ht 31/01/2020)

WHO urges Nepal to stay ready to prevent coronavirus (rep 31/01/2020)

Nepali authorities being too slow to recognise disease outbreak threats is not new, experts say: Even as the new coronavirus spreads rapidly, with one case confirmed in the country and globally the death toll and cases rising, Nepalís response has been lackadaisical, by Arjun Poudel (kp 30/01/2020), Preparations at Pokhara hospitals inadequate, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 30/01/2020)

As other airports institute stringent screening, TIA installs thermal scanners and a health desk: All mandatory screening instructions for airlines flying to China have come from Chinese authorities while the Kathmandu airport has only circulated a manual, by Sangam Prasain (kp 29/01/2020)

Rasuwagadhi border to close for 15 days to prevent coranavirus, by Himnath Devkota (rep 29/01/2020)

Face masks rerouted to China, shortage hits market, by Arpana Ale Magar (kp 29/01/2020)

Coronavirus suspects test negative, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 29/01/2020)

Leprosy cases found highest in Province 2 (ht 29/01/2020)

Doctors released two more patients suspected of having coronavirus without waiting for test results: The tests, which can now be conducted at the National Public Health Laboratory, showed no presence of the coronavirus but experts say doctors should have waited for the results, by Arjun Poudel (kp 28/01/2020), Testing for coronavirus starts in Nepal, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 28/01/2020)

Testing for coronavirus starts in Nepal: No new 2019-nCoV cases found, says Epidemiolgy and Disease Control Division, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 28/01/2020)

A majority of leprosy patients do not seek treatment fearing ostracisation from society in Sudurpaschim: The government aims to make Nepal leprosy-free by 2020 but every year one or two new cases of leprosy surface in the country, by Mohan Shahi (kp 28/01/2020)

Health Ministry rules out evacuating Nepalis from China at the moment: At least 100 Nepalis, mostly students, are in Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the Nepali embassy in Beijing, by Arjun Poudel (kp 27/01/2020), Distressed and panicked, Nepalis in Hubei say they want to come home: At least 177 Nepali students and workers from the Chinese province have asked for evacuation, according to the Nepali Embassy in Beijing, by Anil Giri (rep 30/01/2020), Nepal unlikely to evacuate citizens from China, by Ujjwal Satyal (ht 30/01/2020)

ĎSeasonal fluí claims seven lives in Humla, by Dhan Bahadur Budha (krep 27/01/2020)

Cases of Coronavirus in Nepal raises concerns: Coronavirus causing pneumonia and kidney failure has come to Nepal and authorities must pay heed (kp 27/01/2020), Tackling the coronavirus outbreak needs a holistic approach: The need of the hour is to activate national preparedness along with international collaboration, by Mukesh Adhikari (kp 27/01/2020)

After one confirmed case, officials suspect coronavirus infection in two more Nepalis: A man and a woman, who recently returned from Shanghai and Nanjing, are under observations at Teku hospital, by Arjun Poudel (kp 25/01/2020), Two more coronavirus cases suspected but government agencies are woefully prepared to combat its spread: A man and a woman, who returned from Shanghai and Nanjing recently, are under observation at Teku hospital, officials say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/01/2020), STIDH admits 2019-nCov suspects: Health ministry has asked hospitals to come up with: contingency plans to help prevent disease spread, by Sabritri Dhakal (ht 26/01/2020)

Movement against leprosy: End discrimination, by Santosh Dulal and Ganesh Maya Shrestha (ht 24/01/2020)

Health workers at Teku hospital to get precautionary training against coronavirus: Patients suspected to have been infected with the deadly virus will be kept in the hospitalís cabin, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/01/2020)

Amid novel coronavirus concerns, WHO Nepal country office furnishes draft report on Teku hospital isolation facility: An expert team from the UN health agency has pointed out several factors lacking in the isolation ward set up at the hospital, by Arjun Poudel (kp 24/01/2020)

Corona virus infection suspected in capital, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 18/01/2020), Nepali man returned from Wuhan lays bare government preparedness to contain deadly viruses: Epidemiology and Disease Control Division sought security agencies help to set up isolation facilities, by Arjun Poudel (kp 20/01/2020), Even as coronavirus cases rise, Kathmandu airport has not implemented mandatory screenings॥ A large number of Chinese tourists and Nepalis living and working in China arrive at the airport every day, but health screenings remain the passengersí prerogative, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/01/2020), Blood, throat swab sent to HK for diagnosis (ht 22/01/2020)

UN health agency alerts Health Ministry about the risk of transmission of a new strain of coronavirus: The new strain of coronavirus was first detected in the Wuhan city of China, by Arjun Poudel (kp 13/01/2020), Nepal vulnerable to new China virus, warn doctors (ht 16/01/2020)

Authorities fail to contain influenza in Humla: Continuous snowfall, human resource crunch and lack of viral transport medium are making it difficult to contain the disease, a week after it broke out, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/01/2020)

Health Ministry seeks WHOís help to strengthen its flu surveillance: The Ministry of Health and Population has been tracking flu viruses since 2010 through a National Influenza Centre, by Arjun Poudel (kp 03/01/2020)

Number of acute respiratory infection patients up, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 02/01/2020)

Recurrent pneumonia prevalent among Nepali children, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 26/12/2019)

Cold puts kids at high risk of diarrhoea, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 24/12/2019)

Country continues to grapple with scrub typhus: At least 1,300 cases reported in the past five months; disease control office says the lack of trained health workers has delayed diagnosis, by Arjun Poudel (kp 0/12/2019)

As mercury dips, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cases up, say doctors: Cases of fire hazards also see a significant rise during the winter, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/12/2019)

Dengue threat is not over yet even though itís already winter, doctors say: Six South Asian Games players from Sri Lanka admitted to hospital for dengue virus; half a dozen dengue cases are reported in Kathmandu every day, by Arjun Poudel (kp 09/12/2019)

Zika or dengue epidemic? Only tests will tell, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 25/11/2019)

Health Ministry gears up to declare Nepal malaria-free country by 2022: Imported malaria cases, lack of trained human resource at the local level and climate change pose a challenge in meeting the target, by Arjun Poudel (kp 18/11/2019)

Pneumonia is still a major killer of children in Nepal: Of the total deaths of under-five children, 30 percent died of pneumonia in Nepal, which is two-fold of World Health Organisationís estimations, by Arjun Poudel (kp 14/11/2019), Fighting for breath: Nepal needs to develop national guidelines to tackle pneumonia (kp 15/11/2019)

Nepal set to miss target of ending tuberculosis by 2035: Experts warn of catastrophic condition in coming years if immediate steps are not taken, by Arjun Poudel (kp 13/11/2019)

Increasing leprosy cases: Cause for concern, by Santosh Dulal (ht 13/11/2019)

Health Ministry to follow WHO's revised deadline to eliminate measles, rubella virus: The World Health Organization South-East Asia Region revised measles elimination deadline in the region to 2023, by Arjun Poudel (kpŁ /11/2019)

Scrub typhus incidence up by eight-fold in Kathmandu valley: Rise in temperature, lack of sanitation causative factors (ht 10/11/2019)

Dengue patients still on the rise in Birgunj Metropolitan City: Looking at the number of patients flocking the hospital, doctors suspect that around 500 people have been infected with the dengue virus in Birgunj, by Shankar Acharya (kp 03/10/2019)

Viral fever grips a Musahar settlement in Siraha: Ward office has mobilised a team of health workers in the affected area to provide treatment, by Bharatz Jrgha Magar (kp 26/10/2019)

What is sickle cell anaemia and why is it so prevalent in the western plains? Marriages within the tribe, social stigma, lack of public awareness and cumbersome process to avail of government help are sickening mostly the Tharu community, by Kamal Panthi (kp 24/10/2019)

Rautahat continues to see dengue patients, health officials say: Chandrapur Municipality has launched several campaigns to raise awareness among the locals on the precautions to be taken to control dengue, by Shiva Puri (kp 24/10/2019)

Curriculum introduced to raise awareness about sickle cell anaemia: The diseaseówhich is a group of blood disordersóspreads like an epidemic every year in several Tharu villages in Bardiya, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 18/10/2019)

Dengue cases decline with cold weather (ht 17/10/2019)

Sickle cell patients losing lives for want of treatment in Bardiya district (ht 17/10/2019)

146 dengue patients found in Birgunj: Dengue detected in all 32 wards of the metropolis, health officials say, by Shankar Acharya (kp 11/10/2019)

KMC mayor diagnosed with dengue (ht 04/10/2019)

Dengue: Prepare for the next outbreak, by Mahesh Lamsal (kp 25/09/2019)

Disease deadlier than dengue spreading in valley: Compared to 2018, number of scrub typhus patients in 2019 has doubled, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 24/09/2019), Control scrub typhus: The three tiers of govt must work in tandem by strengthening all health facilities to bring scrub typhus under control (ht 25/09/2019)

