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Press evaluation:

Export to China up 81.9 pc in four months, by Sagar Ghimire (rep 19/12/2014)

China seeks party-to-party ties with NC, UML, Maoists (kp 17/12/2014), Chinese leader calls on PM, Dahal, Baidhya: Suggests promulgation of constitution through consensus (ht 17/12/2014)

Country on wire: Nepal’s diplomacy must tread a fine line while balancing the respective interests of both India and China, by Govind Prasad Kusum (kp 16/12/2014)

Nepal, China holding IETC meeting after a 7-year gap (rep 16/12/2014)

Senior Chinese officials arriving (kp 15/12/2014)

SWC to blacklist Chinese NGO APECF, by Rajan Pokhrel (ht 15/12/2014)

Nepal forwards revised BIPPA draft to China, by Sanjeev Giri (kp 12/12/2014), Nepal urges China to sign BIPPA (ht 12/12/2014), Nepal sends feedback on Chinese-proposed BIPPA, by Sagar Ghimire (kp 12/12/2014)

Entering South Asia: Nepal’s policymakers need to seriously take China’s geopolitical ambitions into account, by Daman Bahadur Ghale (kp 11/12/2014)

'China prez could visit Nepal in 2015', by Purna Basnet (rep 09/12/2014)

Duty-free, quota-free  market access: China extends facility to 199 more products, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 06/12/2014)

Wang to arrive later this month (kp 05/12/2014), Chinese foreign minister to visit Nepal for two days (ht 06/12/2014)

2nd Sino-Nepal trade route opens: Gyirong Port inaugurated on Rasuwagadhi border on Monday, by Krishna Thapa (kp 02/12/2014)

NRB, China to sign pact to facilitate use of RMB by Dec (ht 30/11/2014)

Jilong-Rasuwagadi route to open (ht 30/11/2014)

China ‘keen’ to be South Asia’s strategic partner, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 23/11/2014)

Students throng Beijing Edu Fair (kp 21/11/2014)

Bring China in: As the rising power in the new world order, China joining the SAARC will contribute to overall development in South Asia, by Shrijan Malla (rep 18/11/2014)

Tarai tribulations: The Chinese intention of making inroads into Lumbini, which is adjacent to the Indian border, in the name of supporting infrastructure is now well established, by Hari Bansh Jha (rep 18/11/2014) [??]

Cabinet gives nod to DFQF facility (ht 14/11/2014)

Regional international airport in Pokhara: FinMin seeks soft loan from Chinese bank (kp 11/11/2014)

Jilong-Rasuwagadhi checkpost to begin operation soon (ht 08/11/2014)

Yam, buffer, bridge: Our foreign policy vis--vis China and India must be informed by the exigencies of strategic realities, by Gopal Thapa (kp 04/11/2014)

China to review terms for operating MA60, reduce training, instructor pilot costs (ht 04/11/2014)

China expands DFQF access to 8,030 goods (kp 04/11/2014)

Chinese aid sought for GPK hospital (kp 31/10/2014)

Tibet region chief stresses better ties in security (kp 28/10/2014) [??], Tibet Autonomous Region Chair meets Foreign Minister Pandey (ht 28/10/2014), Tibet announces additional 20m yuan annual aid to Nepal (kp 29/10/2014), Visiting Tibetan official kicks up controversy: Pledges 100 computers to UCPN-M (ht 29/10/2014), China stresses bilateral cooperation (ht 29/10/2014)

MoI to send opinion on China's BIPPA proposal within a month (rep 28/10/2014)

China for quick signing of BIPPA with Nepal: Gautam (kp 23/10/2014), China wants to have BIPPA, extradition treaty with Nepal: Gautam (ht 23/10/2014)

Transport goons fleecing traders at Tatopani point, by Rishiram Poudel (kp 21/10/2014)

Nepal sticks to One-China policy: DPM (ht 20/10/2014)

China agrees to build Rasuwagadhi ICD: Chinese side to construct three quarantine check points for animal, plant and food testing, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 15/10/2014), Nepal, China sign pact to develop ICD in Rasuwagadhi (ht 17/10/2014)

Nepal, China to discuss security issues (kp 13/10/2014)

China govt all setto open Kerung check post: Will be equipped with customs, quarantine and immigration services (ht 07/10/2014)

China, Nepal to enhance ties (nn 05/10/2014)

Chinese prez likely to visit Nepal next year: Pandey, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 30/09/2014)

China to extend rail to Nepal: Chinese side agrees in principle to build alternative cargo route from Rasuwagadhi to Kathmandu, by Prithvi Man Shrestha and Rajesh Khanal (kp 29/09/2014)

FM meets his Chinese, Qatari counterparts (kp 29/09/2014)

Veep leaves for Lhasa to attend expo (kp 25/09/2014), VP reiterates ‘One-China Policy’ (ht 27/09/2014)

Chalk or cheese: Xi Jinping’s Nepal visit (rep 25/09/2014)

Nepal to ask China to allow more traffic via Kyirong (kp 23/09/2014)

Know your boundary: BP endorsed partial Chines claim over Evereston the ground that the mountaineers who climbed from the north received visa from China, by Hari Bansh Jha (rep 21/09/2014)

Nepal-China trade meet to begin next week: On the agenda (ht 19/09/2014)

Dream on: India implements what it wnats through its intelligence channels and China gives what Nepal wants; Trilateral ties don't come into picture, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 17/09/2014)

Traders divert shipments to Rasuwagadhi route, by Krsihna Thapa (kp 13/09/2014)

1,000 Nepal-bound container trucks stranded in Khasa, by Risiram Poudyal (kp 05/09/2014)

Revenue collection of Nepali missions in China surges, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 31/08/2014)

FinMin calls for more Chinese capital in Nepal’s dev endeavours (kp 29/08/2014)

China willing to help landslide victims (ht 28/08/2014)

Chinese arrivals reach all-time high of 113k (kp 26/08/2014)

Rasuwagadhi jammed as traders reroute shipments, by Krishna Thapa (kp 26/08/2014)

Gold smuggling from Tibet spikes: 16 kg gold confiscated in three weeks, by Dhruva Dangal (rep 26/08/2014)

Neighbours high on China’s foreign policy agenda, by Dewan Rai (kp 25/08/2014)

Himalaya Airlines to begin operations in Oct, by Sangam Prasain (kp 20/08/2014), Nepal, China join hands in Himalaya Airlines: Biggest foreign direct investment in aviation sector of country from northern neighbour (ht 20/08/2014), Himalaya Airlines to start int'l flights from October (rep 20/08/2014)

China's Nepal game: India is anxious that China has been tryingf to increase its influence in Nepal in order to meet its new security needs, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 20/08/2014)

Chinese rail chugs closer to Nepal: 253 km Lhasa-Shigatse line opens to public, by Dewan Rai (kp 17/08/2014)

Nepal China relations: Matter Of Friendship, by Keshab Poudel (sp 15/08/2014)

China government eases exit visa policy for its nationals (kp 15/08/2014)

Flood cuts off Nepal-China trade lifeline: With a 1.5 km section destroyed by landslide, supply of Chinese goods via Tatopani border remains halted, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 14/08/2014), China offers help in draining dam (kp 14/08/2014)

China steps up construction work at Kyirong border, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 09/08/2014)

China To Incease Assistance To Nepal (rep 09/08/2014)

China wary of Modi's engagement in Nepal, by Purna Basnet (rep 07/08/2013)

FinMin Mahat China-bound with extensive agenda, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 06/08/2014), Finance Minister Mahat leaves for China today: To discuss stregthening economic ties, brigde trade gap between two nations (ht 06/08/2014), Economic and Technical Committee to be revived (kp 09/08/2014), Lhasa parliament welcomes Mahat (rep 12/08/2014)

Export-import via Tatopani grinds to a halt (kp 04/08/2014)

Chinese arrivals will hit 250k-mark soon: Envoy (kp 02/08/2014)

Nepali, Chinese armies stress cooperation (ht 01/08/2014)

China plans rail link with Nepal, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 31/07/2014)

Hand-in-hand-in-hand: There are three areas for trilateral cooperation between India, China and Nepal—railways, hydropower and minerals, by G.S. Ranbanshi (kp 27/07/2014)

Duty-free access facility: China positive on easing product classification, by Rishiram Poudyal (kp 26/07/2014)

China plans railway to Nepal, India borders by 2020 (ht 25/07/2014)

Bridge between boulders: Nepal should invite both India and China to competitively invest in development and the economy, by Santosh Sharma Poudel and Stefanie Kam (kp 24/07/2014)

China noses ahead of India in FDI pledge, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 22/07/2014)

Govt not to let in Rinpoche’s body, by Devendra Bhattarai (kp 13/07/2014) [The Chinese are even afraid of dead bodies!!], 'No China pressure in denial of Rinpoche's last rites', by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 18/07/2014) [????? There is absolute no problem in case of Europeans!!], Shamarpa last rite preparations even as body not allowed in, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 19/07/2014), Rites of passage: Sharmapa’s cremation (rep 20/07/2014), Govt urged to let Rimpochhe’s body in the country (kp 23/07/2014), PM, DPM at odds in Rinpoche cremation row, by Santosh Ghimire (rep 26/07/2014), Govt to allow Rinpoche’s last rites in Kathmandu (kp 29/07/2013), Govt likely to allow Rinpoche cremation in Kathmandu (rep 29/07/2014), Rinpoche’s last rites in Raniban tomorrow (kp 30/07/2014), Govt allows Tibetanmonk’s cremation (ht 30/07/2014), Rinpoche cremation set for Thursday: Cabinet allows cremation after formulating new policy, by Santosh Gjimire (rep 30/07/2014), 14th Shamarpa Cremated In Kathmandu: Karmapa lit funeral pyre; hundreds of thousands devotees converge, by Santosh Ghimire (rep 01/08/2014)

China doubles Nepal’s quota for investment: NRB to be allotted annual quota of 2.4 billion renminbi in secure debt instruments, like bonds, by Rupak D. Sharma (ht 26/06/2014)

UN commits on refugee solution, by Anand Gurung (kp 20/06/2014)

NRB to enter into agreement with China to facilitate use of renminbi, by Rupak D, Sharma (ht 19/06/2014)

PM’s Kunming Visit: One More Step In Nepal-China Ties, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn 13/06/2014)

FNCCI pitches business opportunities to China (ht 10/06/2014)

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank membership: Nepal positive towards Chinese proposition, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 06/06/2014)

Human rights allegations: In whose interests?, by James Rinaldi (ht 06/06/2014)

Koirala sure to visit China for Kunming expo, by Anil Giri (kp 02/06/2014), PM flying to China on Thursday (ht 03/06/2014), PM leaving for Kunming today (kp 05/06/2014), PM leads 39-memberteam to China today (ht 05/06/2014), China pledges to assist in Saarc summit, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 06/06/2014), Koirala’s hasty China trip raises questions, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 07/06/2014), China pledged railway network: PM (kp 07/06/2014), Koirala returns from Kunming (ht 07/06/2014), Visit fruitful in bolstering Nepal-China ties: PM (rep 07/06/2014), Koirala's Kunming moment: China's careful response to its business needs 30 years ago can be replicated by our prime minister, if he so desires, by Tika P. Dhakal (rep 10/06/2014)

Ties with Nepal important: Xi Jinping (kp 29/05/2014)

Watermelons in Tibet: A transformation, by Hisila Yami (ht 15/05/2014)

Khanal requests China for railway link (kp 15/05/2014), Khanal meets Chinese minister (rep 15/05/2014), Khanal meets Chinese vice-prez: Seeks aid to extend railway up to Kathmandu, build airport in Nijgadh, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 16/05/2014), UML chief Khanal meets Chinese veep, by Purna Basnet (rep 17/05/2014)

Chinese army delegation in capital (kp 12/05/2014)

Two communist former premiers on China visit (kp 07/05/2014), A case to study: Khanal is probably not important for China; he could be a subject of case study for northern neighbor to understand Nepal's future political course, by Bhoj Raj Paudel (rep 07/05/2014), Bhattarai meets Chinese officials (ht 08/05/2014), Bhattarai urges China to develop hydropower in Nepal, by Purna Basnet (rep 09/05/2014), Khanal meets CPC leader (kp 10/05/2014)

Denial of Tibetans’ mistreatment not credible: HRW (ht 03/05/2014)

West Seti hydropower project: Govt requests China for $400 million in aid (kp 17/04/2014)

Tatopani dry port 65 percent complete, by Dhruba Danagal (rep 13/04/2014)

Beijing urges Nepal to intensify security screening at airport (ht 03/04/2014)

Nepal imposing 'increasing restrictions' on Tibetans after pressure from China: Int'l rights watchdog (nn 01/04/2014) [see HRW report], Tibetans ill-treated in Nepal due to China, says HRW report (ht 02/04/2014), Nepal tightening curbs on Tibetans, bows to China: HRW (rep 02/04/2014)

Madheshis and Mandarins: Any effort to involve China in Madhesh is often perceived as playing China card and put under a great pressure by India and the West, by C.K. Raut (rep 30/03/2014)

Nepal-China discuss conservation (kp 28/03/2014)

Burden of history: Nepal, perhaps more than any other country, has an enormous stake in a peaceful and stable Tibet, by Bhaskar Koirala (kp 25/03/2014)

Wary of protests by Tibetan refugees, police beef up security in capital, by Kamal Pariyar (rep 09/03/2014), Security tightened to contain Tibetan refugees’ protests (kp 10/03/2014), One Tibetan caught, refugee camps under surveillance, by Lal Prasad Sharma (kp 11/03/2014), 9 Tibetans rounded up (kp 11/03/2014), Nine Tibetans detained in city (ht 11/03/2014), 10 Tibetan refugees held, freed (rep 11/03/2014)

Tibetans under police surveillance in Valley (ht 06/03/2014)

China to provide grant of Rs. 192 million (nn 06/03/2014)

China likely to invite Koirala, by Purna Basnet (rep 05/03/2014)

China seeks Nepal's role in improving SAARC-China ties, by Purna Basnet (rep 27/02/2014)

Nepal, China sign revised ASA: The pact allows 56 flights per week between the two countries, by Sangam Prasain (kp 25/02/2014)

On wrong track: It is time for Nepal to rethink its economic and political ties with two giant neighbors, by Bhoj Raj Poudel and Rupak Sapkota (rep 17/02/2014)

Chinese team to visit Nepal to sign revised ASA, by Sangam Prasain (kp 16/02/2014)

Importance of ties with Nepal reiterated (ht 12/02/2014)

China hopes to be a larger market for Nepal: Chinese Ambassador (nn 27/01/2014)

Tibetans pushing stolen bikes into Khasa: Police (ht 26/01/2014) [Tibetans??]

China is largest FDI source for Nepal, overtakes India, by Ananth Krishnan (Hindu 26/01/2014)

TYC revives presence in Nepal (Phayul 23/01/2013)

China Speaks Out In Nepal, by Upendra Gautam (rn 16/01/2014)

Nepal, China expand media cooperation (ECNS, 15/01/2014)

Protesting traders stop imports through Khasa, by Rishiram Poudel (kp 13/01/2014), Imports thru Khasa halted, by Rishi Ram Poudyal (kp 19/01/2014), Imports resume through Tatopani customs point, by Rishi Ram Paudel (kp 20/01/2014)

China-Nepal relations in priority: Ambassador Wu (kp 08/01/2014), China's top political leadership has given topmost priority to Nepal-China relations: Ambasssador WU (nn 08/01/2014)

China’s interest in Nepal has been growing of late, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 03/01/2014)

50 years after the raid into Tibet: Two declassified Foreign Office files shed interesting light on events in Kathmandu after the Khampa raid on the Chinese in June 1964 which put newly arrived British Ambassador Anthony Duff in a predicament, by Sam Cowan (nt 03/01/2014)

No go zone: The bid to get controlled areas opened for tourism is facing obstacles, mainly due to ‘Tibet-related sensitivities’, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp 03/01/2014)

No change in China’s Nepal policy: Huihna (kp 24/12/2013), Chinese support to continue (ht 24/12/2013)

The cost of gold: China's mining spree, after displacing hundreds of Tibetans, could soon become Nepal's headache, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp 20/12/2013)

China wants to see stability: Ai; Meets Dahal and Baidya; Discusses mutual issues (kp 19/12/2013), Ai tells UML to learn from UCPN (Maoist) flaws, by Anil Giri (kp 20/12/2013), Include major forces in statute writing, China advises NC, UML (ht 20/12/2013)

Rasuwagadhi customs to be operationalized within a year, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 18/12/2013)

Top Chinese official arrives today on a four-day visit, by Anil Giri (kp 17/12/2013), Chinese delegation arrives (ht 18/12/2013)

Rs 820m Chinese aid for Nepal Army (rep 16/12/2013), China provides Rs 959.16 m to NA for mobile hospitals (nn 16/12/2013)

Aircraft purchase: Secy off to China for inspection (kp 13/12/2013)

Chinese delegation arrives (ht 13/12/2013)

China expedites efforts for implementation of Rasuwagadhi dry port (rep 09/12/2013)

Nepal, China talk security issues (kp 05/12/2013), Nepal, China Join Hands To Check Cross-border Crimes (rep 05/12/2013)

Chinese delegation meets UML chairman: Says Beijing will increase its economic assistance to neighbouring Nepal (kp 04/12/2013)

Nepal, China likely to revise air service pact (ht 03/12/2013)

NAC to get 6 Chinese planes under grant, loan agreement (kp 29/11/2013), Aircraft purchase pact with China (ht 29/11/2013)

China hails CA polls (kp 21/11/2013)

Taplejung border shut till tomorrow (ht 18/11/2013)

Import of fruits, vegetables from China doubles (ht 18/11/2013)

China plans to add another airline in Nepal (ht 16/11/2013)

Melamchi board in legal tussle with Chinese company (ht 15/11/2013)

Aircraft for Nepal Airlines: Nepal, China launch dialogue (kp 13/11/2013), Cabinet green light for China pacts, by Sangam Prasain (kp 15/11/2013), Aircraft for Nepal Airlines Corporation: Rs 6.73b agreement with China next week (kp 24/11/2013)