Dengue cases reported in hill districts of Province 1: : Over 4,000 people have been diagnosed with dengue in the province since its outbreak some two months ago, by Ramesh Chandra Adhikari (kp 21/09/2019), 11 more districts in grip of dengue: Number of patients continues to go up, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 21/09/2019)

At House of Representatives, health minister makes light of dengue spread: Even as doctors call for urgent action, Upendra Yadav says no need to declare health emergency and flies to the US, by Binod Ghimire (kp 19/09/2019), Minister Yadav rules out health emergency: Claims number of dengue patients decreasing (ht 19/09/2019), Ruling party MPs blast Minister Yadav over dengue crisis (rep 19/09/2019), Will dengue impact Visit Nepal 2020?, by Priyanka Adhikari (rep 19/09/2019), Challenges In Controlling Dengue, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 19/09/2019)

Doctors warn dengue-infected pregnant women against self-medication: While the virus could cause still and premature birth, doctors say self-medication could be equally dangerous, by Arjun Poudel (kp 18/09/2019)

2,046 diagnosed with dengue in Chitwan (ht 18/09/2019)

Health Ministry pays Rs 5.8 million to release insecticidal mosquito nets stuck at customs: The ministry had purchased 77,800 such nets with last year's budget for free distribution among the people vulnerable to malaria, by Arjun Poudel (kp 17/09/2019)

Govt told to disseminate info on dengue (ht 17/09/2019)

Dengue awareness low among people (ht 17/09/2019)

Despite study warning risks of Zika, officials are woefully unprepared to tackle it: The same kind of mosquito that spreads dengue also carries Zika virus, which is known to cause birth defects through infection during pregnancy, by Arjun Poudel (kp 16/09/2019)

Dengue cases likely to increase in Kathmandu, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 16/09/2019)

Dengue infected patients join in anti-dengue drive in Chitwan: The number of patients infected with the vector-borne disease has reached 1,632 in the district, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 15/09/2019)

Fogging does not help contain dengue epidemic, experts say: To combat the spread of dengueówhich has already hospitalised over 8,000 people and killed six across the countryóthe government had sprayed core city areas with insecticides last week, by Arjun Poudel (kp 13/09/2019), ĎImplement search and destroy strategy to control dengueí (ht 14/09/2019)

Mosquitoes move up mountains as the earth warms: Global heating has fanned the spread of vector-borne diseases like dengue across the Himalaya, by Sonia Awale (nt 13/09/2019)

Climate-health emergency, by Sonia Awale (nt 13/09/2019)

Dengue spreads to all but one district of Gandaki province: 1,200 infected in Gandaki province, 900 in Pokhara alone, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 13/09/2019)

What is dengue and why is the outbreak so severe this year? Cases of dengue fever have been reported from at least 56 districts across the country and experts warn it is likely to continue spreading until the end of the post-monsoon period, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/09/2019), Political will necessary to fight dengue epidemic, experts say: Local level representativesí absence in a crucial meeting organised to discuss ways to contain the disease shows apathy at the political level, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/09/2019), The Health Ministry has failed at controlling the dengue outbreak: Tragic stories of clearly avoidable deaths due to dengue fever reflects the dysfunction of our health care system (kp 12/09/2019), Capital sees 4-fold hike in dengue cases: Over 1,000 patients in Kathmandu; Govt urged to declare national public health emergency, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 12/09/2019)

14 SHAPU patients detected in Pokhara (ht 12/09/2019)

Dengue outbreak exposes the countryís fragile health care system: Nepal is disastrously ill-prepared to deal with any kind of health emergency, experts say, by Arjun Poudel (kp 11/09/2019)

NCP leader Gautam suffering from dengue (ht 11/09/2019)

As dengue spreads, officials scramble to contain the disease: Over 8,000 people in 56 districts have been hospitalised due to dengue fever, by Arjun Poudel (kp 10/09/2019), Dengue spreading at alarming rate nationwide (ht 10/09/2019)

Viral fever claims minor in Jajarkot (ht 10/09/2019)

MPs wonder why govt is letting dengue spread: Local level reps claim they lack: budget, manpower to do needful, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 09/09/2019)

Combating dengue: Community mobilization is the key; If guided by experts and supported by the government, community mobilization could be a better approach to dengue control in Nepal, by Narayan Gyawali and Sameer Mani Dixit (rep 09/09/2019)

Over 300 people infected with scrub typhus in 20 districts: Health workers say more cases are expected after November, but health facilities lack reagents, by Arjun Poudel (kp 08/09/2019)

Dengue cases exceed 1,000 in Chitwan: Highly populated wards in Bharatpur Metropolitan City worst hit with the dengue outbreak, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (kp 08/09/2019)

175 persons test positive for dengue in a day at STIDH, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 07/09/2019)

As dengue spreads across country, Health Minister Yadav is nowhere to be seen (rep 07/09/2019)

Agriculture Minister diagnosed with dengue (ht 06/09/2019), Capital sees first dengue death, govt minister also hospitalized, by Priyabka Adhikari (rep 06/09/2019)

Viral fever patients up in Siraha (ht 06/09/2019)

Dengue spread continues as reported cases top 800 in a week: More than 2,500 new cases have been detected in the last 47 days, with Province 3 recording the highest number of cases, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/09/2019), Dengue cases surge 66pc in a week, by Sabitri Dhakal (kp 05/09/2019), Threats of dengue: As there is no prescribed medicine to cure dengue, the three tiers of government must launch awareness drives in the affected districts (ht 06/09/2019)

Cases of scrub typhus on the rise (ht 04/09/2019)

Dengue making its way uphill, by Ganesh Bishu (rep 04/09/2019)

Ruling, opposition party lawmakers accuse govt of failing to control Dengue outbreak, by Santosh Ghimire (rep 02/09/2019)

Dengue 'out of control' in Pokhara: Even health workers and traffic police affected, by Santosh Pokharel (rep 01/09/2019)

Sunsari's dengue data does not tell whole story: The Epidemiology and Disease Control Division has been collecting data only from the state-run health facilities, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 31/08/2019)

Dengue spirals in 42 districts, over 4,600 infected: Experts say had concerned authorities acted on time, the virus could have been contained within a month, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/08/2019), Health Ministry to seek the help of Army, police to combat dengue outbreak: The mosquito-borne disease has spread in 42 districts, infecting more than 4,600 people so far this year, by Arjun Poudel (kp 30/08/2019)

Two more medical staffers contract dengue: Over 60 persons have been infected in Kathmandu valley, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 28/08/2019), Dengue in Kathmandu: The ongoing monsoon, and the circulation of other infectious diseases that come with it, may lead physicians to misdiagnose or be unable to identify or manage dengue appropriately and in a timely manner, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 29/08/2019)

TB still a stubborn scourge in Kailali village, by Pushparaj Joshi (ht 29/08/2019)

Viral fever grips Durlang Village in Parbat: The outbreak led to the closing of school after more than 150 people were taken ill, by Agandhar Tiwari (kp 28/08/2019)

Dengue yet to come under control in Katari Municipality (ht 28/08/2019)

Dengue patients increase in hills (ht 27/08/2019)

Dengue patient dies in Chitwan hospital: Bharatpur Hospital records 91 dengue cases in the last two weeks, by Ramesh Kzmar Paudel (jo 27/08/2019)

Concerns grow over dengue spread, but government is too slow to act: State agencies are just gearing up for meetings to chart out strategies to combat the disease, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/08/2019)

With fresh patients getting diagnosed daily, dengue outbreak in Province 1 is far from being contained: In Dharan alone, 3400 patients have been officially diagnosed with the fever, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 25/08/2019)

One more STIDH staffer diagnosed with dengue, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 24/08/2019), As dengue fear grip Valley, KMC opts for awareness drive, by Aditi Baral (rep 24/08/2019)

206 suffering from mosquito-borne disease in Pokhara (ht 24/08/2019)

27 minors suffering from jaundice in Kavre (ht 22/08/2019)

Over 50 dengue cases reported in Kathmandu Valley in a matter of days: Epidemiology and Disease Control Division suspects patient numbers could be much higher, by Arjun Poudel (kp 22/08/2019)

Cholera bacteria found among diarrhoea patients in Dadeldhura: More than 80 people have been taken ill in Parashuram Municipality over the past week, by Pant (kp 22/08/2019)

Attack of the mosquitoes: A multi-sectoral approach is necessary to control the dengue outbreak (kp 20/08/2019)

Staffers of STIDH diagnosed with dengue (ht 20/08/2019)

Indigenous dengue cases reported in Kathmandu Valley, over a dozen people infected: Doctors urge people to visit health facilities if symptoms occur, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/08/2019)

Seasonal diseases on the rise in Bajura District Hospital: Cases of seasonal diseases like fever, flu and diarrhoea on rise, doctors say, by Sangita Timilsena (kp 18/08/2019)

Lymphatic filariasis: Twenty-four school children infected, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 18/08/2019)

Pokhara reports 79 dengue cases in two weeks (rep 18/08/2019)

Dengue yet to be contained in Damak (ht 17/08/2019)

Sunsari records 3,266 dengue cases in 3 months, by Amar Khadka (rep 17/08/2019)

Hereís how you can protect yourself from dengue: With the possibility of an outbreak in the valley, itís important to understand the disease and recognise its symptoms (kp 15/08/2019)

Number of TB patients more than previously estimated: Study: A report of the National Prevalence Survey shows about 70,000 people across the country are infected with tuberculosis, by Arjun Poudel (kp 15/08/2019)

125 dengue cases reported in Hetauda (ht 15/08/2019)

Call for help to control dengue in Panchthar (ht 13/08/2019)

UN health agency warns of possible dengue outbreak in Kathmandu Valley: Two experts from the World Health Organization recently visited the country to assess the situation, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/08/2019), Govt structure a hindrance in containing dengue (ht 12/08/2019)

11 dengue cases reported in Capital, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 11/08/2019), 100 affected with dengue (ht 11/08/2019), 21 dengue cases detected in Pokhara (ht 11/08/2019)

Nepal TB cases grossly underestimated: The country needs to get its act together to meet the WHO goal of eliminating tuberculosis by 2035, by Paul Nunn and Bhim Singh Thakuri (nt 16/08/2019)

Hetauda sees eight dengue cases in past five days: Health workers suspect the number of vector-borne diseases could be on the rise, by Subash Bidari (kp 01/08/2019), More than 30 people down with dengue in Hetauda: The city has begun destroying mosquito breeding grounds and spraying insecticide in the affected areas, by Subash Bidari (kp 03/08/2019)

Kailali sees rise in number of mosquito-borne diseases: In Kailali, 158 people contracted the mosquito-borne diseases in the last fiscal year, by Mohan Budhaair (kp 28/07/2019)

Nepal achieves Hepatitis-B control (ht 27/07/2019)

Dharan fight to contain dengue: More than 3,000 people have been infected with dengue in the city in the last two and a half months, health workers say, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 25/07/2019)

Makwanpur sees rise in the number of tuberculosis patients: People working in construction sites and crusher industries are at risk of contracting tuberculosis, by Pratap Bista (kp 24/07/2019)

Dengue cases  rampant in Dharan (ht 21/07/2019)

Threat of diseases looms after deluge, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 17/07/2019)

Woman, 35, dies of dengue in Dharan: This is the first dengue death in the  sub-metropolitan city where around 1,500  people have been infected with the disease, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 14/07/2019)

Pokhara at high risk of dengue outbreak, a new study shows: Entomologists have found the presence of Aedes aegypti and Albopictus mosquitoes in high numbers, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/07/2019)

New treatment offers hope for Nepalís leprosy patients: Hospital has novel solution to heal wounds, but no cure for stigma and ostracisation, by Sonia Awale (nt 12/07/2019)

Malaria in hilly, mountainous regions (ht 10/07/2019)

Lab report gives reprieve to people who came in contact with victim of bird flu virus, by Arjun Poudel (kp 08/07/2019)

TB centres across country lack reagent for test: Thousands of patients are deprived of testing services because of the governmentís lack of concern, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/07/2019)

One more dengue patient confirmed in capital: The patient had recently travelled to Dharan (ht 02/07/2019)

Epidemiology and disease control office seeks WHOís help   to run Ďisolation wardí: Though the ward was set up 10 years ago, not a single patient has been treated there, by Arjun Poudel (kp 28/06/2019)

Dengue patients found in Saptari (ht 28/06/2019)

Disease control office alerts Valleyís local units of possible dengue outbreak: The warning is based on several studies carried out in the past that have found the  presence of dengue-carrying mosquitoes in significant numbers in the Valley, by Arjun Poudel (kp 23/06/2019)

Dengue risk declines: Heavy rain washes away mosquito eggs reducing their number (ht 23/06/2019), Respite for Dharan but dengue spreading in eastern Tarai (rep 23/06/2019)

Charali and Dhulabari at high risk of dengue, health workers say, by Parwat Portel (kp 21/06/2019)

200 people taken ill with diarrhoea after a wedding feast A field inspection by the Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office suggests that contaminated water could have contributed to the spread of the disease, by Anish Tiwari (kp 20/06/2019)

Private health centers charging exorbitant fee for dengue test: Patients forced to pay Rs 1500 to Rs 2500 for testing kits which costs Rs 248 (rep 19/06/2019)

Village declared Ďopen defecation-freeí notes alarming rise of dysentery patients: Many villagers frequently suffer from dysentery, as the water they drink is feared to have been contaminated, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 18/06/2019)

Dengue fear: Chitwan on high alert:  Health Directorate launches mosquito search and destroy campaign, mobilising 90 health volunteers, including representatives of local development organisations, in the district, by Pramita Dhakal (kp 17/06/2019)

Dengue threat looms over Kathmandu, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 17/06/2019)

Alarm as dengue spreads to Itahari, by Amar Khadka (15/06/2019)

Dengue reported in Jhapa, Morang (kp 13/06/2019)

ĎState unprepared to deal with epidemicsí, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/06/2019)

Province 1 government allocates Rs 8m to contain dengue in Dharan: BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences confirmed 54 new cases on Monday,  taking the number of dengue patients to 368, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 11/06/2019)

Dharan sees rise in dengue patientsAs of Saturday, 281 people have been diagnosed with the mosquito-borne disease in the Sub-metropolis, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 09/06/2019)

A second type of mosquito responsible for the spread of dengue in Dharan: Previously, female Aedes aegypti were thought to be solely responsible for the spread of dengue in the city, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 08/06/2019)

Dharan launches mosquito search and destroy drive, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/06/2019), Dengue-hit Dharan destroying mosquito breeding grounds, by Rohit Rai (rep 06/06/2019), Dengue dangers (repm 06/06/2019), Two wards of Dharan sub-metropolis declared crisis-hit zones over dengue: As many as 188 people from Wards 8 and 15 have been diagnosed with dengue so far this year, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 07/06/2019)

Cases of diarrhoea on the rise (ht 05/06/2019)

Dengue cases increasing in Dharan: Rapid response team sent to contain the spreading of the disease, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 01/06/2019), Dharan dengue outbreak out of control (ht 04/06/2019), 33 more infected with dengue in Dharan, by Rohit Rai (rep 05/06/2019)

First bird flu death: What next?, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 31/05/2019)

Residents of Bhairabpur suffer from chickenpox (kp 24/05/2019)

Specimens from patients sent for tests for bird flu virus: A team of 35 experts carried out epidemiological surveillance, by Arjun Poudel (rep 20/05/2019)

Nine new cases of dengue reported in Dharan, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 20/05/2019)

African malaria threat: Malaria imported from African continent has been increasing steadily in the last few years, and is posing unnoticed public health threat to Nepal, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 20/05/2019)

Baitadi at risk of malaria, by Tripti Shahi (kp 20/05/2019)

Authorities launch bird flu awareness drive in Kavre (ht 17/05/2019)

Three children infected with dengue in Dharan, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 16/05/2019)

Authorities to send more specimens abroad to test for bird flu virus: Health Ministry says it is still tracking the people who came in close contact with the person who died of the H5N1 virus on March 29, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/05/2019)

Diarrhoea stalks several parts of Doti district, by Mohan Shahi (kp 09/05/2019)

Cholera case in capital, Influenza B surging in Valley (rep 09/05/2019)

Disease control division scans media reports to get information about epidemic outbreak, by Arjun Poudel (kp 08/05/2019)

First cholera case of year confirmed in Capital, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/05/2019), Man tests positive for cholera in Kathmandu (ht 08/05/2019), Water samples collected from Kathmanduís cholera-hit area for lab test, by Arjun Poudel (kp 09/05/2019), Coliform in water caused cholera case in capital (rep 10/05/2019)

One dead, several affected by viral fever in Bajura, by Krishna Oli (rep 06/05/2019)

First bird flu death exposes passive surveillance and poor preparedness: 21-year-old Bhaktapur residentís case is the first H5N1 human infection in the world since February 2017, by Arjun Poudel, by Arpan Shrestha (kp 03/05/2019), Nepal sees first bird flu death (re 03/05/2019), On bird flu, awareness is the key (rep 05/05/2019), Bird flu death raises alarm, but government response is slow, by Arjun Poudel (kp 06/05/2019), Control measures: To prevent potential pathogenic outbreaks, the authorities need to respond better (kp 07/05/2019)

Unusually hot temperatures trigger seasonal ailments in Baitadi, by Tripti Shahi(kp 03/05/2019)

Diarrhea outbreak in Gulmi village brought under control, by Shiva Lal Subedi (rep 02/05/2019)

Measles outbreak in Morang, Dang and Kapilvastu raises concern: Over 13,000 childrenóaged nine months to 15 yearsóin disease-hit areas are being immunised, by Arjun Poudel (kp 01/05/2019)