Govt to seek Chinese aid for West Seti power line (kp 02/11/2013)

Nepal-China sign 14-point pact: The two sides have pledged to end gold smuggling, promote business, by Rishiram Poudyal (kp 26/10/2013), Nepal, China Agree To Control Cross Border Smuggling, by Druba Dangal (rep 26/10/2013)

China ‘watching’ Nepal news outlets: Media controls are increasing in Kathmandu: Report (ht 25/10/2013)

Nepal asks China to help control gold smuggling, by Rishiram Poudel (kp 24/10/2013)

Nepal-China Friendship bridge to be completed in two months, by Nirajan Poudel (rep 20/10/2013)

Chinese arrivals revitalise Pokhara’s tourism sector, by Shiva Sharma (kp 19/10/2013)

Chinese leader arrives (ht 09/10/2013), Prez’s talks with Chinese leader a hush-hush affair (ht 10/10/2013), Yan discusses CA polls with Ghimire: Issues relating to Tibet also figure during the meeting (ht 11/10/2013), Yan leaves for home on completion of her visit to Nepal (ek 12/10/2013)

Nepal, China to revise ASA in Oct (kp 08/10/2013)

Rana draws flak for China remark (kp 06/10/2013), Nepal Army refutes Gen Rana’s China PLA comment in India, by Devendra Bhattarai (kp 07/10/2013), A fine balance: Army chief Rana’s remarks in India, if true, are a serious breach of protocol (kp 08/10/2013)

China delivers election logistics to Kathmandu (kp 28/09/2013)

Advice for the anxious: Defence Ministry’s surprising concern about foreign soldiers training in Mustang has made Nepal’s security forces appear incapable of dealing with untoward situations, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (kp 25/09/2013)

Chinese minister arriving (kp 19/09/2013)

Nepal-China meet concludes (ht 09/09/2013)

Will Expand Railway To Nepal once Shigatse Is Linked To Beijing: China, by Purna Basnet (rep 07/09/2013)

Chand back early from China (kp 01/09/2013)

Nepal, China cooperation to control wildlife trade (kp 31/08/2013), Nepal, China join hands to curb wildlife crimes (ht 31/08/2013)

Chinese supplier offers to replace bad transformers, by Ashok Thapa (kp 29/08/2013)

Nepal, China stress bilateral cooperation (ht 29/08/2013

China gives nod for Nepali consulate general in Guangzhou, by Purna Basnet (rep 28/08/2013)

Govt preparing to sign BIPPA with China (ht 26/08/2013)

China ‘looking’ to set up consulate office in Pokhara (kp 19/08/2013)

Chinese vehicles making inroads in Nepal (kp 16/08/2013)

Nepal, China to talk vital issues (ht 14/08/2013)

China eager to assist Nepal for the construction of Intl airport in Pokhara (nn 07/08/2013)

Tibetan self-immolates at Bouddha (nn 06/08/2013), Monk burns himself to death, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 07/08/2013), Disabled man immolates self at Bouddhanath (ht 07/08/2013) [This comment has obviously been influenced by the Chinese government!!], Nepal draws ICJ flak for holding back monk’s body (ht 15/08/2013)

China emerging as major buyer of handicrafts (kp 06/08/2013)

China EXIM bank team to review 2 projects, by Sangam Prasain (kp 04/08/2013)

China Nepal’s bridge with East Asia: BRB (kp 02/08/2013)

Comrades in conservation: Given Nepal’s support for Chinese interests, Beijing should reciprocate by helping Nepal combat wildlife trafficking, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp 02/08/2013)

China reiterates its non-interference policy (ht 01/08/2013)

Nepal-China relations: The changing context, by Shashanka Koirala (ht 31/07/3013)

Bouddha under surveillance for anti-China acts (ht 29/07/2013)

China pledges non-lethal military assistance worth RMB 109 million (nn 22/07/2013)

Efforts on to let Chinese trucks unload at Larcha customs, by Rishiram Poudel (kp 20/07/2013)

Army chief Rana to fly to China today (kp 19/07/2013)

00 square kilometers encroached upon, interview with Buddhi Narayan Shrestha (rep 18/07/2013)

‘Nepal-China trade gap high’ (ht 10/07/2013)

Pokhara seeks Chinese aid for six-lane road, by Ishwori Neupane (kp 03/07/2013)

The Chinese Umbrella, by C.K. Lal (rep 01/07/2013)

Lhasa completes renovation of old city (nn 01/07/2013) [???]

Khanal's China visit cancelled (nn 26/06/2013)

Yang welcomes CA election date, assures support, by Anil Giri (kp 25/06/2013), Yang assures Chinese support for CA polls, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 25/06/2013), Chinese state councilor Yang meets Regmi, agreements worth Rs 3.1 billion signed (nn 25/06/2013), We are with you in every step: Yang; Says, it’s a ‘handshake over the Himalayas,’ friendship here to stay, cooperation here to roll (kp 26/06/2013), Comprehensive partnership stressed (ht 26/06/2013), Yang's visit: Writing On Great Wall (sp 28/06/2013)

Nepal’s central bank set to gain access to Chinese securities, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 21/06/2013), Nepali, Chinese central banks sign MoU (kp 22/06/2013)

Chinese state councilor arriving next week, by Anil Giri (kp 20/06/2013), Yang Jiechi arriving on Monday (ht 22/06/2013), Yang arrives today: State councillor to express Chinese solidarity with political process (kp 24/06/2013), Chinese State Councilor Yang arrives in Kathmandu (nn 24/06/2013)

Himalayan handshake: Rather than taking sides, Nepal should coordinate to bring its giant neighbours together to forge a trilateral partnership, by Yam Prasad Chaulagain (kp 16/06/2013)

Dragon Play: If the recent activities are any indication, Nepalese leaders are being pushed to play with the dragon, by Keshab Poudel (sp 14/06/2013)

The regional tango: Nepal, China and India, by Hisila Yami (rep 08/06/2013)

China sees greater trade with S Asia will lead to more prosperity, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 07/06/2013)

VP leaving for Kunming today (kp 04/06/2013), Veep Jha returns home from China (kp 10/06/2013)

China wants to share its prosperity with neighbours, says envoy (kp 01/06/2013)

Repeating history: Taking a long-term time horizon gives a new perspective on Sino-Nepal relations, by Bhaskar Koirala (nt 31/05/2013)

Hands across the Himalaya: Chinese trade and investment in Nepal is mounting exponentially, by Ramesh Kumar (nt 31/05/2013)

“It is a win-win-win situation”, interview with China’s ambassador to Nepal, Wu Chuntai (nt 31/05/2013)

Army chief to visit China (nn 24/05/2013), Army chief to visit China (nn 04/06/2013)

Trade via Tatopani at standstill as traders protest freight hike (kp 22/05/2013), Call to end loader fee dispute: Trade activities at Tatopani halted since May 12 (ht 28/05/2013), Trade at Tatopani customs resumes (ht 06/06/2013)

Misplaced priorities: China-Nepal trade talks, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 18/05/2013)

Khanal to visit China in June (kp 16/05/2013)

Tibetans don’t want Dalai Lama back: China vice-minister, by Mohan Guragain (kp 14/05/2013) [The Tibetans don't need Chinese politicians to speak for them! The Dalai Lama is not the issue. The Tibetans want their legitimate right to selfdetermination and they want freedom from Chinese infiltration! Some 60 years ago there lived hardly any Chinese on Tibetan territory; today, the Tibetans are a small minonity in their own country!!!]

Bridging the gap: Trade deficit with China (rep 14/05/2013)

Tattered trust: Dahal's India, China, by Murari Sharma and Bhagirath Basnet (rep 13/05/2013)

China state councillor arriving on May 18, by Anil Giri (kp 07/05/2013), Chinese high official arriving, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 07/05/2013), Yang’s Nepal visit ‘postponed’ (kp 16/05/2013)

Tibet blames sociopaths for monk immolations, by Mohan Guragain (kp 07/05/2013)

China invites Nepali officials to study airport models (kp 05/05/2013)

Prez for attending China expo on official visit, by Anil Giri (kp 02/05/2013)

Three to tango: Trilateral discourse, consultation and cooperation can generate manifold opportunities for all parties, by Keshab Giri (kp 01/05/2013)

Nepal, China hold trade talks (nn 26/04/2013)

China, India complementary players, not competitors: Dahal, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 14/04/2013), Economic agenda focus of PKD’s China visit (ht 14/04/2013), Dahal embarks on week-long China visit (nn 14/04/2013), Dahal: China visit focused on economy (kp 15/04/2013) [Please never forget that you, like all other party leaders, have absolutely no legitimate function to represent Nepal in any way!!!], Dahal meets Chinese VP, foreign minister (nn 18/04/2013), UCPN (Maoist) chief Dahal meets Chinese President (nn 18/04/2013), Nepal-China ties good for stable region: Chinese Prez; Xi urges Dahal to hold CA polls ‘soon;’ says Beijing ready to help, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 19/04/2013), UCPN-M chief Dahal meets Chinese President Xi Jinping (ht 19/04/2013), China's concern with federalism is disintegration risk, interview with Pushpa Kamal Dahal (rep 20/04/2013), Dahal returning home from China today (nn 20/04/2013), ‘Tried to allay China’s federalism fears’ (kp 21/04/2013), Photo diplomacy: It should come as no surprise when leaders of other parties too find themselves in the Greta Hall of the People, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (kp)

Government ready to unban wheat exports, by Rajesh Khanal (kp 09/04/2013)

Chinese envoy: Make the best of your location between two large economies (kp 03/04/2013), From buffer to bridge: Chinese-Indian economic and political aspirations necessitate a shift in Nepal’s foreign policy, by Yam Prasad Chaulagain (kp 05/04/2013)

Tunnel vision: Beyond India and China, by Bishal Thapa (rep 02/04/2013)

Dahal set to visit China this month, by Anil Giri (kp 02/04/2013)

TAR for expanding cooperation with Nepal (kp 01/04/2013)

Govt ups security around Chinese missions on 'Serfs Emancipation Day' (nn 28/03/2013) [Serfs' emancipation will start when China withdraws from occupied Tibet!!]

China for ‘comprehensive partnership’ with Nepal (kp 18/03/2013)

At crossroads: Chinese leadership and Nepal, by Rohit Karki (rep 14/03/2013)

Exports to China jumps 220pc (kp 13/03/2013)

China to promote tourism in Nepali market (nn 13/03/2013)

Govt beefs up security in Capital on Tibetan 'Uprising Day' (nn 10/03/2013) [Chinese order once again!!], 17 Tibetans held, some freed (kp 11/03/2013), Security beefed up to foil anti-China protests (ht 13/03/2013)

China to wrap up Tibet railway extension line (nn 09/03/2013)

New Chinese ambassador Wu arrives (kp 08/03/2013), We have many priorities for Nepal: China envoy (kp 12/03/2013)

Tibetans in India demand self-immolator's body from Nepal (nn 07/03/2013), Body of Tibetan who burnt self unclaimed (kp 11/03/2013) [???????], Monk’s body to be declared unclaimed (ht 20/03/2013), Monk’s hush-hush cremation slammed: Activists demand respect for cultural rights of cummunity (kp 01/04/2013)

Looking over the Himalaya: It’s too early for Nepal to be jumping with joy at China’s offer of duty-free access, by Bijendra Man Shakya (kp 28/02/2013)

Cabinet gives its approval to embassies in Oman, Bahrain; Consul for Jeddah, consul general in Guangzhou (ht 22/02/2013)

China proposes Wu Chuntai as new ambassador of Nepal (nn 17/02/2013), Prez endorses China envoy nomination (kp 26/02/2013)

Tibetan makes 'self-immolation' attempt at Bouddha Stupa (nn 13/02/2013), Tibetan makes immolation attempt in Kathmandu, by Manish Gautam and Samik Kharel (kp 14/02/2013), Tibetan protester sets himself on fire in Boudha (ht 14/02/2013), Tibetan self-immolation activist dies (nn 14/02/2013), Tibetan activist dies (kp 15/02/2013), Tibetan succumbs to burn injuries (ht 15/02/2013)

Nepal-China-India cooperation: Quest for trilateral partnership begins, by Anil Giri (kp 01/02/2013)

Nepal, China to join hands for Chinese language promotion (nn 26/01/2013)

Chinese envoy recalled (ht 25/01/2013), China recalls ambassador to Nepal for second time in two years (nn 25/01/2013), Wu to replace Yang as Chinese envoy, by Anil Giri (kp)

Need of the hour: Rebalancing Nepal-China trade (rep 23/01/2013)

First things first: Trilateral engagement, by Gopal Thapa (rep 22/01/2013)

Export to China soars by 254 pc (nn 21/01/2013)

Growing together, by Yang Houlan (rep 07/01/2013)

Ties with China problem-free, says Deputy PM Shrestha (ht 05/01/2013)

Thinking of linking: Nepal can be a pivot connecting China and India in a trilateral system benefiting all three, by Daman Bahadur Ghale (kp 04/01/2013)

Road to prosperity, by Bhaskar Koirala (rep 02/01/2013)

Edu firm pockets fees; Nepali students in China high ‘n’ dry (kp 01/01/2013)

Govt to simplify visas for Chinese tourists, by Sangam Prasain (kp 27/12/2012)

Emerging perspectives: New China leadership and Nepal, by Madan Regmi (rep 26/12/2012)

China ready to extend grant for maintenance, says envoy, by Rishiram Poudel (kp 22/12/2012)

Sway both ways: Nepal’s security dynamics remain sensitive as both China and India push ahead in the race to extend their spheres of influence, by Daman Bahadur Ghale (kp 13/12/2012)

‘Chinese activities in south: Nepal’ raise India’s hackles, by Mahesh Acharya (kp 04/12/2012)

Just another neighbour: Nepal is not going to figure prominently in Chinese foreign policy or strategic map during the tenure of China’s new leadership, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (kp 03/12/2012)

Illegal import of Chinese mobile sets on rise, by Rishi Ram Poudel (kp 03/12/2012)

Banks cautious about business with Chinese companies, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 02/12/2012)

Nepal, China commemorate 57-year-long friendship (nn 02/12/2012)

Stable Nepal is good for China, India: Yang (kp 01/12/2012)

China's growing 'clout' in Nepal’s Terai raises Indian eyebrows: Report (nn 30/11/2012)

China wants to revise air service pact: Move comes as travel demand outstrips seat capacity given to Chinese carriers, by Sangam Prasain (kp 29/11/2012)

Nepali traders complain of Chinese highhandedness, by Rishi Ram Poudel (kp 25/11/2012)

China market for Nepal hashish: Cops, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 23/11/2012)

China commits to Nepal partnership (kp 21/11/2012)

Govt to US official: No Tibet politics in Nepal (kp 19/11/2012), ‘Tibetan refugee matter HR issue’, by Ayushma Regmi (kp 20/11/2012)

Tibet's burning issue: In setting their bodies on fire Tibetan protesters are in reality cremating themselves, and mocking their tormentors, by Ajaz Ashraf (nt 16/11/2012)

China expands list of duty free products (ht 12/11/2012), China agrees to extend list to 7,787 Nepali products (kp 13/11/2012), China extends privilege to more Nepali exports (ht 13/11/2012)

Dahal, China panels sign Lumbini MoU, by Kamal Dev Bhattarai (kp 08/11/2012), Prachanda plan for Lumbini lacks legality, by Bishnu Prasad Aryal and Ananta Raj Luitel (ht 10/11/2012)

Nepal bans one-day trip to Khasa upon Chinese request (nn 04/11/2012)

China to set up cultural centre (kp 02/11/2012), Deal on China culture centre (kp 02/11/2012)

Bend in the river, by Birendra P. Mishra (rep 06/10/2012)

Power plugs: How Investment Board treats Chinese and Indian projects will be a window to Baluwatar’s relation with Beijing and Delhi, by Navin Singh Khadka (kp 05/10/2012)

Nepal and India are China's good neighbors, by Yang Houlan (sp 28/09/2012)

Huge avalanche toll linked to rush due to Tibet crisis? (ht 26/09/2012)

Nepal cultural festival under way in Beijing (kp 18/09/2012)

Tibetan refugees: Note Nepal’s geopolitical position, DPM tells Blake, by Anil Giri (kp 12/09/2012)

Nepal not part of China’s strategic gateway: But can be vital destination for Buddhist pilgrims; Lhasa-Kathmandu rail link not likely, by Ajaya Bhadra Khanal (ht 03/09/2012)

Nepchindia and soft power: About time we got rid of our thinking that promoting soft power is only limited to the developed countries, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (kp 02/09/2012)

Nepal, China talk bilateral issues (kp 01/09/2012)

The Tibet factor: Nepal's geo-politics and federalism, by Krishna Hachhethu (rep 30/08/2012)

First impressions: China is reaching out to the world through its economy, not through its ideology, by Hisila Yami (kp 29/08/2012)

Time to rise above ‘yam syndrome’: DPM (kp 18/08/2012)

Handicraft exports to China drop last fiscal (ht 15/08/2012)

Yin and yang: India, China diplomacy (rep 15/08/2012)

First Tibetan Olympian wins medal (ht 13/08/2012)

Vice foreign minister Ying to head Chinese delegation in consultative meet (nn 09/08/2012), Chinese vice FM arriving today, by Anil Giri (kp 11/08/2012), China for stronger ties with Nepal: Fu: Nepal-China Consultative Mechanism meet tomorrow (kp 12/08/2012), A friendship unparalleled in height: China follows the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, including Nepal, by Fu Ying (kp 12/08/2012), China to increase aid to Nepal (nn 12/08/2012), China willing to support Lumbini development: Fu (kp 13/08/2012), Chinese Minister Fu Ying calls on PM Bhattarai; says China willing to promote cooperation in various fields (nn 13/08/2012), Nepal seeks more aid, China wants handicrafts (kp 14/08/2012), Prime minister seeks lift in ties with northern neighbour (kp 14/08/2012), Nepal seeks more investments from China (ht 14/08/2012)

Qualitative change in relation with China not possible right away, interview with Baburam Bhattarai (kp 06/08/2012)

China concerned about foreign power centres in Nepal: Baidya (kp 27/07/2012)

Nepal, China to review border security: Tibetan activism to mainly figure in meeting (ht 22/07/2012), Security talks: China seeks aid proposal (kp 24/07/2012) [It is not a crime if Tibetans flee from their occupied homeland!!]