Nine deaths in a remote Humla village worry locals; disease yet to be diagnosed: Authorities say teams of experts have been dispatched to the region, but they are yet to reach, by Arjun Poudel (kp 28/04/2019), Medical team reaches Tajakot to treat patients with flu-like symptoms: Throat swab of patients will be collected today to be sent  to Kathmandu to ascertain the cause, by Arjun Poudel (kp 29/04/2019), Humla death toll reaches 10 (ht 30/04/2019), Mystery illness in Tajakot under control; throat swab samples sent for test, by Kalendra Sejuawal (kp 01/05/2019), Disease, hunger and chronic poverty kill people in Humla: Doctors on the ground say living conditions are terrible in the district, by Arjun Poudel (kp 05/05/2019)

Gulmi diarrhoea: Coliform found in drinking water; authorities claim disease under control, by Ghanashyam Gautam (kp 28/04/2019), Diarrhea outbreak leaves over 160 bed-ridden in Gulmi, by Shiva Lal Subedi (rep 28/04/2019)

Disease control division to work with Met Office to combat climate-induced epidemics: Vector-borne diseases like malaria found in areas earlier considered non-endemic, by Arjun Poudel (kp 26/04/2019)

Nepal unlikely to eliminate malaria by 2022 (kp 25/04/2019), Highest number of patients found in Mugu district (ht 26/04/2019), Sudurpaschim at high risk of malaria, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 26/04/2019)

Two-thirds deaths caused  by non-communicable  diseases, a new study finds: Findings by Nepal Burden of Disease show heart disease and respiratory diseases are the leading causes of deaths in males and females respectively, by Arjun Poudel (kp 12/04/2019)

New study shows 12 percent of population suffers from chronic respiratory diseases, by Arjun Poudel (kp 09/04/2019)

Number of TB patients on the rise: Tuberculosis ranks as the seventh leading cause of deaths in the country (ht 26/03/2019)

Kailali authorities express concerns over vector-borne diseases, by Mohan Budhaair (kp 11/03/2019)

Health officials fear leprosy resurgence in the country: Leprosy-free status could be lost if prevalence rate reaches 1% of total population, by Arjun Poudel (kp 07/03/2019)

Leprosy cases on the rise in Rautahat: District Public Health Office to mobilise volunteers to locate leprosy patients in the district, by Shiva Puri (kp 01/03/2019)

Elimination of lymphatic filariasis unlikely by 2020 (ht 23/02/2019)

Malaria cases rise in districts considered non-endemic, by Arjun Poudel (kp 19/02/2019)

Valley likely to see diarrhoea outbreak (ht 19/02/2019)

Not enough research on Kala-azar: Experts, by Keshav Rana (rep 05/02/2019)

Number of leprosy cases increasing despite govt efforts (ht 03/02/2019)

No one diagnosed with leprosy in Jumla, Humla and Dolpa (ht 27/01/2019)

Call to eliminate leprosy-related discrimination (ht 26/01/2019)

Cases of swine flu reported in Kathmandu (ht 23/01/2019)

Brushing off rumours, experts say there are no cases of swine flu, by Arpan Shrestha (kp 15/01/2019)

Swine flu threat: New challenges ahead, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 07/01/2019)

Bhojpur on alert after two kala-azar cases confirmed (rep 03/01/2019)

116 cases of leprosy in Karnali Province, by Nagendra Upadhyaya (rep 03/01/2019)

Temperature plummets in Tarai districts: Health officials say the number of patients suffering from cold-related diseases is on the rise (kp 22/12/2018)

Efforts to Contain Malaria in Nepal, by Balaram Chaulagain (rn 17/12/2018)

Fighting dengue: More efforts required, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 17/12/2018)

Sudurpaschim: TB patients increasing by 3,500 each year: Inspector at Sudurpaschim Health Directorate says they are facing  challenges to control the disease in the region, by Mohan Budhair (kp 30/11/2018)

Dharan sees 10 dengue cases in three weeks, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 19/11/2018)

Nepal at high risk of imported diseases outbreak (ht 13/11/2018)

We are not prepared for Zika virus outbreak: Government of Nepal should conduct awareness programs about the virus. Health authorities should run screening and protecting protocol, by Bishnu Prasad Upadhyay and Binod Rayamajhee (rep 05/11/2018)

Scrub typhus spreads after earthquake: The magnitude of the outbreak escalated in 2016ó831 cases of scrub typhus were reported in 47 districts and 14 people  died by the end of that year, by Arpan Shrestha and Nayak Paudel (kp 04/11/2018)

Diarrhoea affects 47 in Makwanpur (kp 02/11/2018)

Dengue cases reported across country (ht 01/11/2018), Nine found infected with dengue in Kanchanpur (rep 02/11/2018)

Pokhara sees rise in dengue patients, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 28/10/2018), 22 new cases of dengue reported in Pokhara, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 31/10/2018)

Unidentified disease kills two in Kanchanrup, by Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 28/10/2018), Medical specialists yet to reach affected area in Saptari: Locals are in terror, fearing the disease to be another outbreak of a fatal influenza in their locality, by Abdhaesh Kumar Jha (kp 31/10/2018)

Seven dengue cases detected in Balaju alone (ht 27/10/2018)

Imported dengue cases reported (ht 15/10/2018)

Health authority issues dengue alert in Bardibas, by Rabindra Uprety (kp 12/10/2018)

NHRC conducts research on Sickle Cell Anaemia (kp 10/10/2018)

Authorities up border watch to stop infectious diseases, by Nayak Paudel (kp 08/10/2018)

Farwest faces malaria risk, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 08/10/2018)

Medics yet to contain diarrhoea in Nainahi (kp 26/09/2018)

Cases of influenza-like illness increasing in valley (ht 19/09/2018)

Rise of scrub typhus: Urgent action required, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 17/09/2918)

Health department declares war on influenza viruses: Officials plan preventive measures to control the outbreak of Swine and Hong Kong flu, by Abdhesh Kumar Jha and Nayak Paudel (kp 15/09/2018), Lack of experts affects treatment (ht 17/09/2018), Cash-strapped Saptari struggles to contain Swine, Hong Kong flus: Health officials say over 400 new cases of suspected flu reported on Sunday , by Abdhesh Kumar Jha (kp 18/09/2018), Medical experts reach flu affected areas (ht 18/09/2018)

Schools closed for three days after flu threat in Saptari district (ht 15/09/2018)

Unknown disease downs 400, by Abadhesh Kumar Jha (kp 11/09/2018)

Typhoid patients on the rise (kp 11/09/2018)

Malaria stalks Baitadi (kp 29/08/2018)

Diarrhoeal diseases up due to climate change: Report (ht 29/08/2018)

Scrub typhus detected in 82 patients (ht 24/08/2018)

Residents quiver as stray dogs go on snapping spree: Number of victims seeking anti-rabies vaccinations has nearly doubled in the last year, by Anup Ojha (kp 23/08/2019)

Fresh diarrhoea outbreak in Thula Chiudi (kp 15/08/2018)

Dengue strikes Darchula (kp 14/08/2018)

Kala-azar claims four lives in eight months (06/08/2018)

Fresh malaria spate in Righa downs 24 people (kp 01/08/2018)

79 new leprosy patients found in Siraha (kp 23/07/2018)

Spread of Tuberculosis continues, by Pushparaj Joshi (rep 23/07/2018)

Incidence rate of malaria high in Righa village of Mugu district (kp 17/07/2018)

Suspected cholera cases on the rise (ht 11/07/2018)

Kala-azar: A major health concern in Province 5, by Binod Pariyar (rep 10/07/2018)

Outbreak of Malaria in Mugu infects 16 villagers (kp 01/07/2018), Malaria downs 26 people in Righa, by Raj Bahadur Shahi (kp 05/07/2018)

Gastritis patients at high risk of cholera (ht 27/06/23018)

Cholera outbreak: Act before itís too late, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 25/06/2018)

Kala-azar downs three people in Darchula, kills one person, by Manoj Badu (kp 23/06/2018)

Diarrhea and viral fever cases spike in Sindhuli; Muddy rains contaminated water sources: Doctors, by Anil Bhandari (rep 23/06/2018)

Eye allergy on the rise in valley (ht 19/06/2018)

Awareness needed to avoid sickle cell anaemia: Nepal Health Research Council (ht 19/06/2018)

Nipah alert: As flying foxes are found in different areas including in Kathmandu, Nepal is at high risk of Nipah virus outbreaks, by Binod Rayamajhee and Sagar Aryal (rep 17/06/2018)

43 new leprosy cases detected in Rupandehi (ht 17/06/2018)

Doctors fear possible trachoma resurgence (ht 14/06/2018)

Myths about NCDs: Shift in approach required, by Barbara J. Engebretsen (ht 13/06/2018)

Viral fever cases on the rise in valley (ht 10/06/2018)

Seasonal patients up in Saptari (ht 08/06/2018)

Nipah virus in India: Lessons we need to learn, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 04/06/2018), Nipah Virus: A Dissection, by Uttam Maharjan (rn 07/06/2018)

Skin diseases on the rise in valley (ht 03/06/2018)

Diarrhoea downs 1,200 in Dang, by Durgalal KC (kp 28/05/2018), Diarrhoea outbreak in Shantinagar Ďsubsidingí, by Durgalal KC (kp 29/05/2018), Shantinagar diarrhoea crisis ends after 5 days, by Durgalal KC (kp 01/06/2018)