Neighborhood watch, by Govind Prasad Kusum (rep 15/07/2012)

Tibet pledges support for Visit Lumbini Year, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 14/07/2012)

Catch 22: Tibetan refugees and security, by Rohit Karki (rep 14/07/2012)

Nepal, China officials to talk security in Beijing (kp 07/07/2012)

China to work with India to support Nepal: Envoy Houlan (rep 07/07/2012)

Chinese ventures generate more employment (ht 07/07/2012)

Nepal-Tibet trade talks (rep 05/07/2012)

China awaiting stability to invest for Nepal’s development, says Ai, by Anil Giri (kp 01/07/2012), ‘Focus on economy, not ethnicity’ (ht 01/07/2012)

Beijing sending high-profileCPC official to Kathmandu (kp 27/06/2012), Key Chinese official arrives (kp 30/06/2012), Visiting Chinese leader urges parties to forge consensus (rep 01/07/2012), Chinese delegation leaves (kp 02/07/2012)

Nepali currency being taken to Khasha in high volume: Rs 30 million moving out of the country every day Bankers, govt officials smell rat as Nepali rupee is not exchangeable in China, by Rishi Ram Poudyal (kp 27/06/2012)

Bhattarai fails to meet Chinese counterpart, by Anil Giri (kp 26/06/2012)

Govt to sign orange pact with China (kp 25/06/2012)

Police: China a market for hashish from Nepal, by Ankit Adhikari (kp 20/06/2012)

Now Nepalis need Chinese visa to visit Mansarovar, by Rudra KLhadka (rep 16/06/2012), Permit hassle discourages Kailash Tour Operators (rep 19/06/2012)

Tibetans’ entry to Nepal sees a free fall: UNHCR (kp 16/06/2012)

Tibetan refugees using Nepal as transit point before settling in India, says UNHCR official (nn 15/06/2012)

Nepal postpones trade talks again (ht 12/06/2012)

Drivers block Khasa border protesting 'torture', by Dhruba Dangal (rep 08/06/2012)

Nepal, China in ‘formal’ security talks, by Anil Giri (kp 04/06/2012), Mechanism to check crime on China border (rep 06/06/2012)

Nepal, China trade talks next month (ht 01/06/2012)

China’s Nepal hands say constitution a must, by Nirmal Shrestha (kp 31/05/2012)

AG tells DRI to let off arrested Chinese, by Shiromani Dhungana (ht 30/05/2012)

China asks Nepal for talks to sort out trade problems (kp 24/05/2012), Govt to ask China to hold meet in July first week (kp 28/05/2012)

Overcoming obstacles: Declining exports to China, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 21/05/2012)

Larcha dry port to be ready in two years (ht 18/05/2012)

50 percent cancellation in Nepal-Tibet tour package (rep 17/05/2012)

Activists seek clear policy on refugees (ht 05/05/012)

One-way traffic: Trade failure with China (rep 03/05/2012)

Nepal-China talk to address problems faced by Nepali traders, by Bhoj Raj Poudel (rep 30/04/2012)

Chinese red tape negating zero-tariff facility: Report (rep 27/04/2012), Infrastructure bottleneck hits trade with China (ht 27/04/2012), Trade deficit with China higher than overall rate (kp 28/04/2012)

Tibetan FM in exile denied entry (kp 27/04/2012)

Common destiny: Nepal and US-China ties, by Bhaskar Koirala (rep 24/04/2012)

Imports through Tatopani plunge (kp 20/04/2012)

Chinese investors interested on mega projects, travel trade industry (rep 12/04/2012)

US urges Nepal to provide 'safe passage' to Tibetan refugees (rep 06/04/2012), Sherman asks Nepal to register Tibetan refugees (kp 06/04/2012)

Buddhism experts debate self-immolation, by Ujjwala Maharjan (rep 06/04/2012)

Businesses fail to avai lduty free facility of China (ht 02/04/2012)

Custom evaluation system to change (ht 26/03/2012)

Closure of border hits Chiraito sale to Tibet, by Sita Niroula (ht 18/03/2012)

94 exiles held for anti-China demonstrations: Curfew of sorts in Baluwatar, Kamalpokhari stretches (ht 15/03/2012)

Forbidden frontier, by Gweerhard Schoenhoffer (rep 10/03/2012)

Security upped ahead of Tibetan uprising day, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 09/03/2012)

Seeking, but not getting refuge: In the absence of a law protecting refugee rights, Tibetans in Nepal have to legal safeguards, by Anurag Acharya (nt 09/03/2012)

Rising Yuan renders Chinese products expensive, by Dhurba Dangal (rep 09/03/2012)

Villagers request Chinese envoy to waive tax on yak grazing, by Ramesh Khatiwada (rep 04/03/2012)

Maskey gives credentials to Chinese prez (kp 02/03/2012)

Building a bridge, by Suresh C. Chalise (rep 27/02/2012)

FNCCI urges Chinese to invest in Nepal (ht 25/02/2012)

China to join regional anti-poaching network, by Om Astha Rai (rep 24/02/2012), Forestry meet: Nepal, China call for enhanced cooperation (kp 25/02/2012)

14 free-Tibet demonstrators arrested (nn 24/02/2012), 13 detained for staging pro-Tibet demonstration (ht 25/02/2012)

Resettlement, safe passage for Tibetans: Nepal sitting on US officials’ calls, by Anil Giri (kp 22/02/2012)

China’s state minister for forest arriving tomorrow (ht 22/02/2012)

Chinese scholar seeks help to curb illegal immigration (kp 18/02/2012)

Final look at Wen's visit: Chinese checkers, by Birendra P. Mishra (rep 15/02/2012)

20th Tibetan self-immolates in China amid bloody clashes (nn 10/02/2012)

Taskforce to study Sino-Nepal trade (ht 02/02/2012)

India, China rivalry over security aid worries lawmakers, by Kosh Raj Koirala (rep 01/02/2012)

Nepal-China border gets a bit longer, by Anil Giri (kp 28/01/2012), Nepal cancels ‘crucial’ border talks with China, by Anil Giri (kp 02/02/2012)

Nepal, Tibet and China: The other side, by Monalisa Adhikari (rep 28/01/2012)

Deadly unrest spreads in China’s Tibetan parts: Security forces shoot dead more protesters (ht 26/01/2012), Tibetan unrest spreads in China (ht 28/01/2012)

China blasts 'overseas secessionists' (ht 25/01/2012)

Weighing Wen Jiaobao's visit: Half and half, by Murari Sharma (rep 24/01/2012)

Chinese tourists emerge as largest Pashmina buyers, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 23/01/2012)

Economic lincages with China: Window of opportunity, by Purushottam Ojha (rep 21/01/2012)

Three Gorges Corp interested in West Seti, by Prem Dhakal (rep 19/01/2012), China's Exim Bank interested in West Seti (rep 24/01/2012)

Model watch, by Mukesh Khanal (rep 19/01/2012)

Wen on five-hour surprise visit, by Milan Mani Sharma and Kosh Koirala (rep 14/01/2012), Wen arriving today on 5-hour visit: Singha Durbar rolls out the red carpet; security beefed up, by Anil Giri (kp 14/01/2012), Chinese premier arriving today, for five hours: Govt, Ministry of Foreign Affairs keep it hush-hush; China embassy maintains silence, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 14/01/2012), Ministers taken by surprise (ht 14/01/2012), Security upped like never before (ht 14/01/2012), How the visit was kept hush-hush, by Kiran Chapagain (rep 14/01/2012), Welcome Premier Wen (rep 14/01/2012), Nepal, China sign eight deals (nn 14/01/2012), Nepal informed of visit just 48 hrs in advance, by Kiran Chapagain (rep 15/01/2012), China pledges Rs 9.75b grant, by Milan Mani Sharma (rep 15/01/2012), 339 held in security dragnet for Wen visit, freed later, by Shreejana Shrestha (rep 15/01/2012), Chinese premier pledges support for Nepal’s peace, development; advises cordial ties with India: Wen’s visit took bilateral relations to ‘a new height’, by Anil Giri (kp 15/01/2012), China wants Nepal-India relations to grow: Wen, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 15/01/2012), Nepal gets Rs 12 billion, China’s largest grant ever: neighbours sign 8 agreements (kp 15/01/2012), Short visit, long list of pacts, promises: BIPPA fails to materialise; Beijing pledges Rs 12 billion (ht 15/01/2012), Govt provides unprecedented security (kp 15/01/2012), Wen visit sees no protest: 7,000 cops deployed to prevent untoward acts; 569 arrests made on Friday, Saturday (ht 15/01/2012), ‘China encourages investment in Nepal’, excerpts from the joint statement between Nepal and the People’s Republic of China (kp 15/01/2012), Ministers displeased at visit date kept dark (kp 15/01/2012), The Sealed Lips And Premier Wen’s Visit, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 15/01/2012), Wen visit kept secret to avoid Tibetan protests: PM, by Kiran Chapagain (rep 16/01/2012), Decoding Chinese diplomacy: Of the four Ts of Chinese concern — Tibet, Taiwan, Tiananmen and Trade — Nepal’s fits into China’s strategic calculus due to its proximity to Tibet, by Monalisa Adhikari (kp 16/01/2012), Premier Wen’s short visit has enduring message for Nepal, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 16/01/2012), Aid Wen brought totals Rs 11.53b, by Milan Mani Sharma (rep 18/01/2012)