Diarrhoea cases rising (ht 14/05/2018)

WHO calls to fast-track efforts to eliminate rabies (ht 04/05/2018)

Dengue-like illness: A public health threat, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 02/05/2018)

Chickenpox cases on the rise in valley (ht 27/04/2018)

Malaria cases being reported in hills (ht 26/04/2018), 21 patients of malaria found in Nawalparasi: A majority of the people in the district sleeping outside their homes to escape summer heat is  one of the major reasons, by Narayan Sharma (kp 30/04/2018)

World Tuberculosis Day marked (kp 25/03/2018)

300 new leprosy cases detected in four districts (ht 02/03/2018)

STIDH reports first case of paralytic rabies in the country (ht 01/03/2018)

Significant rise in viral fever patients (ht 20/02/2018)

Mystery disease forces school to remain shut (ht 14/02/2018)

Outbreak: Jajarkot is becoming the disease capital of  the country due to shortage of medicines, by Binod Rayamajhee and Sagar Aryal (kp 13/02/2018)

Sickle cell disease rife among Tharus (kp 12/02/2018)

Hong Kong flu spread: Timely interventions required, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 06/02/2018)

3k new leprosy cases spotted each year (kp 29/01/2018), 3,000 new leprosy cases detected in 2017 (ht 29/01/2018)

Cold puts kids at high risk of viral diarrhoea (ht 29/01/2018)

Scrub tyhpus claimed 11 lives, 667 people infected till Nov 15: EDCD, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 26/01/2018)

Influenza of strains AH3, B confirmed in Khadachakra, by Tularam Pandey (kp 26/01/2018), Influenza scare: Though National Influenza Centre has said there is no need to panic, precautionary measures are a must in the wake of flu season (ht 26/01/2018)

Kalikot flu outbreak: Schools closed for four days in Khadachakra, by Tularam Pandey (kp 24/01/2018), Six more samples from Kalikot test positive for Hong Kong flu, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 25/01/2018)

16 samples test positive for Hong Kong flu (ht 24/01/2018)

Medical team to visit leprosy-affected districts (ht 20/01/2018), Leprosy cases rising despite govtís efforts (ht 22/01/2018)

Kalikot flu kills 5, over100 infected (kp 20/01/2018)

What are you allergic to? An epidemic of pollution-related allergies sweeps Kathmandu as winter wears on, by Sonia Awale (nt 19/01/2018)

Late diagnosis a barrier to eliminating malaria (ht 18/01/2018)

Govt rules out epidemic in Jajarkot deaths (kp 14/01/2018), Flu takes one more life in Jajarkot; toll climbs to 14 (kp 15/01/2018), Viral fever still out of control in Jajarkot (ht 16/01/2018), ĎJunichande flu epidemic under controlí, by Bhim Bahadur Singh (kp 18/01/2018)

Five die of Ďviral feverí in Bajura village, by Arjun Shah (kp 13/01/2018)

Jajarkot viral fever toll climbs to 13, by Bhim Bahadur Singh (kp 11/01/2018), Consultant docs off to affected areas (kp 12/01/2018), Health workers struggling to contain viral fever in Jajarkot: 1,500 treated till date, more patients  pouring in (ht 12/01/2018)

Flu claims life of 2-month-old; 10 dead in 2 weeks: Seasonal flu has affected hundreds of people at Junichande Rural Municipality in Jajarkot district (kp 10/01/2018)

Quake victimsí children suffer from pneumonia (ht 09/01/2018)

Extreme cold continues to trouble viral fever patients, by Janak KC (rep 09/01/2018)

Viral fever outbreak in Bajura district (ht 08/01/2018)

Viral fever claims nine, including five children in a week (ht 07/01/2018)

Case of Lyme disease detected at STIDH (ht 06/01/2018)

4 die of viral fever in Humla: Health facilities without medicines, by Jaya Bahadur Rokaya (kp 03/01/2018), Medical team sent to viral fever-Affecte dareas in Humla (kp 05/01/2018)

Emerging Lyme disease: A wake-up call for Nepal, by Sher Bahadur Pun (02/01/2018)

National tuberculosis prevalence survey set to be conducted from January (ht 30/12/2017), TB prevalence survey soon (kp 31/12/2017)

Cold affects life in Mahottari: The District Health Office says patients of pneumonia, asthma and cold  diarrhoea, among other  ailments, are increasing, by Rabindra Upreti (kp 17/12/2017)

Viral fever grips far-flung Bajura villages (ht 16/12/2017)

Viral fever cases on the rise in Valley (ht 10/12/2017)

Fatal Chikungunya virus: Emerging in Nepal, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 06/12/2017)

Unidentified disease claims one; scores ill (kp 05/12/2017)

Still spreading: Scrub typhus is the most prevalent, neglected and under-recognised, yet easily treatable disease in Nepal, by Santosh Thapa and Binod Rayamajhee (kp 03/12/2017)

Dozens succumb to viral fever in Mugu (ht 03/12/2017), Health workers reach Mugu villages to contain  viral fever (kp 07/12/2017)

Viral fever claims four lives within a week: In mid-Oct four persons of Seri Satbad, Khale Kawa and Paikhugaun villages had died of viral fever in the district (kp 02/12/2017)

Dangerous dengue: Dengue is spreading fast in Nepal, in what could be the worst and most explosive epidemic since 2010, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 21/11/2017)

Dengue causes fear among locals in Rautahatís Paurai Bazar (kp 10/11/2017)

Medicine shortage in viral fever-affected Gorkha village (kp 02/11/2017)

Dengue claims one life in Damak, nearly 350 infected, by Arjun Rajbanshi (kp 26/10/2017), Dengue downs over 300, sparks drug shortage in Mahottari district (kp 27/10/2017), 854 tested postive for dengue so far this year, cases may rise, says EDCD (ht 27/10/2017)

Dengue outbreak in Rupandehi, 91 infected, by Rekha Bhusal (rep 24/10/2017)

Dengue spreading fast in Jhapa, by Raju Adhikari (rep 23/10/2017), Jhapa sees over 100 dengue cases within month (kp 24/10/2017)

Malaria downs 60 in Mugu (kp 19/10/2017)

Dengue and malaria detected in high hills, by Khagendra Awasthi (kp 18/10/2017)

Govt ignoring fast-spreading dengue fever: Public health and municipality offices cite budget crunch, by Raju Adhikari (rep 16/10/2017)

Sukraraj Hospital swamped with dengue patients (ht 10/10/2017)

Sakarapur reels from diarrhoea; health officials suspect cholera (kp 09/10/2017)

Valley at high risk of dengue (ht 07/10/2017)

Three cutaneous leishmaniasis cases detected at Sukraraj infectious disease hospital: Infected sand flies transmit the disease when they bite a healthy person, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 07/10/2017)

27 cases of dengue infection detected in Dhading (rep 06/10/2017)

Increasing dengue cases spreads fear in Mahottari (rep 05/10/2017)

Deadly malaria Matter of concern, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 05/10/2017)

ĎUnknown disease kills two personsí: Doctors unable identify the disease stalking Musahar settlement (kp 03/10/2017)

Diarrhoea claims one in Dolakha, 12 taken ill (rep 02/10/2017)

201 Scrub typhus cases detected in two months (kp 27/09/2017)

Children below age of 10 at high risk of SHAPU infection (ht 26/09/2017)

10 dengue patients admitted to STIDH, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 24/09/2017)

CD deploys team to tackle malaria outbreak (ht 21/09/2017)

Eight test positive for hepatitis A (ht 18/09/2017)

H1N1 influenza death toll reaches 14 (ht 17/09/2017)

354 scrub typhus cases in 34 districts, five deaths so far this year (ht 16/09/2017)

ĎSwine flu kills one, 42 sickí (kp 14/09/2017)

Dengue alarm: Huge concern, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 13/09/2017)

300 scrub typhus cases so far this year (ht 08/09/2017)

Malaria cases declining in Nepal, says EDCD (ht 08/09/2017)

Viral fever takes hold of flood victims, by Nirmal Ghimire (rep 05/09/2017), Two Bhojpur villagers die of viral fever (kp 07/09/2017)

Scrub typhus, dengue cases on the rise (ht 03/09/2017)

Ď309 infected with swine flu in Chitwaní (kp 02/09/2017), Threat Of Swine Flu, by Balaram Chaulagain (rn 03/09/2017)

Three die of viral fever (kp 01/09/2017)

Diarrhoea, fever cases up (kp 29/08/2017)

Viral fever patients up in Dhading, Sindhuli (ht 29/08/2017)

Hundreds of flood survivors under grip of viral diseases, by Pawan Yadav, Shankar Acharya and Laxmi Sah (kp 27/08/2017)

Typhus alert: City dwellers may not know that Scrub typhus has been making a shift from rural to urban areas, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 27/08/2017)

Malaria cases on the rise in Bajura (ht 26/08/2017)

Two women die of viral fever in Tehrathum (kp 26/08/2017)

Viral fever grips flood-hit Siraha (ht 24/08/2017)

Viral diseases stalk people in landslide-affected areas, by Shahiman Rai (kp 22/08/2017)

Kaski, Syangja still not safe from H1N1 infection, by Santosh Pokharel and Mohan Gurung (rep 22/08/2017)

Over 450 viral fever patients treated in Rukum (kp 21/08/2017)

Diseases break out in flood-hit areas (ht 20/08/2017)

Scrub typhus infections on the rise (ht 20/08/2017), Scrub typhus threat: Now that most of the Tarai is inundated by floods there is more danger of the disease spreading due to lack of hygiene and rise in the number of dangerous rodents (ht 22/08/2017)

Viral haemorrhagic fevers claim lives of four children (kp 19/08/2017)

Fear of diseases looms in the wake of floods: Experts call for urgent steps to supply water, sanitation and medicines: Most of the flood survivors are left with no option than to spend nights under the open sky  without basic facilities, by Chandan Kumar Mandal and Pawan Yadav (kp 18/08/2017)

Over 200 ill of unknown cause (kp 18/08/2017)

Epidemic in flood-affected area ruled out (ht 17/08/2017), Saptari flood victims start falling ill (ht 17/08/2017), Kailali flood victims falling ill following the disaster (ht 18/08/2017)

Doctors issue epidemic alert to flood victims (ht 14/08/2017)

Alarming surge of swine flu in Nepal: The trend is worrying because it seems to be the same strain that caused a pandemic in 2009, by Binod Rayamajhee (kp 13/08/2017)

Narayani Hospital without lab kits to test swine flu, by Shankar Acharya (kp 10/08/2017)

Fear of waterborne diseases looms among Pokhara denizens (ht 10/08/2017)

104 test positive for swine flue in western region, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 08/08/2017)

Swine flu panic: Precautionary measures, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 08/08/2017)

H1N1 influenza death toll reaches 10 (ht 08/08/2017)

Woman succumbs to scrub typhus in Chitwan (ht 08/08/2017)

Three die of suspected H1N1 influenza in Palpa (ht 06/08/2017), Flu scare: Schools in Palpaís Kaseni closed for three days (kp 07/08/2017)

Swine flu alert issued in Waling after death (ht 28/07/2017), Three of a family test positive for swine flu (ht 29/07/2017), Medical team from Capital begins inspection in Syangja (kp 30/07/2017), Health authorities urge caution after swine flu claims two lives: Doctors report an increase in cases of severe pneumonia while patients are being treated in intensive care unit (kp 31/07/2017), Swine flu alert: With a regional outbreak of an old virus strain, Nepal should take preventive steps (kp 02/08/2017), Five new cases of swine flu detected in Syangja (kp 03/08/2017), Swine flu death toll reaches six (ht 03/08/2017), Two women from Jhapa die of swine flu in two weeks (rep 03/08/2017), Swine flu death toll reaches eight (kp 04/08/2017), Ample medicine in stock for pandemic influenza (kp 04/08/2017), Schools in Syangja to remain shut for a week (ht 05/08/2017), Syangja schools shut over swine (kp 06/08/2017), Swine flu claims one more life: 74-yr-old man from Palpa dies while undergoing treatment in Capital; EDCD holding a review meeting today as death toll continues to rise, by Madhav Aryal (kp 06/08/2017)

13 scrub typhus patients in Chitwan (ht 25/07/2017), Scrub typhus claims four in FY 2016/17 (kp 26/07/2017), 37 new scrub typhus patients in Chitwan (ht 31/07/2017)

Snakebite cases up in flood-affected areas (ht 12/07/2017)

Diarrhoea kills one, scores fall sick in Gorkha village (kp 11/07/2017)

ENT problems on the rise in Kathmandu Valley (ht 11/07/2017)

Scrub typhus kills 4 people, infects 504 in one year (kp 06/07/2017)

Diarrhoea cases increasing in Valley (ht 05/07/2017), Diarrhoea outbreak hits Tanahun residents (ht 05/07/2017), 236 diarrhoea outbreaks in 2 months (kp 09/07/2017)

Diarrhoea outbreak in Barpak kills 15-month-old (kp 04/07/2017)

Experts call for caution against waterborne diseases, by Samipa Khanal (kp 23/06/2017)

Scrub Typhus diagnosed in Chitwan (ht 21/06/2017)

Number of seasonal patients on the rise in Valley (ht 15/06/2017), Cases of influenza, diarrhoea and common cold rising in Capital (rep 15/06/2017)

Cholera alert: Knocking at our doors, by Sher Bahadur Pun (ht 13/06/2017)

Chickenpox outbreaks hit Doti schools (kp 11/06/2017)

Dengue case reported in Kathmandu Valley (ht 30/05/2017), Two test positive for dengue in Kathmandu, by Arjun Poudel (ht 31/05/2017)

One death from SARI reported in Kathmandu (ht 24/05/2017)

Non-communicable diseases: Serious health concerns, by Anusha Ban (ht 23/05/2017)

Biratnagar at high risk of jaundice epidemic (ht 19/05/2017)

Chickenpox outbreak in Gadhimai, by Madan Thakur (rep 20/04/2017)

Musahar community at mercy of kala-azar, by Santosh Sigh (rep 12/04/2017)

Overpoulation invites cholera outbreaks in urban areas (ht 11/04/2017)

Chickenpox stalks children in Palpa (kp 31/03/2017)

Swine flu detected in Kathmandu Valley (kp 30/03/2017)

Zoonotic disease pandemic preparedness: Implement safety policies to protect citizens, advise experts (kp 25/03/2017)

120 new cases of TB detected daily in Nepal: Every year, 44,000 new cases are transmitted while 5,000 to 7,000 deaths occur due to TB, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal (rep 25/03/2017)

187 patients diagnosed with SARI so far this fiscal (ht 22/03/2017)

Essential non-communicable disease interventions in eight more districts (ht 17/03/2017)

Diarrhoea downs 58 in Dhading: ĎContaminated water or food  may have caused the sicknessí, by Harihar Singh Rathour (kp 04/03/2017)

Nepal aims for zero leprosy by 2020 (kp 29/01/2017), Stigma associated with disease still haunts Nepal, by Manish Gautam and Krishna Prasad Gautam (kp 30/01/2017), Number of leprosy patients up in Tarai districts (ht 30/01/2017), Avoid stigma: The society can play a crucial role in eradicating leprosy. If the stigma associated with the disease is dealt this will be a big step forward (ht 30/01/2017), Awareness key to eradicating leprosy, by Anita Shrestha (ht 02/02/2017)

Sickle-cell disease rampant among Tharu community, by Yogesh Rawal (rep 14/01/2017), SCD test available in Dhangadi (ht 23/01/2017)

Researchers blame climate change behind increasing diarrhoea epidemic (rep 22/12/2016)

Rabies scare in Orang VDC: Villagers arrive in Charikot for treatment after two persons died in a month; Local health post without rabies vaccines, by Rajendra Manandhar (kp 19/12/2016), Another rabies death leaves folk of Dolakha village fretting (kp 20/12/2016)

1,473 dengue cases in 30 districts in five months: Report (kp 08/12/2016)

Sickle cell anaemia a major threat in Tharu community: Health experts have called for tests for sickle cell anaemia before marriage as the children born to parents suffering from the disease are prone to infection, by Thakur Singh Tharu and Ganesh Chaudhary (kp 04/12/2016)

Report raises doubts over effectiveness of measles vaccine, by Manish Gautam (kp 29/11/2016)

Scrub typhus cases on the rise in Kailali: Four deaths in as many months this year, by DR Panta (kp 20/11/2016)

Jajarkot locals deprived of health care in face of diarrhoea epidemic (ht 19/11/2016)

Two dengue deaths in three days in Chitwan (kp 18/11/2016)

Dengue scare: 64 cases reported in 18 months in Mid-western Region (kp 17/11/2016), 36 people infected in Rupandehi (kp 17/11/2016)

Leprosy on rise in Jhapa, by Raju Adhikari (rep 14/11/2016)

Dengue found in Surkhet (kp 12/11/2016)

4 dengue patients found in Morang (kp 10/11/2016)

Chitwan Dengue coming under Control: DPHO (ht 08/11/2016)

Dengue cases rising in Banke, 45 infected so far, by Arjun Oli (rep 07/11/2016)

Over 200 cases of denguereported in Damak: Locals say the authorities have failed to put in place effective measures to  control the disease, by Parbat Portel (kp 06/11/2016)

First dengue case reported in Pokhara (ht 29/10/2016)

Scrub typhus kills teenage girl (kp 28/10/2016)

Dengue cases reach 521, test kits in short supply (rep 28/10/2016)

110 dengue cases recorded in Jhapa this season alone: Haphazard disposal of garbage fuelling dengue epidemic, by Raju Adhikari (rep 27/10/2016), Dengue cases expected to rise in Jhapa, say EDCD officials (ht 28/10/2016)

Schools closed after dengue outbreak in Chitwan towns (kp 26/10/2016)