114 Tibetans arrested (ht 13/01/2012), 207 detained Tibetans told to leave Nepal in three days, by Bikash Sangraula and Shreejana Shrestha (rep 14/01/2012)

Step right in: Relax, there’s no need to panic every time a foreign leader pays us a visit, by Aditya Man Shrestha (kp 12/01/2012)

Wen visit likely to take place in ‘next 3 weeks’, by Anil Giri (kp 11/01/2012)

Measured reaction: Cancellation of Premier Wen’s visit has more to do with Burma than Nepal, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (kp 06/01/2012)

NAC seeks maximum aircraft under grant assistance (rep 04/01/2011)

China, Tibet & Nepal: Until that happens, by Arun Kr. Shrivastav (rep 02/01/2012)

When Wen didn't come, by Akanshya Shah (rep 28/12/2011)

Now Tibet imports Nepali carpet, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 26/12/2011)

Will go to Beijing, DPM Gachhadar tells envoy Yang: Move will pave way for Wen visit: Officials (kp 21/12/2011) [This should not be the task of a home minister!], DPM Gachchhadar arrives Beijing (rep 26/12/2011), DPM bid to meet Wen flops (ht 28/12/2011)

Nepal-China: Rebuilding Relations on Bilateral Strength, by Upendra Gautam (tg 21/12/2011) (see also rn 22/12/2011)

China’s discontent: Nepal continues to fail to address China’s core concern this side of the Himalaya—Tibet, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 19/12/2011) [Nepal, as a sovereign nation, must also respect the fundamental human rights of the Tibetan people if it wants international credibility as a modern, democratic and civilized state!]

Govt preparing for Wen’s visit: Indian PM’s trip on cards (kp 17/12/2011), China seeks new date for Wen’s visit: Will govt this time be able to save country’s blushes (ht 17/12/2011)

New frontiers in Sino-Nepal relations: Roger that, by Bhaskar Koirala (rep 15/12/2011)

Chinese PM postpones his visit to Nepal (nn 13/12/2011), Wen not coming on Dec 20, by Kirtan Chapagain (rep 14/12/2011), Chinese Premier Wen  postpones Nepal visit: Some say trip has been ‘cancelled’ altogether, by Anil Giri (kp 14/12/2011), Chinese premier cancels Nepal visit: Beijing’s concerns security, political instability; Kathmandu suffers serious diplomatic setback, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 14/12/2011), Cong terms it a ‘diplomatic debacle’: Home Ministry’s ‘hostility’ invited the fiasco, officials say (kp 15/12/2011) [Don't worry, he will come; Nepal has become too important for China! And he will come before the Indian PM. China was only worried over justified protests by Tibetan refugees, their brutal suppression by Nepali police on Chinese order and the following international critics!! So, he will come with very short announcement!], Inexplicable grounds (ht 15/12/2011), Chinese premier’s Nepal visit postponed owing to busy schedule: Yang (nn 15/12/2011), Chinese PM’s visit only deferred: DPM Shrestha (kp 16/12/2011)

Nepal to seek US$ 5b credit during Wen visit, by Milan Mani Sharma (rep 13/12/2011)

Day in the sun: Nepal is no longer a footnote in regional balance of power, by Tika P. Dhakal (rep 12/12/2011), 'China has geo-strategic interest in Nepal because of Tibet, interview with Hu Shisheng (rep 12/12/2011), Sandwiched Between Neighbours’ Security Concerns, by Nandalal Tiwari (rn 12/12/2011), Balancing act: Nepal should maintain an independent foreign policy (kp 12/12/2011)

China proposes signing BIPPA during Wen’s visit, by Anil Giri (kp 11/12/2011)

FNJ concerned over restriction on Wen visit (rep 10/12/2011)

Chinese tourists take great leap forward, by Sangam Prasain (kp 10/12/2011)

Nepal-China to sign pact on construction of 4 dry ports, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 09/12/2011)

China on the academic agenda: Our understanding is often biased as a result of reliance on Western sources. And China Studies programme in our universities can help, by Trailokjya Raj Aryal (kp 09/12/2011)

Chinese govt to fund ring road expansion (ht 08/12/2011)

Rash of criticism: Nepal deserves an apology, by James Rinaldi (ht 06/12/2011)

Groundwork laid for resolving boundary issues, by Anil Giri (kp 03/12/2011)

Preparations for Wen’s visit on in full swing, by Anil Giri (kp 01/12/2011), Glimpses of history: Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s forthcoming official visit to Nepal reminds us of the formation of the foundations of diplomatic relations with China, by Ram Chandra Pokharel (kp 01/12/2011)

NAC aircraft deal in December During the visit of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, by Elita Manandhar (ht 28/11/2011)

Shrestha meets Chinese Premier Wen in Beijing: Says Nepal will uphold One-China policy (kp 26/11/2011), DPM, Chinese
mandarins meet
(ht 26/11/2011)

Nepali home 19 days after captivity in China, by Purna Basnet (rep 25/11/2011)

Tibet group claims Nepal sent refugee back to China (kp 25/11/2011)

Squeezed dry: The now infamous “yam between two boulders” metaphor stands as true today as ever, by Narayan Manandhar (kp 24/11/2011)

DPM’s visit to focus on 5 areas of co-op: Trip also to lay the groundwork for Chinese Premier Wen’s visit, by Anil Giri (kp 22/11/2011), Deputy PM Shrestha in Beijing, by Purna Basnet (rep 24/11/2011), Boosting Bilateral Ties (rn 24/11/2011)

Nepal, China agree to construct 2nd friendship bridge in Rasuwa, by Anil Giri (kp 21/11/2011)

More tourists use Tatopani to visit Nepal, China, by Dhruva Dangal (rep 19/11/2011)

Govt seeks China aid for Budhi Gandaki hydel plan, by Anil Giri (kp 17/11/2011)

Customs revaluation makes Chinese apparel dearer, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 17/11/2011)

MoFA prepares for Wen Jiabao’s visit, by Anil Giri (kp 16/11/2011), Dragon foams at mouth on PM’s slip of tongue
Bhattarai’s announcement that Wen Jiabao will visit on Dec 20 riles China
, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 18/11/2011)

Experts for better Nepal-China ties (kp 14/11/2011)

Tibetan sets himself on fire: Monks extinguish blaze; One held; Bouddha tense (ht 11/11/2011)

Chinese delegation: Top Concern (sp 11/11/2011)

Wolf’s warning: The Tibetan refugee leadership needs to show deeper understanding about Nepal’s dilemma and do all it can from putting Nepal in a spot, by Deepak Thapa (kp 10/11/2011), ‘Pressing Nepal on Tibet uncalled for’, by Gunaraj Luitel (ht 20/11/2011), Rights of refugees: As a party to the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and the UN Convention against Torture, Nepal has a duty to protect refugees, by Scott H. Delisi, US Ambassador to Nepal (kp 21/11/2011)

China team seeks check on Tibet refugee activities (rep 08/11/2011), PM: No anti-China activities in Nepal (kp 08/11/2011), Wen’s early Nepal visit on cards: May arrive inKathmandu beforeBhattarai goes to Beijing, by Lekhanath Pandey (kp 08/11/2011), Chinese PM to arrive in Nepal on Dec 20, by Anil Giri (kp 09/11/2011), Chinese PM coming in December, Manmohan in March, by Kiran Chapagain (rep 12/11/2011)

Nepal-China Tibet trade fair concludes (rep 07/11/2011)

Tackle Trade Gap With China (rn 05/11/2011)

Beijing mayor arriving today: Trip preparation for Chinese premier’s visit (kp 05/11/2011), Top-level Chinese delegation arriving (ht 05/11/2011)

China to donate food to districts in dire need (ht 04/11/2011)

Nepal stands to lose millions of dollars in US aid if crack down on Tibetans’ movement continues, warns US lawmaker (nn 04/11/2011), Safe passage for Tibetans: Will try to cut funding for Nepal, says US lawmaker (kp 05/11/2011), US lawmaker warns Nepal of aid cut over Tibetans (ht 05/11/2011)

Nepal's one-Tibet policy, by Sradda Thapa (rep 03/11/2011) [!!!!], 18 Tibetans in ‘self-immolation bid’ held (ht 03/11/2011)

Nepal-China Tibet trade fair kicks off (kp 03/11/2011)

Nepal-China trade fair from Wednesday (rep 01/11/2011)

Three dozen free-Tibet demonstrators arrested in Lalitpur (nn 01/11/2011), Dozens of Tibetan protesters arrested in Nepal (rep 02/11/2011), Police foil Tibetan prayer bid, 58 held (ht 02/11/2011) [an unbelievable violation of fundamental human rights!]

Nepal Army gets Rs 603 m Chinese aid (nn 01/11/2011), China pledges equipment for Nepal Army hospital (kp 01/11/2011)

Reviewing neighbourly ties: Shifting geopolitical circumstances show that it is possible to maintain good relations with both India and China in the service of our own national interest, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 31/10/2011)

Nepal will sign BIPPA with China ‘very soon’: FM Pun (nn 31/10/2011), Nepal plans to sign BIPPA with China (ht 01/11/2011)

CoAS Gurung off to China just days after returning from US trip (nn 30/10/2011)

High-level exchanges to pave way for Chinese premier’s visit, by Anil Giri (kp 21/10/2011), Chinese team meets leaders (ht 22/10/2011)

Third party fanning Tibet issue: China envoy (rep 17/10/2011), Yang blames ‘int’l forces’ for Tibet stir (kp 17/10/2011), U.S. Congressman arrives to discuss protection of Tibetan refugees (nn 18/10/2011), US official, PM in ‘secret’ Tibetan talks (ht 20/10/2011)

Army chief to visit China after Tihar (kp 17/10/2011)

Chinese tourist - No more a budget client, by Samiksha Koirala (rep 16/10/2011)

Nepal imports Rs 170m worth of apples from China, by Dhruva Kumar Dangal (rep 15/10/2011)

Chinese trekkers promote Nepal (kp 14/10/2011)

Nepali, Chinese officials discuss cross-border issues, by Dhruba Dangal (rep 25/09/2011), Strategic terms of Nepal-China ties: Tibet; ‘tranquil’ Nepal border, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 27/09/2011)

SC stays deportation of Tibetans (ht 23/09/2011), SC orders govt not to hand over 23 free-Tibet activists to China (nn 23/09/2011)

Tibetans' arrest (kp 23/09/2011)

‘A stable Nepal is in China’s interest’ (kp 19/09/2011), Nepal’s stability helps cooperation between China and South Asia, interview with Ai Ping (kp 19/09/2011)

China allows entry of more Nepali cargo trucks: Goods imported for the festivals to arrive on time (kp 09/09/2011)

PM Bhattarai gets invitation for China visit (nn 08/09/2011), Chinese envoy delivers invitation to Bhattarai (ht 09/09/2011)

China will start construction of Larcha Dry Port this year (rep 31/08/2011)

Chinese loan for West-Seti, by Ramesh Prasad Bhushal (ht 29/08/2011), $1.6b Chinese loan for West Seti Hydel Project (kp 30/08/2011)

Black cat, white cat: Benefiting from China’s partnership requires understanding of its pragmatic approach to development, by John Narayan Parajuli (kp 25/08/2011), China’s Goodwill Towards Nepal, by Yuba Nath Lamsal (rn 26/08/2011)

China for new security deal with Nepal, by Anil Giri (kp 21/08/2011)

The Chinese are coming: The northern neighbour has emerged as the second largest source market after India for Nepal, by Sangam Prasain (kp 20/08/2011)

Chinese team arrives; to sign four agreements today, by Anil Giri (kp 17/08/2011), China proposes five areas of cooperation (rep 18/08/2011), China’s Nepal engagement tempo steps up; neighbourhood a priority, by Anil Giri and John Narayan Parajuli (kp 18/08/2011), China the rising sun on Nepal economic horizon, by Mukul Humagain (kp 18/08/2011), Nepal-China Neighbourly Ties (rn 19/08/2011)

Ties with India, China topmost priority (kp 16/08/2011)

Nepal, China poised for four deals, by Anil Giri (kp 13/08/2011)

China’s Nepal Engagement, by Upendra Gautam (rn 12/08/2011)

W Seti hydro plan: Govt to seek $1.6bn Chinese loan, by Anil Giri (kp 11/08/2011)

High-level Chinese officials visiting Nepal on Aug 16, by Purna Basnet (rep 07/08/2011)

"China hopes for social stability", interview with Chinese ambassador to Nepal, Yang Houlan (nt 05/08/2011)

Nepal–China Ties Pass he Scrutiny Of Time (rn 02/08/2011)

China, Nepali politics & Lumbini, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (rep 01/08/2011), Spheres of influence: China forging a strategic alliance with Nepal, against India, is not plausible, by Trailokya Raj Aryal (kp 02/08/2011)

China vows Rs 100m security aid, by Anil Giri (kp 30/07/2011)

Tibetans with illegally procured passports held (rep 28/07/2011), Immigration officer arrested (kp 04/08/2011), Dalai Lama representative interrogated, by Sundar Khanal (rep 06/08/2011)

Between sycophancy & adventurism, by Kanak Mani Dixit (rep 27/07/2011) [see also part 2 (28/07/2011)]

India watches China in Nepal, by Prashant Jha (kp 25/07/2011), Indian perceptions of China in Nepal, by Prashant Jha (kp 26/07/2011)

Shining Tibet, by Yang Houlan, Chinese ambassador (rep 24/07/2011) [????]

China to help promote Pokhara (rep 23/07/2011)

Another Chinese team to visit country soon (kp 22/07/2011)

MoCS pushes for early meeting of trade facilitation team (rep 18/07/2011)

‘Parties won’t play India or China card’ (kp 16/07/2011)

Four-member Chinese delegation in Kathmandu (kp 15/07/2011)

Six Tibetans fleeing Chinese rule arrested in Dolakha (nn 12/07/2011)

No anti-China demos, govt warns Tibetans (ht 06/07/2011), Tibetans barred from Dalai ceremony: Police use ‘moderate force’on defiant crowd; Three monks detained (ht 07/07/2011)

China sees no competition with any other country in Nepal, intewrview with ambassador Yang Houlan (kp 04/07/2011)

3 Chinese teams arriving in July (kp 01/07/2011)

Chinese envoy meets DPM Mahara; seeks assurance to prevent 'anti-China activities' (nn 27/06/2011), China asks Nepal to curb anti-China activities (rep 28/06/2011) [These are not anti-China but pro-Tibet activities!!], Envoy asks DPM Mahara to contain ‘Free Tibet’ movement in Nepal (kp 28/06/2011), New Chinese envoy intensifies political parleys to avert possible anti-China protests of Tibetans (nn 29/06/2011)

12 Free Tibet activists in police net (ht 24/06/2011)

Nepal-China Relations (rn 23/06/2011)

On China and India: China’s strategic ties with Nepal will evolve within the scope of larger geopolitics, not in isolation, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 20/06/2011)

Another Chinese foundation plans to raise $ 3b to make Lumbini 'magnet for Buddhists' (nn 20/06/2011)

New Chinese envoy arriving on Saturday (rep 17/06/2011), New China envoy arriving tomorrow (nn 17/06/2011), New Chinese envoy arrives (kp 19/06/2011)

Ungentle with refugees: Nepal's treatment of Tibetans violates not just international covenants, but also our own constitution, by Anurag Acharya (nt 10/06/2011) [!!!]

US wants Tibetan kids registered, by Anil Giri (kp 06/06/2011)

Number of Nepalis almost doubles in Hong Kong in two years, by Purna Basnet (rep 04/06/2011)

Security expert China’s Nepal envoy, by Lekhanath Pandey (ht 28/05/2011), New China envoy
seniormost ever
(kp 04/06/2011), China’s new Ambassador: Yang Houlan comes with considerable diplomatic clout and standing. This is a statement that Nepal holds a strategic meaning for China, by Akhilesh Upadhyay (kp 06/06/2011)

Nepal signs MoU for trade relation with China (nn 23/05/2011)

China interested to set up factories here, by Meena Bhatta (rep 12/05/2011)

China seeks compensation for unpurchased planes (rep 11/05/2011)

NCCCI holds discussion with Chinese delegation on trade ties (nn 11/05/2011)

China agrees to remove non-tariff barriers (rep 11/05/2011), Working group to solve problems (kp 11/05/2011), Trade panel to be deputed at border: Meeting for simplification of trade between Nepal and Tibet ends (ht 11/05/2011), Fruitless trade talks (rep 12/05/2011), Nepal-China trade pact: Non Starter?, by Sanjaya Dhakal (sp 13/05/2011)

Strong Yuan hurting imports from China, by Prabhakar Ghimire (rep 09/05/2011)

Nepal-Taiwan MoU in eye of storm: Violates one-China policy?, by Kuvera Chalise (ht 09/05/2011)

Customs infrastructures high on agenda (rep 05/05/2011)

Living with dissonant neighbors, by C.K. Lal (rep 02/05/2011)

Harvard scholar elected Tibetan exiles’ PM (ht 28/04/2011)

35 Nepalis in Tibetan jail (ht 26/04/2011)

US congressional report raises eyebrow over China increasing activities in Nepal (nn 26/04/2011)

Nepal-China trade talks in May (rep 22/04/2011), Nepal to hold trade talks with Tibet: Preparations for upcoming Nepal-Tibet Trade Fair in Kathmandu will be reviewed (ht 22/04/2011), Pact to boost trade with China (ht 27/04/2011), Nepal-China Trade Talks (rep 28/04/2011)

APF team unable to settle on border with Tibet (kp 15/04/2011)

European parliament's resolution: ‘Allow Tibetan refugees to vote’; Nepali officials say this breaches One-China policy (kp 10/04/2011)

China hands over Ayurveda research centre to govt (kp 04/04/2011)

Beijing recalls envoy Qiu, by Anil Giri (kp 28/03/2011), Qui pays PM a farewell call (kp 01/04/2011)

Beijing sounds security alarm: Wants Nepal to bar Tibetans’entry (ht 28/03/2011) [In other words: Further suppress those who flee their occupied country because they are already suppressed by us! Nepal must respect international human rights!!]