Dengue outbreak: The best ways to prevent the disease from spreading in settlements is to remove waterlogged areas, keep the settlements clean and properly dump bio-degradables (ht 26/10/2016)

Panic among people with dengue scare unabated in Jhapa (ht 26/10/2016)

Health teams in Rautahat villages following rabies scare (kp 26/10/2016)

EDCD deploys teams to control dengue (ht 25/10/2016)

Low health coverage increases risk of epidemic outbreak in Kathmandu Valley (ht 24/10/2016)

TB cases declining in western region: Reports (ht 24/10/2016)

Fighting epidemics: Despite the early warning signs the fact that health workers in the valley failed to exercise caution and implement preventive measures says a lot about the way our health system operates (rep 21/10/2016)

Girl dies of scrub typhus in Chitwan (kp 21/10/2016)

Scrub Typhus claims nine in six months (rep 20/10/2016)

EDCD team in Chitwan after dengue outbreak: The team will assist health officials in the district in a campaign to destroy mosquito breeding places to control dengue spread (kp 17/10/2016), Dengue grips Chitwan, 219 infected, by Ramesh Kumar Paudel (rep 19/10/2016), 12 dengue cases found in Valley in last six days (ht 19/10/2016), EDCD warns of dengue epidemic in the Valley: Search and destroy campaign to be launched (ht 20/10/2016)

WHO calls for efforts to end tuberculosis (ht 15/10/2016)

59 new cases of scrub typhus in Chitwan (rep 10/10/2016)

Medical team sent to dengue-hit Chitwan for study (ht 06/10/2016)

EDCD starts Dengue search and destroy drive (ht 04/10/2016)

Scrub typhus outbrake: Infectious mites found in 70 pc of mice samples (kp 01/10/2016)

WHO calls for stronger measures against Zika (ht 01/10/2016)

Chikungunya infection found in Chitwan woman (kp 30/09/2016), Chikungunya case reported in Rautahat, by Tilak Ram Rimal (ht 01/10/2016)

Dengue, chikungunya cases in Valley, by Arjun Poudel (ht 28/09/2016)

Cholera detected in diarrhoea-hit Koiladi (kp 22/09/2016)

Patients suffering from viral fever increase in Bajura (ht 22/09/2016)

The Chikungunya menace, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 20/09/2016), Woman tests positive for Chikungunya (ht 27/09/2016)

Dengue case reported in Kathmandu (ht 18/09/2016)

Fresh cholera cases worry health officials (ht 16/09/2016), EDCD in bid to check spread of cholera (ht 17/09/2016)

Scrub typhus cases reported from 37 districts: Seven dead, 240 infected so far (rep 15/09/2016), Over 200 scrub typhus patients in Chitwan (ht 17/09/2016)

Govt fails to stem cholera spread, by Manish Gautam (kp 12/09/2016), Worth of water: Recurrent outbreaks of cholera should alarm authorities and jolt them into action (kp 13/09/2016)

Epidemiologists study mice for scrub typhus vectors, by Shiva Puri (kp 12/09/2016)

Polluted water causing fever, typhoid (ht 12/09/2016)

MoH urges caution against cholera (kp 11/09/2016)

Scrub typhus cases on the rise (kp 10/09/2016)

Cholera bacteria rampant in Valley water supply, by Arjun Poudel (rep 08/09/2016)

Capital sees increase in cholera cases, by Sabitri Dhakal (ht 03/09/2016)

After Lalitpur, cholera spreads in Kathmandu (rep 02/09/2016)

Valley records 29 new cholera cases in a week (ht 31/08/2016)

Scrub typhus spreads in Kailali (ht 31/08/2016)

First detected in Aug 2015, scrub typhus has killed 13, by Bimal Khatiwada (kp 28/08/2016)

Medical team in Chitwan to study status of scrub typhus (ht 27/08/2016)

15-year-old boy dies of Japanese encephalitis (kp 24/08/2016)

One dies of scrub typhus in Chitwan Medical Hospital (ht 24/08/2016)

Hundreds fall ill due to water contamination (kp 24/08/2016) [related to Ramechhap]

Fever patients throng Ramechhap hospitals (ht 22/08/2016)

EDCD weighs vaccination against cholera, by Arjun Poudel (rep 22/08/2016)

Stop the spread: Public awareness, case identification, and rodent control are cardinal steps to prevent a scrub typhus outbreak, by Binod Rayamajhee (kp 21/08/2016), Treatable Scrub: We should not panic over the current Scrub typhus outbreak as deaths from this disease can be prevented with simple drugs, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 22/08/2016)

EDCD confirms 68 cholera cases in Valley (ht 17/08/2016)

11 cases of scrub typhus reported in East, two dead (kp 14/08/2016), EDCD sounds scrub typhus high alert (ht 15/08/2016), Health institutes in East lack scrub typhus test kit: Health facilities have been sending blood samples to National Public Health Laboratory in Capital to confirm the disease, by Pradeep Menyangbo (kp 16/08/2016), 76 test positive for scrub typhus (ht 17/08/2016)

Preventing cholera: There have never been genuine attempts to identify reasons and risk factors of cholera outbreak in Nepal, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 13/08/2016)

51 cholera cases reported in Valley in one month (kp 12/08/2016)

53 scrub typhus cases in Chitwan (ht 10/08/2016), Over 50 cases of Scrub typhus found (kp 11/098/2016), 53 new cases of scrub typhus in Chitwan (kp 17/08/2016)

Viral fever patients up in Lamjung (ht 10/08/2016)

Spread of cholera unabated in Lalitpur (rep 08/08/2016)

30 cholera cases reported in Kathmandu Valley in a week ht 07/08/2016)

Viral feaver: Hundreds taken ill in Dolakha, Kanchanpur (kp 05/08/2016)

Common cold, fever patients on the rise (ht 01/08/2016)

Viral fever, diarrhoea afflict flood victims (kp 30/07/2016)

Skin infection among quake-displaced kids (kp 28/07/2016)

Viral fever, diarrhoea patients on rise in Salyan (kp 28/07/2016)

21 confirmed cases of cholera in Kathmandu Valley, by Arjun Poudel (rep 27/07/2016), 17 cholera cases reported in Valley (ht 28/07/2016), Cholera scare  (ht 29/07/2016)

Chitwan in grip of outbreak of viral fever (ht 26/07/2016)

Far-west region hit by seasonal diseases (ht 13/07/2016)

New threats: With the impending monsoon various kinds of vector-borne diseases loom large over Nepal, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 14/06/2016)

ĎWaterborne diseases upí (kp 12/06/2016)

Waterborne diseases rise with onset of premonsoon showers (rep 30/05/2016)

Risk of epidemics persist, by Arjun Poudel (rep 20/05/2016)

Viral fever cases up (ht 16/05/2016), Seasonal diseases on the rise (ht 17/05/2016)

Deadly disease in southern Humla: 18 people dead in three weeks; Health centres without drugs; Even Paracetamol tablets are unavailable at localhealth facilities , by Jaya Bahadur Rokaya (kp 07/05/2016), Seasonal diseases claim 25 lives in Humla (ht 08/05/2016), Med team deployed to flu-hit areas: Officials say that more than 15,000 people are affected by seasonal flu in the  southern region of Humla (kp 09/05/2016)

Two more die of flu-like disease in Humla VDC: People suffering from the disease have symptoms, including headache, fever and common cold (kp 01/05/2016)

Chickenpox suspected in Banke, Bardiya children, by Thakur Singh Tharu (kp 30/04/2016)

Flu-like disease kills 16 in two weeks, by Jaya Bahadur Rokaya (kp 26/04/2016)

Seasonal diseases claim 10 lives in a week in Humla (ht 26/04/2016), Health workersí teams treating patients in affected areas (ht 27/04/2016)

End malaria for good: Number one threat, by Chandra Mani Kafle (ht 25/04/2016)

Outbreaks attributed to lack of personal hygiene, unsafe water, by Janak KC (rep 23/04/2016)

ĎDiabetes, thyroid disorders on the riseí (ht 16/04/2016)

Healthy diet, exercise keeps diabetes at bay: WHO; ĎIf not properly managed, the disease may cause serious damage to vital organsí (ht 07/04/2016), Diabetic cases rising alarmingly (rep 09/04/2016)

NHRC concerned over Jajarkot diarrhea (rep 07/04/2016)

500 tuberculosis patients found in Kailali (ht 31/03/2016)

Chickenpox, measles break out in Rautahat (ht 31/03/2016)

NTC data mix-up raises alarm: Tuberculosis centre loses track of over 1,600 patients, posing serious public health risks (kp 25/03/2016), Call for collective efforts to fight tuberculosis (ht 25/03/2016)

More and more people suffering from COPD, say docs, by Tika R. Pradhan (ht 20/03/2016)

Chickenpox infection rises in Jhapa, by Raju Adhikari (rep 19/03/2016)

A looming crisis: There is a real concern that TB would be transmitted to the healthy population residing in the temporary settlements, by Raz Mohammad Wali (kp 15/03/2016)