Aircraft buy deal: Govt solicits Chinese help (kp 27/03/2011)

Chinese replacing Nepali workers: Their construction firms in Gulf countries also bring own workers (ht 27/03/2011)

China concerned about statute delay (ht 25/03/2011), Gen Chen stresses unity among political parties: Says Nepalis can themselves solve problems, by Phanindra DFahal (kp 25/03/2011)

Chinese army chief to arrive on March 23 (kp 14/03/2011), Top gen arriving: China to boost Nepal Army muscle, by Phanindra Dahal (kp 19/03/2011), Chinese army chief arriving Wednesday (rep 23/03/2011), High-level Chinese army delegation arrives today: Visit significant in Asian equation terms (kp 23/03/2011), China gives Rs 1.42bn military aid, by Phanindra Dahal (kp 24/03/2011)

‘Respect Tibetans’ freedom’ (kp 10/03/2011) [The brutal kicking and beating of peacefully demonstrating Tibetans in Bauddha, that I have observed, is a fundamental crime against humanity!!]

Nepal's trade with Tibet up by 90 pc (nn 08/11/2011)

China lists Nepal as aid priority nation (kp 01/03/2011), Sino aid presence growing in Nepal, by Prithvi Man Shrestha (kp 01/03/2011)

Nepal remains Tibet's top trade partner; bilateral trade up 90 pc (nn 27/02/2011)

Tibetan chants: The charge of money laundering against Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje brings the politics of the Tibetan community in exile into the spotlight, by John Cherian (fl 26/02/2011)

Chinese aid pact in the offing: Deal to be struck on Feb. 28 (kp 21/02/2011)

SP confirms intervention: ‘Cops swoop on Tibetan polls’ (kp 18/02/2011), Riot police thwart
Tibetan poll bid
(ht 18/02/2011)

Govt, Chinese bank to sign loan pact on Feb. 28 (kp 18/02/2011)

US asks Nepal to give Tibetan refugees free passage to India (kp 15/02/2011), US raises Tibetan issue with Prime Minister (ht 15/02/2011)

Govt. to waive visa fee to Chinese tourists (nn 28/01/2011)

Chinese foodstuffs court controversy: Leaders accuse officials of providing low-quality aid (ht 18/01/2011)

Chinese team here for security talks (kp 22/12/2010), China seeks measures to curb cross-border crime (kp 23/12/2010)

China donates food, officials sell it in Tibet, by Shiva Apriya (ht 22/12/2010)

‘China paying Nepali cops to arrest Tibetans’ (kp 20/12/2010)

Time ripe for signing a new Nepal-China Treaty of Peace and Frienship, by Bishnu Hari Nepal (tg 15/12/2010)

Tibetans observe Nobel day (ht 11/12/2010)

Against the wind: Imagining we can influence the relationship between Nepal and China is hubris, by Damakant Jayshi (nt 10/12/2010)

China-provided food ‘shoddy’: Suppliers say they were forced to bring substandard items, by Kishor Budhathoki (ht 07/12/2010)

China charts a new culture tie with Nepal, by Anil Giri (kp 06/12/2010), China proposes revision of cultural treaty with Nepal (nn 06/12/2010)

China sorry for Khasa locals’ misbehaviour with Nepalis (kp 29/11/2010)

Probation period: Until the Maoists establish themselves in Nepali politics, China might want to be watchful of their actions, by Siddhartha Thapa (kp 23/11/2010)

Refugees demand citizenship (kp 20/11/2010)

CCTV cameras to be installed at border areas to check crime (nn 03/04/2010) [This is only meant to to prevent Tibetans to flee from the suppression in their occupied country!!]

Nepal-China to finalise boundary maps (kp 28/03/2010)

Koirala was statesman, says Wen (rn 23/03/2010)

Exchange of high level visits slated this year (kp 17/03/2010)

Nepal-China to revisit airbus deal (ht 17/03/2010)

Bhandari to visit China (kp 09/03/2010) [??], Defence minister China-bound (ht 23/03/2010), Nepal likely to import non-lethal arms from China (rn 24/03/2010), China keen to ‘up’ assistance (kp 26/03/2010)

Dalai Lama's rep arrested 'to foil anti-China activities' (nn 08/03/2010) [??? Goodbye, sovereign Nepal!!], Security beefed up for 51st Tibet uprising anniv (ht 08/03/2010), Security stepped up ahead of Tibetan uprising anniv (kp 09/03/2010), Tibetan protestors arrested from Bouddha (nn 10/03/2010), Pokhara Tibetans to stay calm (ht 10/03/2010), Tatopani border shut for three days, by Yubaraj Puri (ht 10/03/2010), Security up to foil protest (ht 10/03/2010), 34 Tibetan protesters held (kp 11/03/2010), Tibetans deported from Nepal face torture by Chinese authorities: US State (nn 12/03/2010), 16 Tibetans in detention (ht 12/03/2010), Eight more Tibetans in detention (ht 13/03/2010), Detained Tibetan exiles launch hunger strike (nn 17/03/2010), Tibetans on hunger strike (ht 18/03/2010), SC directs govt to produce Tibetan (ht 18/03/2010), SC sets free three Tibetan activists (ht 23/03/2010) [!!!], 18 Tibetan released from preventive detention (ht 30/03/2010)

China's border concern (ht 02/03/2010) [Tibetans who flee their home country because of the suppression of the Chinese invaders must be allowed to enter Nepali territory at any times! This is a question of humanity!!]

Seventeen Tibetans fleeing Chinese rule arrested in Dolakha (nn 26/02/2010), 17 Tibetans brought to Kathmandu (ht 28/02/2010)

US announces $ 2.5m fund for Tibetan refugees in South Asia (ht 24/02/2010)

Govt not to allow anti-China activity in Nepal (rn 24/02/2010) [But please respect the international and fundamental human rights regulations while doing so!!]

Invite that had Beijing riled, by Anil Giri (kp 23/02/2010)

Kathmandu-Lhasa direct bus service may resume this month (nn 22/02/2010)

Four Tibetans arrested in Dolakha, may face deportation to China (nn 21/02/2010)

China has pledged security aid: Home Minister Rawal (ht 21/02/2010) [???]

Tibet misadventure! The Indo-US operation against China was a mishap they could have done without, by Hemant Arjyal (kp 15/02/2010)

Tibetans shun New Year (ht 15/02/2010)

Road to riches: Highway will bring Nepal and Tibet 'in from the cold', by Joanna Jolly (nt 12/02/2010)

Chinese top guns arriving, by Anil Giri (kp 11/02/2010)

China-funded centre handed over (ht 10/02/2010)

Three Chinese held (kp 07/02/2010)

Rawal China trip in Feb (kp 31/01/2010), Rawal’s China trip today (kp 06/02/2010), One-China policy on the agenda: Rawal to seek help for its implementation (kp 07/02/2010), Minister Rawal discusses bilateral issues in Lhasa (nn 07/02/2010), Nepal, China to boost security cooperation (kp 10/02/2010), China wants Extradition Treaty with Nepal similar to India (kp 10/02/2010), Beijing avers support for Nepals peace, security (ht 10/02/2010)

Old friends: The prime minister’s recent visit to China has been a milestone in bilateral relations, by Mohan Lohani (kp 28/01/2010)

China invites CoAS (kp 21/01/2010)

Ten Tibetans arrested from Dolakha (nn 17/01/2010) [Someone who flees suppression in his/her occupied home country cannot be called 'illegal'!], 10 Tibetans arrested for illegal entry (Gulf Times 18/01/2010), Nepal may deport arrested Tibetans: immigration department (Sino Daily 18/01/2010), Nepal likely to deport 10 Tibetan migrants 18/01/2010), Nepal hands over detained Tibetans to UN: report ( 19/01/2010), Tibetans arrested from Dolakha handed over to UNHCR (nn 19/01/2010), Lessons not learnt, by Deepak Thapa (kp 21/01/2010)

Dahal holds 'secret meeting' with senior Chinese officials in Hong Kong (nn 08/01/2010)

Peeking over the Himalaya, by Khagendra N. Sharma (kp 01/01/2010)

Human Rights Watch. Under China’s Shadow: Mistreatment of Tibetans in Nepal. 1 April 2014

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