Govt Ďpreparesí itself for Zika outbreak (kp 10/03/2016)

Viral diseases stalk northern Gorkha: People mostly in the quake-hit settlements down with viral fever, diarrhoea and common cold, by Sudip Kaini (kp 26/02/2016)

82 percent of population at risk of diarrheal diseases: Study; E. coli found even in bottled water sold in jars (rep 26/02/2016)

Health experts warn of zika virus outbreak: Rising temperature responsible for spread of vectors in most of the districts, by Arjun Poudel (rep 23/02/2016)

Diarrhoea kills 2 kids, scores ill, by Prakash Adhikari (kp 16/02/2016), Medical team in diarrhoea-hit Dailekh villages, by Prakash Adhikari (kp 17/02/2016), Rotavirus caused diarrheal outbreak in Dailakh: EDCD (rep 18/02/2016)

Zika threat: We have in Nepal observed symptoms similar to Zika and frequent outbreaks of viral-origin fever have been reported every year, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 08/02/2016), Let us spray: As there is no vaccine or treatment for Zika virus,  prevention is the only option we have, by Sameer M. Dixit (kp 09/02/2016)

ĎNepal runs Zika risk post-monsooní; EDCD: Mosquito linked to spread of virus is found in Nepalís major  cities and towns, by Manish Gautam (kp 01/02/2016), Virus without borders: Govt needs to strengthen programmes to contain mosquito-borne diseases (kp 02/02/2016), Zika spread: Serious concern, by Chandra Mani Kafle (ht 02/02/2016), Over 200 docs trained to deal with possible outbreak of Zika virus (rep 02/02/2016)

Surkhet sees twofold rise in leprosy infection, by Nagendra Upadhyay (rep 01/02/2016)

Immunization gaps behind measles outbreak in Kapilvastu: CHD, by Arjun Poudel (rep 29/01/2016)

Banke kids at risk of contracting measles (kp 26/01/2016)

Unidentified disease claims lives of six kids: Public Health Office says it collected blood samples and sent them to Kathmandu for lab test, by Manoj Paudel (kp 20/01/2016), Measles suspected in five child deaths, by Kiran Man Bajracharya (rep 20/01/2016), DPHO mobilises medical team (kp 21/01/2016), Measles Ďunder controlí in Kapilvastu villages, by Manoj Paudel (kp 24/01/2016), Measles claims one more child (kp 29/01/2016)

Anthrax fear grips Palpa village, by Madhav Aryal (lp 19/01/2016)

Tanahun on high alert after swine flu death (ht 19/01/2016), Docs call for immediate measures against influenza (rep 19/01/2016)

Flu claims Seven lives in Mugu, by Raj Bahadur Shahi (kp 17/01/2016)

Swine flu patient dies in capital hospital (reo 16/01/2016)

Banda affects bid to control dengue, by Shankar Acharya (kp 22/11/2015)

Disease surveillance: Though Nepal has made great strides in the health sector, it is yet  to take significant steps in disease surveillance and research, by Sameer M. Dixit (kp 06/11/2015)

Cause for concern: In the absence of a vaccine precaution is the best defense against Scrub Typhus, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 03/11/2015)

Viral fever outbreak grips Mugu village, by Raj Bahadur Shahi (kp 09/10/2015)

ĎCholera outbreak under control nowí (ht 04/10/2015)

SHAPU cases up among impoverished families in Dhading (ht 03/10/2015)

Dolakha goes on high alert for flu outbreak (ht 18/09/2015)

Quake-displaced people suffer from skin diseases, by Tika Prasad Bhatta (kp 17/09/2015)

Japanese encephalitis claims life, by Bhawani Bhatta (kp 11/09/2015)

Swine flu detected in Ramechhap patients (kp 04/09/2015), Swine flu detected in Bara village (kp 05/09/2015), Swine flu patients deprived of treatment, by Laxmi Sah (kp 06/09/2015)

Active cholera surveillance in Valley (ht 03/09/2015)

MoFALD sounds cholera high alert (ht 31/08/2015)

Possible solution: Though vaccines are available, prevention is still the best cure for cholera (kp 21/08/2015), Under observation: Nepal needs to invest in safe water supply systems and sewage disposal to prevent frequent cholera outbreaks, by Prativa Pandey (kp 21/08/2015)

Cholera cases on rise in Valley: A majority of the patients diagnosed with the disease come from Kuleshwor and Kalimati areas (kp 18/08/2015), Cholera remains uncontrolled in capital (rep 18/08/2015)

Stay alert: Most of cholera patients were found using bottled water for drinking purpose, but not from branded companies, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 15/08/2015)

28 found infected with Cholera in capital, by Arjun Poudel (kp 11/08/2015), 20 patients test positive for cholera in city (ht 12/08/2015), Risk of cholera (ht 13/08/2015), 29 cases of cholera confirmed in city (ht 14/08/2015)

Jaundice cases on rise in quake-hit Barpak and Laprak VDCs, by Narhari Sapkota (rep 10/08/2015)

Cholera threat: Drink safe water, mind sanitation: Health officials (ht 07/06/2015)

Diarrhoea spreads in Musahar settlement (ht 07/08/2015)

Valley records first cholera case since April 25 quake (kp 06/08/2015), Cholera cases in capital confirmed, by Arjun Poudel (rep)

Tainted water spreading diarrheal infection in Kuleshwar (rep 05/08/2015)

Typhoid reported in quake-affected areas (kp 22/07/2015)

Unidentified disease claims two lives (kp 20/07/2015)

Pokhara alerted against dengue, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 19/07/2015)

Seasonal patients up in Tanahun (ht 10/07/2015)

Chitwan continues fight against dengue, by Chandani Hamal (rep 08/07/2015)

Kalaazar, dengue alert in Biratnagar, by Jitendra Sah (kp 05/07/2015), Stitch in time: Nation-wide awareness campaigns on kalaazar could help curb its spread (kp 07/07/2015)

Allergy, typhoid taking toll on Okhaldhunga quake victims (ht 30/06/2015)

Chickenpox breaks out in Bajura (ht 25/06/2015)

Measles stalks Banke, Bardiya (kp 21/06/2015)

Hepatitis E outbreak looms in Nepal: Experts; Could kill more than 500 pregnant women in the country (ht 19/06/2015)

EDCD to launch campaign against dengue (ht 18/06/2015)

5-year-old dies of measles; scores ill, by Kamal Panthi (kp 16/06/2015)

Mystery disease claims six lives in Siraha, Kavre (ht 10/06/2015)

Coliform jeopardising health in Bajura (ht 09/06/2015)

MERS alert: Govt asks S Korea, Middle East bound workers to take precaution (kp 09/06/2015), DoHS urges people to be cautious about MERS spread (ht 09/06/2015), MERS alert: Hundreds of thousands of Nepali migrants are wirking in the Middle East where the majority of MERS-CoV cases have been reported, by Sher Bahadur Pun (rep 17/06/2015)

Mass management: Fears of epidemic outbreak post quake miss the urgent need to look after the displaced (kp 03/06/2015))

SCA cases confound doctors in Kailali (ht 02/06/2015)

Disease outbreak risk: Health Dept to step up surveillance (kp 01/06/2015)

Govt warns outbreak of water-borne diseases: Water samples from Kathmandu Valley, Sindhupalchok, Dolakha, Dhading and Gorkha test positive for coliform bacteria, including E coli; Experts say KUKL drinking water has high chlorine content to the point of being toxic, by Manish Gautam (kp 26/05/2015)

Seasonal patients up in far-west (ht 25/05/2015)

TB treatment continues despite quake (ht 11/05/2015)

Flu alert in Humla after six deaths (ht 24/04/2015)

Over 150 ill as flu grips Kalikot village, by Tula Ram Pandey (kp 22/04/2015), Flu spreads to Kalikot, Jumla (ht 22/04/2015), Rukum, Surkhet set up health desks (kp 23/04/2015), Flu-like disease grips Kalikot villages (kp 23/04/2015), Jajarkot flu spreads to Kalikot: Claims one, at least 204 infected, by Pabitra Kumar Shahi (rep 23/04/2015), Flu infected in Kalikot reach 239; 23 critical, by Pabitra Kumar Shahi (rep 24/04/2015), Death toll reaches 29 in Jajarkot (ht 24/04/2015), Jajarkot flu cases Ďrecedeí, by Bhim Bahadur Singh (kp 24/04/2015), Koirala directs Health minister to up efforts (kp 24/04/2015), Jajarkotís unsung heroes: Battling neglect and apathy, health workers have saved hundreds of lives in the Jajarkot flu outbreak, by Om Astha Rai (nt 24/04/2015), Running with the herd: To suggest that the state has remained a mere spectator in Jajarkot is not just wrong, it is selective reporting, by Tsering Dolker Gurung (nt 24/04/2015), Over 12,000 treated in Jajarkot, by Bhim Bahadur Singh (kp 25/04/2015), Health workers close to containing Jajarkot flu Say the disease will be controlled in about 10 days, by Dinesh Shrestha (ht 25/04/2015),